Why can't I go to the movies?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mommy and daddy loaded me up in the big white truck today and they ran errands...at least that's what they called it. After the errands they wanted to go see a movie. I watch movies with them at home but this wasn't at home.

They parked beside this HUGE building. Mommy got me out to go potty while daddy talked on the phone. She kept tossing my ball but I found something MUCH more fun...

There was a plastic bag blowing across the grass, then up in the air, then out in the parking lot, then back to the grass...it was such fun. Much more fun than chasing a ball.

After the movie we went to my favorite store...PETCO!!! I got lots of petting and even a little snack. Yum! I got new rawhide chews as well. Mommy says I chew through the flat ones too fast so they got me some rolls. I really like them...I think they'll last longer.

Not much else is new. I like my new crate but I don't stay in it at night. Soon maybe, but I sure do use it a lot during the day.

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


It was six years ago today that I lost my husband, Michael Yeaw. We had been married 19 years and had planned on many more. But that turned out not to be an option. In the winter of 2001 he was diagnosed with Head/Neck cancer.

The survival statistics on this type of cancer aren't the best but there are those that have beat the beast. Mike fought a good battle for almost three years. He worked right up until the end. He maintained an amazing positive attitude. In fact we went on his first, last and only long distance motorcycle ride less than 6 months before he passed...and he was eating via a feeding tube.

My friend Karen is honoring her husband's ten year survival of Head/Neck cancer by holding a ten week auction with all the proceeds going to The Oral Cancer Foundation. The items up for auction are listed here.

I hope you will take a look, maybe bid and then send the link on to all your family and friends. Head/Neck cancer is a silent killer that no one seems ready to talk about. Let's change that!

Michael, you are missed by all your family and friends. We love you and you will always be in our hearts!


I love sunny days.....and cozy warm nights....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I may not ring the bell to go potty but I sure know to ring it when I want to go outside and enjoy the sun. It's cool so daddy put my coat on me, but I'm loving soaking up the sun!!

Mommy and daddy let me lick their bowls tonight...mommy made something she calls goulash. It had turkey and stewed tomatoes in it...that was what I tasted anyway. It was good! Mommy told daddy I licked it SO clean that she didn't need to wash them. I don't think daddy agreed though.

I really like my new crate...mommy took a couple of photos of me in it while she was cooking. I was SO good, staying out of the kitchen while she cooked!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,

BRAT2 makes an appearance...

Sometimes a deal you can't pass up comes along. That happened to us this past week. In one of the forums that Donna follows, a gentleman posted a diamond-plate trailer for sale. Brand new, assembled and never used. Forced into early retirement, he put it up for sale knowing that his leisure activities would be restricted due to financial constraints.

We are sad at another's misfortune but glad that we benefited. Here is a photo of BRAT2.

Standard Features:
  • Aluminum tread plate    
  • Led lights    
  • Painted aluminum sides
  • 175 lbs empty    
  • 16 cubic ft storage    
  • Aluminum fenders
  • Torsion Axle 600 lb.   
  • Safety chains -1 7/8 in ball coupler
  • Fabric Interior Cover    
  • Key Lock Lid
  • 12 inch 4.80 tires 5 bolt chrome wheels
  • Cargo Box 48" L 28" W 18" Deep

The trailer is located in Richardson, TX (Dallas area) and we still have to figure out how we will pick it up. But something will turn up...LOL!

Ride safe,
Stu and Donna

Where to go today?

