Stu's Sunday Travels - it's weather or whether

Sunday, June 30, 2013

While rolling through Rolla, MO, Stu posted this...

>Leaving a little late. Needed some extra shut-eye. As I stocked up on fluids at a local C- Store I saw this and it reminded me of my Bro-inlaw. — at Rolla & I-44., Rolla MO

The next updates came from Mountain View MO...

>Time fill everything up. Gas and lunch (Subway) — at Signal., Mountain View MO

The roads were proving too much fun when he posted next...

>Time for some Java and a dipped cone. I have to recover from a road that actually had yelling with excitement. 19 between Winona and Alton in MO. Almost better then sex. Bang, suck, blow, HTFO I'm DTFR — at McDonald's at 200 E Walnut., Thayer MO

Late afternoon, as I sit here listening to the thunder all around me, he posts....

>Great roads — at Ozark National Forest (Stone County, Arkansas).

>Got too late to find a campsite after all these good roads so BW gets some of my $. Next one should be on them (points). Now a shower, the other half of today's footlong then some laundry. The fun just never ends. — at Best Western Fiddlers Inn., Mountain View AR

A few pics from today's ride.

Interesting that his first check-in was Mountain View, MO and his last was Mountain View, AR.

Stu's Saturday Travels - still in Kansas!

After a wonderful evening with family, Stu enjoyed a nice breakfast before hitting the road.

>Saying goodby to Seth, Kate Ramsey, and twins, Tim and Oliver. Thanks for the hospitality. The vist was great. — at City of Gardner, Kansas.



Next check in was to show off the town of FREEMAN to his daughter and hubby, Melissa and Andy Freeman.

>Freeman, Mo.

Lunch time...
>Coffee and some lunch — at Marriott's circle cafe., Stover KS

Then later....heading to St James, MO for the night....

>Well I was going to camp tonight but the weather and wind kinda precluded that. Despite that my ride from Gardner KS to Rolla MO was great, weather was just right, rolling hills and a few twisties. My day was spent doing "squeeze, lower, release, push, twist, squeeze, lift. twist, smile, repeat". If you don't understand discuss with someone that rides. Oh yeah, ya kinda know you're in farm country when have to dodge a hay bale or 2.



He's all settled in at a Best Western and will determine tomorrow's route based upon the weather forecast.

Stu's Friday Travels - and a few leftovers

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stu finally posted some photos from yesterday and caught us up to date while stopped her:

>Stopped for a Steakburger California style. Not 5guys but very good. Ice cream later today. A guy has to pace himselfat Freddy's Frozen Custard., El Dorado KS

Broke the campsite down a day early to avoid an intense wind and thunder storm. Stayed at my brother-in laws in Derby outside of Wichita. Spent a nice night with him and his family. Then he invited me to shooting. First time in forever. Shot 22, 38, 357, and an AR15. What a hoot. Thanks Paul Soutar, Ben and Larry.

Here is a shot of the sky after the storm late yesterday.
>After the storm passed, a gorgeous sunset

Stu spent the day with family, playing with the most adorable set of 20 month old twin boys and going to the movies. Today it was "World War Z". He said he enjoyed it so we may go see it again next week.

He's spending the night in Gardner, KS and will head towards the Missouri/Arkansas area tomorrow. Oh, and he got a call - the Duwop gang made it home to Maryland safely. A little rain but nothing serious.

Stu's Thursday Travels - where did he go?

Friday, June 28, 2013

No posting from Stu Thursday but he did call - went to the movies, then moving his location for the night. Family in the area posted this to his page so Stu packed up everything and headed to spend the night with family. He was unsure about Friday travels, rough plans were travel a couple hours north to see more family but everything was weather dependent.

The threat of severe weather this evening, especially winds as high as 75mph, has just increased. It sure doesn't seem like a good time to be riding a motorcycle or camping at El Dorado Lake, Stu.
More as I know... ;-)

Stu's Wednesday Travels - spending time in Kansas

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The guys broke onto separate routes today, Mr. Earl and the rest of the Duwoper gang are headed back to Maryland and Stu is taking a leisurely, back road route home to Tennessee.

His first stop was at the Eisenhower Museum.
>Learned a lot about one of our greatest Soldier/generals. If you are interesting in the history of WW2 then you need to visit here — at Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum., Abilene KS

Photo Photo

Of course then he realized he hadn't eaten since early this morning so...
>In the middle of somewhere for lunchat R-Bar. in Enterprise, KS

Camped here for the next two nights. Laundry & a movie tomorrow, capped off by dinner with family.

