Gorgeous day....time to hit the property

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Yesterday was chore day....I did laundry and worked on website stuff. Yup, got another website...for motorcycle camping, still under construction. Never a dull computer moment in my world...LOL!

Stu worked on a project for me...putting Plexiglas panels on our screen door so we can leave the outer door open and let in more light. We had done this once before but the panels were too heavy and they wouldn't stay up. This time we found lighter-weight Plexiglas and it turned out to be clearer, too.

I don't know who likes it more...me or Sadie. She loves sitting and watching everything outside. I love the added light...don't have to turn on all the lights in the rig.

Later in the day Stu headed out to the property where he staked it at the road edge for the 911 folks. They should be assigning our house number today. Then he spray painted the outline for the rig...think it ended up being about 25x70...and finished the driveway side marking.

Today we plan to unload the motorcycles, finally, and get in a nice little ride. Stu might do some clearing on the property...just depends on how the day goes. My only other non-chore, is to sit outside and do some reading!

Sadie is getting big....here is a newer photo of her napping yesterday. She played a lot outside on the tie-out we bought when she was little. She loves being outside and rolling in the grass. We're fortunate that there are no rules here at Maple Hill Campground. Many parks don't allow you to tie dogs outside even if you are out there with them. (Now before anyone complains, she can't get tangled, she's out for short periods only, she has fresh water...ok?)

On a sidenote from yesterday's blog....Joe, Stu will get back to you. If we forget, send us another reminder. My email is on our blog profile page. Thanks!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. We did the same thing with our door and love it! There's a pic on this post:
    Sadie is really growing!

  2. Just curious...Are you gonna build a house on this property someday?? Or just have it as a home base for your rig?? Tennessee is a beautiful state for sure...and Sadie is becoming quite a lovely little lady...

  3. We also installed plexiglas on the doors. My computer desk is as right as you walk in the door. I felt so closed in sitting there with the door shut.

    It's those little things that make us happy, right?

  4. Gotta love that light! Soooo important for long winter days. Nice.

  5. Froggi,
    First off thank you for becoming one of my followers on The Countdown. It's a slow work in progress. You might click on my other blog as that is one I write to more. I notice you were installing plexiglass to your screen door. Have you tried the shrink film that you apply and then use a hair dryer to shrink it to the door? I think I saw an article on it in the Escapee Magazine.


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