Why can't I go to the movies?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mommy and daddy loaded me up in the big white truck today and they ran errands...at least that's what they called it. After the errands they wanted to go see a movie. I watch movies with them at home but this wasn't at home.

They parked beside this HUGE building. Mommy got me out to go potty while daddy talked on the phone. She kept tossing my ball but I found something MUCH more fun...

There was a plastic bag blowing across the grass, then up in the air, then out in the parking lot, then back to the grass...it was such fun. Much more fun than chasing a ball.

After the movie we went to my favorite store...PETCO!!! I got lots of petting and even a little snack. Yum! I got new rawhide chews as well. Mommy says I chew through the flat ones too fast so they got me some rolls. I really like them...I think they'll last longer.

Not much else is new. I like my new crate but I don't stay in it at night. Soon maybe, but I sure do use it a lot during the day.

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Be careful with the rolled up rawhide. We've found Lala will chew it until it gets soft then swallow it whole. I picked up one of the cow femur slices that is about 4 inches long and they have it stuffed with something and she seems to really like that.

  2. These rawhides are over a inch around. Don't think she gonna do any swallowing with that. thanks


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