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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We arrived in Jamestown, TN yesterday, ready to get some work done on the land. As we said earlier, we have several things we'd like to accomplish. Today we got started on that list.

Our first stop was the surveying office that did the original survey when the property was subdivided. We got there about 11:30 and they were closed for lunch. No matter, we had parked in front of a True Value store and Stu wanted to check out chain saws.

We priced out several and then walked back to the surveyors. Still at we took a short drive around and found Tractor Supply and looked at their chain saws. We headed back, it was about 12:30...still at lunch. LOL!

Okay, we figured we'd spend a little time walking around downtown. We saw a sign for Ace Hardware and headed that way to check out their chain saws. Think we found the best overall deal there.

We headed back to the surveyors office stopping at a little local restaurant for a quick bite of lunch. When we got back to the was OPEN. We quickly told them what we wanted and they said they could get it done.

After a grocery store run we loaded up Sadie and headed out to the property. We were glad to see our No Trespassing signs were still posted. Stu brought along his machete and started marking trees to come down.

After walking a bit of the property we headed over to the neighbor's...the folks we bought the land from. We had noticed survey markers on both sides of our property. Turns out the surveyors had already started! about service.

After chatting with them for a bit we went back to the property where we let Sadie run. She loved it and raced around like a little idiot. She immediately "christened" the property. After watching Stu chop at trees, she got to "attack" the wheels Stu pulled out of the weeds. LOL!

Tomorrow we will call a couple of folks to get estimates on clearing, grading and graveling the driveway so we can park the RV in there. Stu will pick up the chain saw and accessories (decided on the Poulan at Ace Hardware). I'll be calling some of the local storage places to price a small storage unit. We've decided that makes more sense than putting money into a small shed or storage container that we won't need once the pole barn is built.

More later....

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna

You can see all the photos taken on our property at SmugMug. The ones from last year are smaller.


  1. Love this new blog too! Where do you find the time to write so much??? I started my pet blog and only made one post! Your pet blog is wonderful. I sure hope I get to meet Sadie when you get to FL - oh, and you and Stu too! Seems I spend too much time reading blogs that there is no time left to write.

  2. Stu, save that Budd wheel (without the hub) for a fire ring, it allows you to use an old wire shelf from a fridge as a grill for the occasional campfire / cookout / warming fire.

    Good luck as you bring this site together.


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