Rainy day duties....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stu did early morning dog potty duties (4:30am) and I did the main morning one (6:30am). It was drizzly and dreary....forecast was for it to continue all day. We decided that it was a good day to head to neighboring Cookeville and visit Sam's Club, Lowe's and an office supply store.

I got most of the laundry done, we both made TO Do list phone calls, I paid bills, we ate lunch, packed up Sadie and her crate and headed to Cookeville. On the way there we stopped at a new storage place...they have taken an old school and refurbished it with inside storage spaces. We snagged a 7'x7' unit for $11/month. We could rent for years before reaching what we would have paid to put a small shed on the property.

Stu found his chain saw (see Fire Lily Base Camp for more details), I struck out at the office supply places (trying to find a dust cover for our new printer), but we did pick up some needed things at Sam's Club.

Sadie is doing well traveling with us...she is NOT a fan of the rain though...you'll have to check out tomorrow's Sadie Speaks.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. When are you guys going to head further south? I was watching the weather tonight and it looks kind of chilly out your way.

  2. Those are early dog hours. I guess we are lucky with our guest dog, she like to sleep late and rarely heads outside until after 8 AM.

    Cookeville is just west of where we are staying and the rains have been heavy all day. I heard on the news that east of us they are expecting SNOW. Definitely time to move south.

  3. Sometimes a rainy day is a good day to do inside stuff. We are having a cool rainy day today. I will probably do laundry, cleaning and some cooking. Travel safe!

  4. Does your membership in Sam's Club pay off for you? I have thought about joining, but my brother has a card now that I use. I can't buy lots, cause we live in our RV full-time, but do still buy some things. TP, kleenex, shampoo and the like.

  5. Pidge, yes it absolutely pays off for us, just in food purchases. We use a lot of fresh fruit and produce. We buy local when we can but often Sam's is our best resource. We also get our flat bread there and big boxes of small bag pretzels. Then add in more major purchases as well as toiletries and paper goods.

  6. Our daughter in Indy swears by Cosco, but Den and I don't belong to anything... The cold weather is chasing us further South tomorrow..We need to get the heck out of Illinois!

  7. Cool here in GA also. And plenty of rain. Guess this has to be expected. But still - much warmer than being back up north!

    Used to have Sams Club card. I found I was buying stuff we really didn't need or have a place to store.


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