A good day!

Friday, November 5, 2010

We woke to temps in the upper 30's....brrrr! Our appointment with the Dave's Excavating was at 8am and we were running a little late. That was okay, he was running late, too. LOL!

While we waited we started walking the property lines to see if the surveyors got any further than the other day. On the more open side of the property we could see that they hadn't progressed any further. On the creek side of the property we managed to find the back end corner post. The downside is that we discovered that most of the creek is NOT on our property, including the rock bluff overhangs we found last year. Sigh....it is what it is...

Dave showed up just as we were walking back out of the property. We spent about an hour going over what we wanted done, talking about options and what needed to be done for utilities. End result, we are getting the driveway cleared (trees taken out), leveled, gravel added and a larger area cleared and leveled for the RV. He hopes to start next week...we plan to be there to take photos. Excited!!!

This afternoon Stu headed into town to talk to the County Wastewater Department about where we stand on our installed septic tank, talk to the 911 Center about getting a house number and the Water Department about getting a meter installed.

The wastewater guy was out and Stu needs to go back early Monday morning. The water department was closing so Stu got the application and will return it on Monday as well so we can find out what needs to be done and the costs. As to the address assignment we need to put a stake with our lot number on the roadside in the center of the property. The 911 folks will come out, set up the GPS co-ordinates and assign us a house number.

So all in all...a good day! Tomorrow will be quite cool so we won't rush out but we plan to work on pulling trash off the property.

On a side note, thank you to everyone who has commented or emailed us. We love seeing other log homes and property development photos. It's helpful as we continue to move through this process.

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna


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