Thought I'd share some websites to help you plan your future travels or choose your next interesting spot to visit!
Still looking? Try these links....
Auto Shows
Barney Live
Baseball Card Shows
Blue Angels Schedule
Boat Shows
Branson Shows
Bridal Shows
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Car Shows
Cat Shows
Christmas Light Events
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Disney On Ice
Dog Shows
Fashion Shows
Festivals & Fairs
Film Festivals
Firework Shows
Gem, Jewelry, & Bead Shows
Gun Shows
Harlem Globetrotters
Haunted Houses
Home Shows
Horse Shows
Hot Air Balloon Festivals
Indianapolis 500
Job Fairs
Kentucky Derby
Las Vegas Shows
Local Events
Monster Truck Shows
Motorcycle Shows
Music Festivals
NCAA Basketball
NCAA Football
Quilt Shows
Renaissance Festivals
Ringling Brothers
RV Shows
Sesame Street Live
Shrine Circus
Stars On Ice
State Fairs
Super Bowl
Things To Do USA
Thunderbirds Schedule
Toy & Train Shows
Trade Shows
TV Show Tickets
US Open Golf
US Open Tennis
Victoria Secret Fashion Show
World Series

Enjoy...and be sure to bookmark this blog post so you can use it later...I know I will...LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

More chores done....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today was cleaning and chore day. While I tore apart my computer and end table area, Stu busied himself putting Sadie's new dog crate together. We've had it for a while but haven't had time to get it set up.

He changed the orientation on the dining table (his computer area) and we moved the file cabinet and my computer desk over to make room. My current end table came out. It has a great storage area in the bottom...I had to find storage spots for everything.

So I concentrated on sorting through stuff. Some went into the tote headed to our storage area. Some went in the trash. Some got relocated. Some went into a box headed for the CARE table at the next Escapees park we stay at (people donate stuff, others put in a donation for CARE if they want it).

The crate fits perfectly and makes a nice roomy end table for me, albeit a bit taller than we thought. It will do Sadie very well for her permanent crate. We just have to wait till she's not peeing her bed at night. LOL!

In addition I did several loads of laundry in the rig and Stu took all our quilts over to the campground laundry. We cleaned out another dozen stink bugs - both dead and alive. LOL! The last thing left is Stu trying to figure out how to take the lamp off the old end table so he can use it on his. There isn't enough room to replace his little end table with my big one.

All in all, a good day's work....

One other thing happened today. I visit several motorcycle forums like Motorcycle Trailer Towing, RVing Riders ~ Riding RVers and Motorcycle Camping. In the Trailer Towing forum a reader put up his gorgeous, used once, diamond-plated motorcycle cargo trailer. The price was right, we have a friend interested in ours...so we are now the proud owners of BRAT2.

The trailer is in Dallas so we still have to figure out how to pick it up...might have to call on some friends. We're excited...we've looked at several websites and we got it for half price...and it's never been used.

Not major plans for tomorrow...supposed to be as cold as today. Sadie did a little "whining" about it. LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

Wow...it's COLD outside!

I don't know what happened. The weather outside has been so nice. I love laying outdoors in the sun. But this morning the grass was HARD and very COLD. Brrrr...I sure am glad I have my coats to wear.

Plus I found a new place to lay....for some reason when it's really cold outside, there are these openings in the floor and really warm air comes out. I love laying on them and getting all toasty warm. I think it's the best place in the house.

Mommy and daddy were busy all day. Mommy was moving furniture, stacking up boxes, filling the trash can. Daddy was up in the bedroom with a really big box. The box has been around for a while. Guess mommy got tired of it being in the way.

Next thing I know there is this BIG CRATE in the living room, next to mommy's side of the sofa. Daddy put my pillow bed in it and some of my toys. Well, you KNOW I had to check it out. It was really nice. I can stand up, walk around, stretch out and lay down (which I do a LOT). I think I'm going to like this new crate...

I heard mommy tell daddy that I couldn't spend the night in it yet. Sometimes I still have to pee too bad to wait till they get me outdoors. She says I have to not pee my bed for TWO WEEKS till I can sleep in my new crate. That's okay....I still get to sleep in it during the day. And I got a new toy along with the new crate...a roadkill fox! He's funny....and furry....and skinny....and soft....I like him!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,

Winding down in Jamestown....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Our stay in Jamestown is winding down. We've been able to meet up with several old friends, a few new ones and still managed to miss meeting up with everyone on our list. Sigh... But we'll be back in the spring.

