Shhh....don't tell anybody....

Friday, November 19, 2010

Be very, very quiet....I'm up way past my bedtime. Daddy is in bed reading and mommy is working on the computer. I had fun today....not as much fun as yesterday on the motorcycle, but still okay.

We went riding for a LOOOONNNNGGGG time in the big white truck. I slept a lot till I had to pee and made daddy stop on the side of the road. He had to pee, too.

Then we went to this place where there are lots of stores and I got to run around in the grass and play with my ball. I had fun there and didn't want to leave.

But then mommy took me into the store where I see all the dogs and cats and birds and stuff. People are nice there and they pet me and talk to me. I even get a special treat from the lady who takes our stuff away and then gives it back.

The we went for another ride and I got to sit in the big white truck and sleep while mommy and daddy went inside to eat (I could smell it on them when they came back out...they both had CHICKEN.) When they took me out I got to meet some more nice people who petted me and talked to me.

Then we took another LOOOONNNNGGGG ride back was dark and I slept. Now I'm pretending to sleep so I can stay up late. Shhhh, don't tell anyone. Be very, very quiet....

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


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