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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mommy and daddy were busy with what they call "chores". I sure am glad that I'm not human. I wouldn't like to have chores to do. I like being able to play all day!

It was sunny and much warmer outside so I got to play out there while other strange humans did their chores outside. I like watching humans....they do funny things. One of them was sitting on this big metal thing and he kept going around and around in circles. The only thing I didn't like was the noise from the big metal thing so I was glad he didn't come close to me.

Later in the day I was sitting behind daddy while he was typing on his computer (mommy taught me that word...I like to lay beside her and rest my head on her computer...but sometimes she makes me move because her "mouse" is doing something she doesn't want. Heck, I know why...silly "mouse" doesn't look like any mouse I ever learned about!

Anyway, I was sitting behind daddy and I noticed something moving on the floor. It was bright and shiny. I kept trying to get it but it would hide. When daddy got up and moved, it went away. Then suddenly there was a tiny bright, shiny and RED spot on the floor. I got to chase it all over the house! What fun....mommy said they found a way for me to get exercise inside.

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Be careful of those laser pointers. I'm on a campaign to get them out of pet stores as toys. The laser pointer is what triggered seizures in Neal. Violent, gran mal seizures that clustered. He would have as many as 13 in 24 hours. It would take a WEEK to recover, then it started all over 3 weeks later. His seizures continued for about 6 years, even with medication. Obviously, not all dogs are affected, but even ONE is too many. I actually saw this dog that cannot walk well turn a 360 degree flip in the air. The brain is a powerful organ and if it's not working right, well . . . it spells trouble. Give Sadie a Kong instead filled with kibble. You've probably heard that people with seizures can have them triggered by strobe lights. Same principal.


  2. Sure glad your white stuff went away. That's yucky stuff. Mom and Dad practically have to pull us outside when it gets cold and we really don't want to cooperate when we see that stuff.
    Scooter and Skittlez

  3. Dale, so sorry to hear this. I have a daughter with severe seizures that are almost at the uncontrollable stage.

    Sadie does have a Kong but that doesn't exercise her...she still fights the leash and unless we are on our property she can't run free. This was a fun way to get her to race from one end of the rig to the other.

    We'll be careful, promise!


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