Saturday, May 30, 2009

Both RVs are sold....

We have KaZy back in our hot little hands, although we STILL need to get the slide awning fixed.

Big Red looks gorgeous with his new paint job. Plus I can now learn to drive him since we added an EZ Clutch. He runs better than ever after some warranty (and non-warranty) work.

In the last three weeks we have driven from the eastern shore of MD to Madison, SD to Colorado Springs, CO to Dallas, TX (almost via Tulsa) to Staunton, VA and finally settled into the Deep Creek Campground in Bryson City, NC.

We spent nights in several KOAs, several Wally World and Flying J parking lots, some "interesting" little campgrounds and even an outlet mall parking area (with hookups). What a trip!

We're here for a week, then move on to Goodletsville, TN where we will spend 1-2 weeks doing the CMA Music Fest (formerly Fan Fair) in Nashville and then doing some sightseeing in the area. On Sunday the 21st we plan to do the Ride for a Cure featuring Little Big Town (country group). We're exited about that!

Then we head to Chattanooga for a week and will sight-see that area as well as take care of some name change business in my old neck of the woods - Cookeville, TN. Hope to see some friends but the weekend will be reserved for family.

Then back to the other side of the Smokies where we'll stay at Big Meadow Family Campground in Townsend, TN. More great riding...we hope. LOL!

We are VERY tired of driving and are ready for some down time...still too much on our plate but hey, that's life....and it's all GOOD!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu

Memorial Day

Monday, May 25, 2009

Please enjoy the writings of my good friend, Nick Russell, on this special day - Memorial Day.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu

Interesting Link

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Found this is one of my motorcycle forums. If you ever search Craigslist for used items and get tired of having to use multiple searches for multiple cities, try this link: Search Tempest

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu

Changing plans....again!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We arrived in Sioux Falls early evening on Monday and checked into the Yogi Bear Jellystone park. Nice park, large, long level pull-through lots and not busy at all. Tuesday we slept in...doing almost 1400 miles in three days is tough for us RVers. We then headed up to Madison to pick up our mail and get new driver licenses (new name for me and new address for Stu).

Since we had decided to spend two nights, we asked the gal at our mail forwarding service if she could recommend an attorney. We wanted to get our wills done so they would be legal in SD. She managed to get us a mid-afternoon appointment and we headed off to a late lunch at a local diner.

The appointment went well and for an estimate of $150 we will get two wills, two financial power of attorneys and our Five Wishes (medical power of attorney/living will) witnessed. Not bad! They should be ready today for us to sign...productive day!

Last evening we decided to grab a movie and got in to see "Star Trek". We had heard nothing but good reports about the movie. Since we are both Star Trek buffs, we had high expectations. I'm happy to admit that our expectations were exceeded! What a great movie...I was ready to watch it a second time. WOW!

When we drove to Madison late morning yesterday, the wind was gusting into the 20's. By the time we headed back late afternoon it was gusting into the 30's & 40's. We were very glad we weren't on the road with the fifth wheel. Checking the weather forecast showed that the high wind advisory was in effect until 10pm Wednesday night. Hmmm, since we have to wait till the lawyer calls to let us know the paperwork is ready to sign....looks like we'll be here another night, just for safety.

The only problem with this is our next stop is Colorado Springs to pick up my motorhome. We also will be visiting some family & friends....and they work. Hoping we can get in Saturday morning.... Plans laid in JELL-O!!!! LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu

A little clarification....

Monday, May 11, 2009

For those who missed earlier blogs or just forgot...we are selling two older rigs, NOT our current rig. Our current RV, KaZy - the Escalade toy hauler, is in Dallas area getting major service work done (remember the frozen bearing that turned out to be sealed so the whole axle needed to be replaced).

We are selling Stu's older 5th wheel that was in Maryland on a consignment lot. We moved it out of consignment there and have been living in it for the last month+. That is his RV that is being sold.

We are still full-timers and look forward to getting back into OUR home....LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu

RVs for Sale

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I think I posted this before but thought it would be worth it to post them again...pass along to anyone you think might be interested.

Stu is selling his Jayco 5th wheel: DETAILS

Donna is selling her Tioga Class C: DETAILS

We will be leaving Maryland on Saturday and heading towards Colorado Springs where we will pick up my Class C. From there we head to Houston where we plan to put them both on consignment at PPL Motorhomes (where the price will increase, I am sure).

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu

Honeymoon in Los Cabos, Mexico

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I don't quite know where to about a week crammed packed full of fun, adventure and yes, even some relaxation. Here is a quick synopsis of the week and a few photos to pique your interest (all the photos are uploaded to SmugMug but are not necessarily in order...a frustration with SmugMug...sigh...).

We arrived early Wednesday morning (interesting how that happened since we left VERY early Wednesday morning....while Cabo is in Mountain Time Zone, they don't participate in Daylight Saving Time, thus they are, for all intents & purposes, actually in Pacific Time that? LOL!)