We had a nice Thanksgiving at Joanne's house...forgot to take any photos, was too busy enjoying the company. Sadie really enjoyed herself though, check it out: I LIKE Turkey Day.

Today we headed out to the property to close off the driveways. You can see more at
Done for the season..... We stopped by Tractor Supply where we picked up another dog pillow that we can use in the truck for Sadie as she outgrows the current crate. The sunset was gorgeous and I snapped a few quick shots.

Last stop of the day was Wal-Mart where we picked up another tote for storage. Tomorrow Stu will put Sadie's new crate together. We'll rearrange the furniture to fit it in as an end table. I have a lot of sorting out to do of "stuff" currently in and around my current end table. I'm hoping a lot of the stuff can go into storage, time will tell....LOL!

My replacement phone arrived today so we plan to head to Cookeville on Monday. We'll take in a movie, probably Unstoppable with Denzel Washington. We'll make a final stop at Petsmart and probably at Sam's Club as well.

The weather right now is frigid...highs in the mid 40's and lows in the upper 20's. We will probably head out on Wednesday, making a stop in northern Georgia to see our riding/RVing friend, Sharon, before moving on to the Cartersville KOA just north of Atlanta. We'll visit my youngest daughter and grandkids over the weekend. Then it's on to Sumter Oaks RV Park in Bushnell, FL for the rest of December.

Sadie and Stu decided to rest a bit while I did some blogging....LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

Done for the season....

Well, other than hauling some trash away, we are done with the property for this season. We still have to meet with the excavator to get and pay the final bill, suspect that will be done this weekend. We hope to head to Florida as early as Wednesday but no later than Friday.

Today Stu put up the chains/wires across the two driveways. He spray painted them neon orange and put warning streamers on them. We added a few more No Trespassing signs.

We can't wait to see it again this spring, we've only ever seen it in fall. There are Mountain Laurels, Rhododendrons and possibly even Azaleas on the property. We will arrive in late March to early April...weather dependent. We'll stay till sometime in June as it now stands. But as always, our plans are set in Jell-O.

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna

I LIKE Turkey Day.....

Wow! I had no idea...what a great day and I heard that it happens every year! We took the big white truck on a ride to our turkey day house. I remember the lady who owns the house. Her name is Joanne. I met her in the parking lot at Logan's Roadhouse when she had dinner with mommy and daddy. She smells like dogs and cats and even like the BIG dogs that aren't really dogs.

When we pulled into her driveway...I SMELLED DOGS...and then I heard barking dogs. Let me out, let me out, let me out....I was SO excited!!! There were four dogs...one little and three big ones. I stood still and let them smell me, then I smelled them.

Play, I wanted to PLAY!! But they didn't want to, at least not very much...old fuddy duddys. Then when we went in the house I met one more dog, she didn't want to play either but I heard she is FIFTEEN, so I can understand that.

In the house there were FOUR cats and a LOUD bird that laughed, sang, whistled and even talked a little. He was in a big cage so I couldn't see him real well so I pretty much ignored him.

Before dinner Joanne took me down, with the other dogs tagging along, to feed the BIG dogs that aren't dogs. She told me a secret, they're called horses and she has two of them. I got to be nose to nose with one. I even got REALLY CLOSE to some tasty smelling piles of stuff but Joanne made me leave it alone.

When they had dinner, daddy made me sleep in the crate....just cause I was barking at them. Heck, it smelled SO GOOD, what did he expect? When I came back inside, the really old dog had a food bowl on the floor and I found it....she had TURKEY....I'm in love! I gobbled what I could before they found me out and took it away.

Why can't every day be turkey day? You get to visit friends, make new ones, play a lot, find out BIG dogs that aren't really dogs are horses and EAT TURKEY! Then you get to sleep all the next day....

Sniffing and lickingly yours,

Happy Turkey Day!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seems like riding in the big white truck has been a big part of my last week. But that's okay...I get lots of treats when I'm good (and it's hard to NOT be good when I sleep most of the time).

