Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We went out to the property today to inspect the work on the driveways. We no sooner got out of the car and Keta came to play with Sadie. Everything looks great! The main driveway into what will be our RV site is perfect! We have a small pull-out for the motorcycles as well.

The driveway up to the pole barn area is also in although it's only graveled at the road where we had culvert pipe installed. We blocked it off with cement blocks and a limb through them. That will do until we can get a cable installed across. No heavy vehicles should drive on it for a year to allow the gravel to settle around the pipe.

Next spring we will bring in more gravel but of a smaller size. That will then settle in with the large currently in place. The area for the pole barn will need to be expanded but it's a good start, for a good price.

We're really pleased with what has been done and are having fun talking about our next steps as well as working on budgetary estimates for the pole barn and cabin! Stu's play pen...errrr, pole barn will be around 50'x100' (but at least 50'x80'). I suspect that will happen in 2013-2014. Our original plans called for the cabin to follow in another five years.

But I think realistically it will be in the two years following the pole barn. As I told Stu, once he has his play pen....errrr, pole barn, he's going to want to be around to play....errrr, work in it. Good thing we're experienced in keeping our plans set in Jell-O. LOL!

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna


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