We got registered but our rooms wouldn't be ready until after 1pm. We opted to head down to the poolside snack bar and grab a bite to eat as well as something to drink. Our friends (and fellow honeymooners), Duane & Kathi, were along with us. Duane is a died in the wool Budweiser drinker. Not even Bud Light passes his lips intentionally. Remember, we are in Mexico...the resort has two brands of beer - Sol & Tecate. [FEMSA Cerveza's beer portfolio contains 20 different beer brands and 1 flavored alcoholic beverages brand. Our main brands are Sol, Tecate, Carta Blanca, Superior, Indio, Tecate Light, Dos Equis Lager, Dos Equis Ambar, Bohemia, and Noche Buena. Tecate and Sol are the first and second fastest-growing established brands in Mexico. In the United States, our largest export market, Tecate and Dos Equis are our principal brands. FEMSA Cerveza's Brazil beer portfolio contains 14 different beer brands, our main brands are Kaiser and Sol.]

So after trying a Sol, then a Tecate, Duane knew he was going to have to get some "real" beer. While we met with our customer service representative to get our final check-in done, he badgered him (as he had the earlier help that did the initial registration) about getting him some Budweiser. (more on this later).

We next headed to sign up for some activities. The boys were most interesting in deep sea fishing and dune buggies. We found outings in our price range and got set up for the dune buggies on Friday and the fishing on Sunday. Monday was the member outing to the famous Los Cabos arch and snorkeling. We decided that Saturday would be our in town shopping day (had to stop at the local Harley shop - we even ate at the Harley restaurant and enjoyed several beers as we overlooked the marina) and the other days would be relaxation days. Here are some shopping & relaxation pics!

The resort was a bit smaller than the one in Cancun but every bit as nice. We always have a balcony & ocean view (sometimes more ocean than others, LOL) as well as nice cushy terry/velour robes and free scuff slippers. The maids have fun setting up cute little animal displays but the best of the week was the one surrounded by rose petals.

In addition there was entertainment of some sort every night with several special nights just for members. We managed to attend two out of three....the first was the Tiki Night on the beach. Besides silly games, good food, lots of drinks, there was amazing entertainment. We even convinced Stu & Duane to get up for one of the games...turned out it was a tequila drinking contest where each contestant had to give out a Mariachi yell after wards....hysterical (especially watching Duane chug his first ever tequila).

The other night we attended was the Caribbean Night held in the courtyard. While the entertainment was more South American, it was wonderful. Several countries were represented but the largest part of it was Brazil featuring one guy doing capoeira. Amazing!!

The dune buggy ride was a blast....not quite what I expected but a lot of fun. I can't really describe it other than the most fun I've ever had getting so dirty (one of the pics shows my new "red" tan on the front of my legs from the dust). If you have a chance to do this, give it a whirl. The folks at Sierra Buggies are wonderful. Here are two links (1, 2) to more info (pricing varies depending on how you book it). After the first half of the ride we hiked a ways, then clambered down a steep rocky hill to go swimming in a fresh water lagoon. Back up we climbed (my thigh muscles hurt for the next 3 days) and headed back to base on a different route (after on scenic overlook stop).

Naturally we had to be the ones with the defugalty...just after we headed out from the swimming stop, we realized that we didn't have our goggles. I at least had glasses but Stu was at the mercy of the dust...the dust that if we didn't see, we could be pretty sure we were lost. Midway the group stopped (see the photo with the fists stretched out) and we got it all taken care of.

The deep sea fishing (it's actually in the Sea of Cortez, not the ocean) was quite an experience. We were probably an hour or so later than we should have been for optimum fishing but getting up at 6am was early enough (we needed time to eat...LOL!). The boat was nice sized and the crew spoke decent English. Our first stop was to catch some squid for bait. Not the little ones that you eat, but good sized ones 4' or longer! Eeek!! From there we headed further out and over the next 4+ hours Duane & Stu managed to catch one nice sized Tuna, 2 Bonita, 2 Tiger Fish and one Mahi-Mahi. Not bad...we didn't bring any back since the resort won't cook them for you.

Our trip home was uneventful except for everyone here in the US worrying about us and the Swine Flu. We're all still doing one kissed a pig so think we're in the clear. ;-)

Oh, I almost forgot the Duane beer story....on Thursday morning Duane and Kathi decided to walk on up to the Mega store (closest grocery store) which was at most 1/2 mile away. He found several qt. size bottles of his precious Bud so he grabbed those. On the way back, he spied the convenience store ACROSS THE STREET from the resort (the one that that the resort had mentioned to him when they called to confirm his reservation). Another stop netted 3 cans of Bud. By Saturday Duane was bragging (complaining) he had walked 15 miles each way, uphill, in the snow, for his beer. Then our customer service rep came through with two 6-packs ($20 'fee'). Duane was in beer heaven...but by the time we left he had walked 50 miles each way, uphill, in the get the idea. LOL!!

We'll be busy this next week, getting ready to head out to Colorado no later than Sunday (final departure date to be determined). Won't be blogging much, maybe a little more once we get on the road. We'll be taking the Jayco to Colorado where we'll pick up my Class C, then take them both down to Houston where we'll leave them with PPL Motorhomes on sale. Again...if anyone is interested before then, let us know!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu

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