I made some new friends named Arthur and Irene and I got to run around their yard without my leash! Wow...don't know how or why that happened but I sure hope we visit again. They have motorcycles, too. You know what that meant...

Yup, I got to go for a ride. It was fun to have THREE motorcycles running around. Daddy and I were the first in line and the others followed us. They stopped at some place called A&W. They took me out to pee and then they put me back in the carrier. They all went inside and left me in my carrier...but that was okay. I had fun watching all the people walking around.

One nice young man sat in the sidewalk and talked to me. When mommy and daddy and Arthur and Irene came out, he asked them about me and if he could pet me. I liked that! I hope we do it again...

Today I got to play with my friend, Keta, again. She is so much fun...but I think I let her rest too long before I came back to play. She out ran me, over and over and over again. But she's a wise friend...she let me catch her every time. I hope I can play with her again soon!

I heard mommy and daddy talking about something they called turkey day. I don't know what a turkey is or why he has his own day but we're going to visit a house with dogs!! I think turkey day is going to be fun for me!

I hope all my new friends have a HAPPY TURKEY DAY, too!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Just a quick note to wish all our followers as well as family and friends a wonderful Thanksgiving. I thought I'd pass along this quote...

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”
~ Melody Beattie

Last night we had dinner with good friends of mine, former neighbors when I lived in Sparta, TN. It's always wonderful to see old friends and get caught up in their lives. After dinner we headed to Verizon where I found out my phone is definitely busted (no calls in or out, no texting, no Internet....sigh). They will mail me a new one here to the campground, hoping it will be in on Saturday or Monday at the latest.

While I waited at Verizon, Stu made a Sam's Club run. I was done before him and walked over to Belk's where I found some slippers on sale. I needed something that I could walk outside in as well as something that kept my ankles warm. Found the perfect ones!

Today was chore day...we were out of breakfast fixins so Stu spoiled me and we stopped at McD's for a Big Breakfast. It's been at least three years since I had one...it really was a nice treat. (What can I say, I'm a cheap date.)

From there we stopped by the Post Office and on the Wally World for groceries. We picked up a couple more jackets and a Christmas sweater for Sadie. Heck, I bought three for the price of one at PetSmart.

From there we headed out to check out the work on the property. You can see what we thought as well as some photos at Fire Lily Base Camp blog. Sadie had a blast playing with Keta again!

Tomorrow we are going to my good friend, Joanne's, for Thanksgiving. We're bringing the pies....and the dog. She has several dogs as well as horses....Sadie will have a blast!

The weather here is due to turn cold...highs in the mid-40's and lows in the upper-20's. As it stands now, as long as my phone arrives by Monday, we will be leaving on Wednesday. We may stop in Chattanooga for a couple of days, not sure...again, depends on the weather.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


We went out to the property today to inspect the work on the driveways. We no sooner got out of the car and Keta came to play with Sadie. Everything looks great! The main driveway into what will be our RV site is perfect! We have a small pull-out for the motorcycles as well.

The driveway up to the pole barn area is also in although it's only graveled at the road where we had culvert pipe installed. We blocked it off with cement blocks and a limb through them. That will do until we can get a cable installed across. No heavy vehicles should drive on it for a year to allow the gravel to settle around the pipe.

Next spring we will bring in more gravel but of a smaller size. That will then settle in with the large currently in place. The area for the pole barn will need to be expanded but it's a good start, for a good price.

We're really pleased with what has been done and are having fun talking about our next steps as well as working on budgetary estimates for the pole barn and cabin! Stu's play pen...errrr, pole barn will be around 50'x100' (but at least 50'x80'). I suspect that will happen in 2013-2014. Our original plans called for the cabin to follow in another five years.

But I think realistically it will be in the two years following the pole barn. As I told Stu, once he has his play pen....errrr, pole barn, he's going to want to be around to play....errrr, work in it. Good thing we're experienced in keeping our plans set in Jell-O. LOL!

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna

Another update....

