Paint, trash and dogs....

Saturday, November 6, 2010

We had a good day today, even with a late start. After picking up new (seconds/irregulars) Carhartt jackets, we stopped for a quick lunch at the Sunnyside Cafe which is a couple of miles from the house. Good food, great prices and excellent service.

As soon as we hit the property we started hauling out trash. The previous owner was selling the land to a young couple who wanted to put a small trailer on it. They ended up not paying and leaving...but they also left a lot of trash.

The pile started....

The pile grew....

The pile grew some more....

Phew...I think that's all we collected today...

Thank goodness for the hand cart Stu picked up at Tractor Supply yesterday! There were a lot of concrete blocks...some we stacked up in the woods to keep.

Then Stu took some marking paint and starting marking off the trees we want plowed down...and setting a marker line to help. We ran out of paint before finishing so we'll finish that tomorrow. We also need to take the measurements of the rig and mark out the parking area, allowing room to get the motorcycles in and around as well as slide-outs and awnings.

We also need to put up a stake with our lot number on it for the 911 folks. There are also still a few cement blocks to relocate...some may get reused eventually.

Sadie enjoyed herself immensely...she got to prance through the woods after us, investigating everything.

Then she spent almost an hour on a play date with our neighbor's rescue dog, Keta. They had a blast together....check out Sadie Speaks for more.

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna

Check out all the photos of our land at Fire Lily Base Camp, Barger Ln Jamestown TN. The photos are in reverse order so the oldest are at the bottom of the page.


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