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Sunday, November 21, 2010

We had a good night in the parking lot of Blue Ridge Log Cabins, Sadie slept through the night - pretty good since we lost an hour moving over to Eastern time zone. We fired up the generator, had breakfast and did a little computer catch-up.

Before we realized, it was almost 10am and time to head up to the factory. Low and behold, we walked out the door to find our sales rep, Matt Phillips, pulling in to give us a ride up the hill. Thanks, Matt!

I won't go into the details of the day. You can read that here: Blue Ridge Log Cabins - Factory Tour and Model Homes. It was a great day and we are comfortable with our decision to stop looking...we have found our builder. We were very impressed and hope anyone considering building a log home will check them out.

Now to the inverter issue....we tried following the shutdown, restart procedure...twice. Nope, still not working. In fact now we have a perpetual message showing, "Error....trying to restart" with the same error number. Guess we'll be making a call to Xantrex on Monday. Tonight we are plugged into the model home so we have basic power without running the generator all night. Thank you again, Matt!

Tomorrow morning we head back home, making a stop in Greeneville, TN for one or two nights. The friends we will be visiting are also riders and we hope to get in at least one ride before leaving.

We do need to get back to Jamestown and see if the trash on the property has been burned yet. We really don't want to stay on in to December, we'd like to get to Florida where it's warmer and we can ride more. Once the trash is burned, then they still need to level and grade the main driveway and put down the gravel.

Oh, don't forget to check Sadie Speaks to see how she dealt with the log cabin day...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Those electrical issues drive me nuts, hope it is a simple fix with the inverter.

    Sounds like you still have a bit of work before heading south. Seeing friends hunt for a builder for their lot in Washington state, I know deciding on the right one must be a relief.

  2. Just went back & re-read your entire Base Camp blog. Dave's VERY interested in the man-cave...

    However, we're a little concerned -- 3-5 RV spots for guests?? You DO realize that we take up about 2.5, right?

    Renee & Dave

  3. Stu and Donna,
    I had a friend call me about his Xantrex inverter not working with error message. I looked everywhere for a reset button on the inverter but couldn't find it. They called Xentrex and all they had to do was reset it. Xentrex told them where the reset button was and I don't remeber where they told me. Hopefully that is all it is.

    Stay Safe

  4. Sounds like you are going to be living in a sticks and logs home soon....I love log homes, but McGuyver isn't so sure about them...It will be fabulous, I'm sure!!

  5. Once upon a time I would have loved a log cabin home. Then I moved to Tucson and fell in love with adobe and Southwest decor. I haven't looked back since. I can see why you're going to get one, though, they look great.



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