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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just a bunch of things rolling around in my head....
  • Love the term “Wally-Docker” that I saw posted on Rick & Paulette's blog today.We are boondockers when we can and Wally-Dockers as well. Love it!
  • Thank you to everyone who posted on my Mini rant on....Camping World blog yesterday. I appreciate the feedback. A special thank you to friends who offered to visit their local Camping World store and pick up the soap saver and mail it to us. You guys/gals ROCK!
  • Love that we have moved from 400 mile days to usually 250 or less. No need to rush to get up, get on the road...just to park and do it all over again the next day. Heck, we ARE retired.
  • We still aren't positive where we will be in Florida. We have looked at several campgrounds but haven't made a final decision. That will come next week as I start making calls and finalizing price quotes. Right now it's between Sumter Oaks in Bushnell (SKP park but current rate sheet only shows a daily rate for the winter), Bee's RV Resort in Clermont and Lazy Dazy Retreat in Clermont.

    We've only done Sumter Oaks before so we've been looking for a change. The other two are closer to Orlando which is good for us in Feb when we take two granddaughters to Universal Studios and Stu attends his annual Retired Firefighter reunion.
  • Future blog topics:
    • Where to find free books for your Kindle (and Kindle apps for phone, iPad, PC, etc)
    • Software I use a lot (especially freeware)
    • Holiday Shopping - My Friend's Stores/Links
    • Our communications - computers, printer, router, air card, phones, etc.
    • Blogging - using blog readers, blogs I follow
  • I love sitting outside in my comfortable anti-gravity recliner, enjoying the sun and reading. I could laze away days doing this....if only I didn't feel so guilty about not doing something constructive. LOL!
  • Thank you to our cruise friends, John & Patty, for the Punkin' Chunkin' DVD. You guys rock...definitely hope to meet up again on the road! (We went last was a blast: Punkin' Chunkin' 2009 - Bridgeville DE)
  • If you go to our blog home page, you will notice two new links at the top of the page. We get a lot of questions about our rig and our motorcycles and the new feature that allows us to add static pages to our blogs...I did just that! How We Travel and How We Ride.
  • I also added a map to the sidebar that shows the states that Stu and I have been through in our RV. He could add Iowa if it were for him and I could add Massachusetts for me. (I also could now mark every state as traveled in...every one except Hawaii. I think Stu can claim every one at some point in his life. As to motorcycle riding, I have done all but Alaska, Hawaii and the 6 New England states. I plan to pick up New England this summer.)
  • If you don't follow our Route 66 blog then you haven't heard that the rumor is true. We will not be riding Route 66 this year. We have decided to put it off until 2012. Read the details here: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes
  • Looks like our refrigerator is on the newest Norcold recall list. Stu has one more number to check to be sure.
  • This looks to be the last good riding day for a while, maybe for the rest of the month. Next weekend looks good but we will be in Campobello, SC for a log home factory tour of Blue Ridge Log Homes. We plan to visit some friends who recently bought land in Greeneville, TN on the way back. But Stu has worn himself out working on the property the last two days...not sure if we will ride too far today, maybe just enough for Sadie to get a little more used to it. LOL!

Guess that's it for todays rumors, rumblings and ramblings...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Just came from Sumter Oaks, and I'm pretty sure I saw something that said they do not have a monthly rate. But, I could be wrong. Take care.

  2. Love your list of future blog posts

    ~ Where to find free books for your Kindle (and Kindle apps for phone, iPad, PC, etc) can't wait. just downloaded the reader to my pc
    ~ Software I use a lot (especially freeware) love freeware, just hesitant sometimes about downloading it
    ~ Holiday Shopping - My Friend's Stores/Links anytime is shopping time :)
    ~ Blogging - using blog readers, blogs I follow not sure what a blog reader is, looking forward to finding out

    Enjoyed your post today. Kinda random like mine was yesterday

  3. Thanks for the list of helpful stuff to read...We sometime would like to go back to Florida...Will check out some of your links!!

  4. Oh heck, we were at Bee's last night for dinner, but didn't drive thru the campground. It looks like park models and RV's. Guess you ruled out ThemePark?

  5. When you do your bike tour of New England - try to be in New Hampshire when they close Mt. Washington to only motorcycles. They do this several times a year. I white knuckled it in a car, can't imagine on a bike!

  6. I went and looked a fifth wheels today and found a Jayco I really like. Can't decide which type RV to go with, although I really think a fifth wheel is more livable. I wouldn't need a Freightliner, just a one ton would work!!


  7. I want to try the kindle application on my new Mac Pro laptop. Right now I spend hours each evening just reading blogs!

  8. I love the "wally-docker" term....too funny!

    When we bought our Dutch Star we picked it up from the couple at Bees RV Resort. We didn't spend much time there so I can't say much about it except it looked nice. They lked it. Seems like a great location.

  9. Love the wally-docker name - that's us. Except we haven't done too much of it the last while because it's too cold and we use the electric heater so campgrounds it is. Hope your winter in Florida is better than last year. They had a pretty cold one.

  10. Love ALL your blogs! As I type I am in my bed in our 5th wheel at Rock Crusher Canyon RV Resort suggest you check them out for a Florida winter location, fabulous RV park and a short ride to Orlando and LOTS to do in the local area.

    We live thru our full timer online friends as we are "stuck" in this economic mess, we are ready to full time, but can't sell the house, but you all help us remain sane.

    We camp with our two dogs, who love the lifestyle as well. We also ride, no longer Harleys, but a Goldwing which is our favorite ride.

    We also would love property and a log home, our favorite was the log company that prefabs the home and assembles on your lot, good luck, stay safe.


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