Final check-in for the night...
>Camped out after a short day riding one the many Americas Scenic Byways. Beanie weenies and fruit for dinner. Shower and bed
at El Dorado Lake..bluestem Point.

Stu's Tuesday Travels - leaving Colorado Springs for parts east

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I think the guys had a late night last night...waiting for my phone call. Some good pics posted on Facebook just before they departed.

>Getting ready to head back East, Stu, Duane, Earl  at Days Inn Colorado Springs-Gdn of Gods.

Mr Earl, Stu and the original Duwop - Duane
Stu and Donna's daughter, Sheri
Interesting face...
Later in the afternoon we saw -
>Time for... Well you know — at Dairy Queen., Goodland KS

Ah, do I sense a little frustration in this 5pm post?
>F'ing hot, Boring, flat I70 through Kansasat Wakenney, Ks.

Last post of the day.
>Dinner and in for the night. Saw a storm developing to the South of us. Fortunately it was moving Southeast. The picture doesn't really show the enormity of it. Tomorrow I split away from the others as they head to MD and I slow the pace and head to Tenn. — at Salina, KS.
Dinner and in for the night. Saw a storm developing to the South of us. Fortunately it was moving Southeast. The picture doesn't really show the enormity of it. Tomorrow I split away from the others as they head to MD and I slow the pace and head to Tenn.

Stu's Monday Meanderings - a rest day

Today was a quiet day for Stu, resting and doing laundry while Mr. Earl visited some local family and the Duwop Duo of Bonnie and Clyde - no wait, that's Bonnie & Duane headed up to ride Pikes Peak.

>Resting today. I'm staying put or perhaps a Visit with some Fam. The rest are heading out for a day of whatever. — at Days Inn Colorado Springs-Gdn of Gods.

He then had dinner with our daughter, Sheri and her husband Kenn.

>Dinner with Sheri and Kenn. Nice to sit and catch up on stuff — at Texas T -Bone.

A little excitement during dinner....
>Meanwhile across the street from our dinner at Texas T- Bones.

Final report?
>Three Irish folk meet at a restaurant and pictures were taken.....

Yup, everyone forgot to take a photo...LOL!

Tomorrow they all hit the road, headed home. Current plans are to stop around Salinas, KS.

Back home, I spent the day at McDonald's chewing out over 3500 words, into chapter one of "Barely a Spark". More tomorrow....

Been doing small loads of laundry and running the dryer on air to dry...tonight even that stopped. Back to the laundromat I go. Sigh....glad we have an appointment mid-July to get all our rig issues fixed.

Oh Sadie? She came home last night and spent the day sleeping inside while I was gone. I let her out early this evening. She came home less than two hours later, panting, wet and limping (she gets a muscle cramp in her hindquarters). I wiped her down and she's been sleeping ever since.

Stu's Sunday Travels - through the Independence mountain pass

Monday, June 24, 2013

Mid-afternoon Stu McNicol and the Duwopers checked in from Independence Pass, Colorado. I suspect they are at the big stop with LOTS of snow (based upon my experience riding there in 2005).

Click the link below to see where they were located.

Well, a long day for the gang...ended up in Colorado Springs, just now getting dinner at after 10pm their time. Tomorrow is Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods for the others, Stu is ready for a day of rest (he's done both before).

Back on the home front, I went to Cookeville shopping today. They have two much larger Walmarts than here in Jamestown. I found my large Chobani Greek Yogurt and another trunk for our move to Ecuador. A good day...oh, and when I came home, our errant daughter showed up wagging her tail. She's spending the night at home for a change. LOL!

Stu's Saturday Travels - moving into Colorado

Saturday, June 22, 2013

I got a late start this morning due to a nasty bug bite that caused me to itch all over last night. Took a Benadryl and when it finally kicked in around 1AM, boy howdy, did I ever sleep. Woke briefly at 8:30, 9:30 and finally got up at 10:30 this morning. Itching is currently better but will keep an eye on the bite since I don't know if it was a tick or spider.

Looks like the Duwopers slept in a little bit, too. Stu posted this on Facebook around 10:30 their time.

> Breakfast. And now a rain free ride into Colorado and points west — at Western Sky's Family Diner., Wheatland WY
Like ·
Early afternoon check in....
>Lunch. 'Nuff said
at Nordy's BBQ & Grill.
in Loveland, CO
Ride good. Lunch good. This afternoon Rocky Mtn NP. Woot!

Riding through Rocky Mountain National Park

Check in for the night.
>Dinner somewhere then in for the night — at The Viking Lodge & Ski Shop/Wear Me Out T-Shirts., Winter Park, CO

Well, Sadie appears to be out for the night again...having too much fun. Darn teenagers...

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