I LIKE Turkey Day.....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Wow! I had no idea...what a great day and I heard that it happens every year! We took the big white truck on a ride to our turkey day house. I remember the lady who owns the house. Her name is Joanne. I met her in the parking lot at Logan's Roadhouse when she had dinner with mommy and daddy. She smells like dogs and cats and even like the BIG dogs that aren't really dogs.

When we pulled into her driveway...I SMELLED DOGS...and then I heard barking dogs. Let me out, let me out, let me out....I was SO excited!!! There were four dogs...one little and three big ones. I stood still and let them smell me, then I smelled them.

Play, I wanted to PLAY!! But they didn't want to, at least not very much...old fuddy duddys. Then when we went in the house I met one more dog, she didn't want to play either but I heard she is FIFTEEN, so I can understand that.

In the house there were FOUR cats and a LOUD bird that laughed, sang, whistled and even talked a little. He was in a big cage so I couldn't see him real well so I pretty much ignored him.

Before dinner Joanne took me down, with the other dogs tagging along, to feed the BIG dogs that aren't dogs. She told me a secret, they're called horses and she has two of them. I got to be nose to nose with one. I even got REALLY CLOSE to some tasty smelling piles of stuff but Joanne made me leave it alone.

When they had dinner, daddy made me sleep in the crate....just cause I was barking at them. Heck, it smelled SO GOOD, what did he expect? When I came back inside, the really old dog had a food bowl on the floor and I found it....she had TURKEY....I'm in love! I gobbled what I could before they found me out and took it away.

Why can't every day be turkey day? You get to visit friends, make new ones, play a lot, find out BIG dogs that aren't really dogs are horses and EAT TURKEY! Then you get to sleep all the next day....

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Our mom and pops even made plates for us!! We got turkey, green beans and some yummy orange things mom said were sweet potatoes. We really LIKE Turkey day too!! There was a lot of cooking going on so we kept the floor real clean and we greeted all the guests at the door!

    Your cousins,
    Harley & Amy

  2. Personally, I think Mom and Dad were pretty stingy with the turkey this year. Mom said something about our diets. I'm not sure what they are but I don't like them very much. Scooter tried to convince them (very loudly) that we deserved more turkey but Mom said no. And we have to wait a while year for turkey day to happen again. Maybe Mom will surprise us and get a turkey for another day sometime.

    Skittlez and Scooter


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