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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I didn't think we were gonna go....when I woke daddy up to take me outside early this morning, that wet stuff was still dropping from the sky. When mommy got up a little later she said it looked bad outside. I wanted to go riding...they said we would... [insert cute pout look]

But then the sun started to pop out, a little here, then a little there... I kept waiting....patiently (honest). First they had to play on the computers. Then they had to eat lunch. They they had to watch my FAVORITE show...The Dog Whisperer (this one was about two German Shepherds fighting and a Schnauzer who barked and bit - nasty business!).

Both daddy and mommy said they learned something in the show today. First thing, they no longer let me on the couch unless I'm "invited" up there. Jeesh, you'd think I was running them out of room or something. Then they started talking about being consistent. It's a good thing that I'm a smart girl...I'm on to them!

Anyway, we FINALLY got out of the house and onto the motorcycles. It was colder than last time but I was all cozy in my carrier wearing my new jacket (which IS getting small, mommy). We headed out riding and I enjoyed watching everything zip by me. I even tried to put on my non-worry face so people would realize that I was having fun. I can't help it if I have Boxer eyes and always look sad or worried.

We stopped at a little store so I could take a break. I know they thought I should pee, I knew I wanted to check out the new kind of dogs I saw in the field. Remember the other LARGE dog I saw? Well, there was more than one dog here and they were big but not as big as that dog.

Plus they seemed to be scared of me...every time I moved towards them, they backed up. I thought it was funny...they were so big and yet they were scared of me. Mommy went inside the store for something, then came back out and daddy went inside the store. I think they both had to pee, too.

We walked back to the big black dogs and this time they got closer to me...they don't smell like other dogs or even the first BIG dog I saw. I wonder why? They didn't bark either...I did.

So we got back on the motorcycles and I thought, FINALLY, we're going to the red and yellow building where I got ice cream. Nope....they dropped me off at home and went by themselves, muttering something about it being too cold to sit outside and eat ice cream. Jeesh, parents!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,

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  1. I love that ice cream stuff, too, but Mom says it's not good for weight (whatever that means). So I only get to have it once in awhile. Skittlez likes ice cream, too, but not as much as I do. Did they bring some home to you?



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