Monday, November 22, 2010

We are working our way back to Jamestown...we left Campobello, SC yesterday morning headed to stay with friends in Greeneville, TN. The trip there was interesting...Rested, recouped and recovered...

We got a phone call from our excavator today...the trash has been burned and today they were doing the final grading and spreading the gravel. We'll check it out on Wednesday and hopefully all will be up to spec. We'll take more photos if the weather permits.

If all looks okay, then our work is done for this year. We'll head south to Florida next Wednesday and be back in the spring.

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna

Rested, recouped and recovered...

Oh my, yesterday was interesting...that's the best way to put it. We got a slow start to the day, sleeping in a bit to recoup from hours on our feet at the Blue Ridge Log Cabin factory tour. We hit the road about 11:30.

It was a beautiful day and I started snapping some shots of the scenery. Nothing spectacular but pretty just the same. We thought we have about a 2 hour ride ahead of us. Little did we know...

All it takes is one turn...and you are committed. For anyone that has forgotten or doesn't know, we are almost 60' long when traveling. We weigh about 25k pounds combined. We are 13' high. We are not your average little trailer....LOL!

So, the GPS directed us to turn. I looked at the road and my stomach fell. I just had a feeling that this wasn't a good idea. Once we made the turn, the adventure began. Narrow, twisting roads that barely had room for us at times. No shoulders or worse, ditches in the place of shoulders...on both sides!

Just when we thought it couldn't get worse...we hit a construction zone. The road was so narrow that we hit every cone on the center line. I watched one get kicked out behind us and go tumbling down the hill (better than US going down the hill...). No sign of workers, just several miles of cones.

Then as we rounded a corner we spotted the workers...they were definitely incredulous. When we passed the third truck, a worker sitting on the back waved and hollered something at us about losing the trailer... I don't blame him, there were turns where I wondered how we were going to make it. At one point the trailer went off the edge of the pavement and dipped way over and back up again. I dreaded to see what happened inside...

There was no place to turn around, no place to turn off, no cell phone service to let our friends know we were running late. Stu did wonderfully...Sadie was terrific considering she was overdue for a potty break...me, I was a basket case. I tried not to stress Stu, that meant just closing my eyes and trusting. Phew!

Eventually we came out onto better roads, the kind we should have been on...but we found a pull-out where we can get off the side of the road for potty breaks. Stu found this underneath the trailer...LOL!

Still no cell service but in about 10 minutes we were at our friend's house. DOUBLE Phew! We got backed in, unloaded the bikes and finished setting up. Too late for a ride, we headed into town in their car for a nice evening of good food and great conversation.

I was exhausted and so was Stu...we slept hard and eventually got up and ready for today. We knew we were riding but had no idea when or where. After talking to Arthur and Irene it was decided to take a ride into town for lunch, via scenic roads, and then back where we would pack up Sadie and go for another ride.

Arthur and Irene are from Massachusetts...in fact, they lived in a town right around corner from where I was born and spent the first 15 years of my life. They retired and moved to Greeneville, TN almost two years ago. They have never looked back. Recently they traded in both of their motorcycles and got a 2011 Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide. It's a beauty!

Both rides were wonderful....the first was about 75 miles out and back and the second maybe 50 miles out and back. As usual Sadie loved it...we stopped at A&W and went inside. We got a table where we could see her. She sat there and behaved so wonderfully, looking around, watching people and being good. We will do that more often, always where we can watch her and see how she does.

We head out in the morning, back to Jamestown. We've had a great time here and will be back...heck, we have a 50 amp hookup! LOL! Oh, we got a call from our excavator today...they laid the gravel. So we'll see how that looks on Wednesday...glad they beat the upcoming rain.

We have dinner in Cookeville with friends from Sparta (my old neighbors). It will be a late night after a travel day...doubt I will blog. Back on Wednesday for sure!

Forgot to mention...the only damage was the microwave opening up and everything stored in there fell out. Oh, and the revolving glass dish...shattered. That was fun cleaning up...NOT! There were a lot of other scattered items, but nothing else damaged. Another phew!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

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