Monday, November 15, 2010

Today was another of those days I don't like, when the water comes down from the sky. I'm getting used to it but I still don't like it. Especially when it's COLD!!!

We went for a short ride in the big white truck...daddy and mommy kept complaining that they couldn't see. I looked out the front window of the truck and I couldn't see either!

So they turned around and went to a store where they buy food and stuff. Little did I know what the "stuff" would turn out to be.

Mommy doesn't like seeing me shiver when it's cold so she and daddy bought me a jacket. It's not my favorite color but daddy said now that we're here in Tennessee, we need to fit in. Not sure if he meant with the people or the trees?

The first time I tried to go outside the hood fell down to my nose. I tried to shake it off and all mommy did was laugh. FINALLY she pulled it back and fastened it. She thought it was funny but I didn't. Humph!

The good news is that I went outside three times and NO SHIVERING....I like my new jacket (especially the skull and cross bones....makes me look so BIKER...LOL!)

PS. For those worried about my eyes when riding on daddy's motorcycle, I hide my head inside my carrier when we are moving. When I get bigger they are going to get me real biker Doggles!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,

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  1. Hi Sadie, nice to meet you!
    My name is Remi, and I am an 11lb Havanese. I am 2.5 yrs old. My mommy plans to take me on her Road King next year on a real biker trip. Please let me know that goes for you...(i'm a little nervous).


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