A nice couple of days....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stu spent most of Thursday and Friday working on our property...he came home tired, dirty and feeling good...okay, not so good if you talk physical, it was more emotional and mental. LOL! But being that tired, we opted out of the one log home event we had planned to do. It was a two hour drive and we had to be there at 9am.

Saturday he took a nice three hour nap and then we watched a little TV and did a little computer stuff before setting up the carrier for Sadie to ride in on the motorcycle. We knew it was the last nice day for probably a week, maybe longer.

We had bought the Saddlemen Back Seat Bag back when we first arrived in Maryland. Our initial ride with Sadie was in her small crate, which she has since outgrown. The Back Seat Bag worked out perfectly for her. We added some bottom layering with towels to give her a comfortable bed. Then Stu cut out a section of the top to allow her to pop her head out the top. The bag is fastened securely to the motorcycle and she is snapped to the inside of the bag. (I suspect the top will come off completely as she out grows the opening...LOL!).

Stu put her into the carrier, strapped her in and gave her a few treats. He then took a loop around the campground and felt her paws on her shoulder...she slipped out of the new halter we had bought. We knew it was on the large size to allow for growth but even moved to the tightest setting, it was too loose. So he moved the snap to her collar and tried to ride the campground loop again. Success!

So we headed of for the short ride to McDonald's in Jamestown. We got coffee and ice cream and I shared some of my ice cream with her. She was so good...sitting pretty while she waited for us to finish our coffee.

We loaded back up, no nerves on her part at all. We headed across the parking lot and into Tractor Supply to buy a harness that fit. We hoped they would let us bring her in for sizing...not a blip! Everyone greeted her, including several customers. We found a harness and bedding for her new crate from PETCO (will become my end table).

We loaded up one more time and headed home as the sun set and the temperatures dropped. Once inside, Sadie had to try out her new bed....after attacking it, killing it and just generally pounding it into submission, she laid down for a two hour nap. LOL!

Today, Sunday, we are driving up to Red Boiling Springs, TN to have lunch with our friends Motty and Patti. We met for the first time outside Quartzsite, AZ at a gathering held by Al and Kelly of the Bayfield Bunch. With not enough time for chatting one on one, we look forward to more time with them. We'll have lunch at the Hermitage Hill Restaurant and then we plan to visit the Cyclemos Motorcycle Museum.

That's about it for now!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. I forgot to mention in my previous comment that Rock Crusher Canyon RV Resort has a weekly motorcycle ride each Monday, there are many bikes here as well.

    We live in Howey In The Hills, FL and I drive by Bee's each day on my way to work in Clermont! Haven't heard of LazyDays in Clermont.

    Sadie is so precious.....our dogs are both on the larger side, 60 lbs and 120 lbs. I used those teething rings for our mastiff/boxer as he was a chewer and he loved them.

    Our 1st RV was a KZ MXT toyhauler! Now we have Heartland Big Horn.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for the referral, Susan. Unfortunately they are $200 higher monthly than other parks we are looking at. Also the 25# or less will bite us with Sadie before spring. She should top out abour 40#...and is gaining at about 2# a week right now!

  3. Sadie is sooo cute. I bet she enjoys riding!!!

  4. How great that Sadie is taking to the riding as well as she is! When you start with them a pups, so much is possible. Two years after being in my home, I'm still struggling with Max and car sickness. I wish I could have brought him here at a younger age.

  5. What a hoot! We're enjoying the photos of the progress on the land (your access looks to be MUCH better than our 13 miles of dirt/gravel road back to our NM property!!) and all the stuff you're finding to enable Sadie to "do" Route 66 with you.

    Take care of yourselves -- as always, looking forward to when our paths cross again!

    Renee & Dave

  6. I know when I come back I want to be your dog. She is cute and has a good home.

  7. Hi. I am busy this AM, and haven't finished reading your latest blog entry. But I wanted to say that you might consider getting some Doggles for Sadie, so that when she is riding on the motorcycles she will not have her eyes possibly injured. (As in the Doggles that Spirit, of The Oasis of My Soul fame, wears when he is on Ara's cycle.

  8. Jamestown is my hometown. We visit there once/twice a year. My family still lives there.


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