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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

When Stu and I went on our cruise to Panama, I took several paperbacks with me as did Stu. I read all of mine, all of his and then moved into the ship library. I had resisted ebook readers, figuring they weren't for me. This trip made me look at them again.

I read all the reviews,everything I could about comparing the Kindle with the Nook and other readers like the Sony. So many things to compare, so many things to think about. In the end I decided on the Kindle, thinking it would work best for me and my style of reading and taste in books.

But there were rumors of price cuts I wanted to wait as long as possible. But the blogs I had been following were always posting free ebooks for the Kindle and I didn't want to miss out on those. What to do?

First thing I did was download and install Kindle for the PC as well as the app for my iPhone. I could then download the free books and either read them on those devices (I ended up only reading on the iPhone once in a while) and transfer the unread ones to my future Kindle 2.

I ended up buying before the price cuts but it was still worth it. While on our cruise to Alaska, I got numerous questions about it as well as high-5's from others with readers.

So where did I find the free books? My main resources were a couple of blogs. They also have a lot of chatter about the industry, which sometimes proves interesting. They list low cost books as well as featuring free books. (There is some duplication but I still find some books only appearing in one blog, so I still follow them all.)
If you just want industry information, updates and reviews before buying the add this blog,
A Kindle World and read this comparison.

There are other resources for free and low cost ebooks, here are a few:
Oh, if you are interested in free MP3's for your Kindle, iPod or other mP3 player, visit free MP3's at Amazon. Some other interesting sites to check out are:
  • Calibre, a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. Note - also works with MACs
  • Mobipocket, a program that lets you create an ebook in a few clicks by adding HTML and image files to your publication.
  • Myebook, publish your own or read others ebooks.
  • Wattpad, a place to read and share original fiction and connect with readers and writers from around the world.
Calibre and Mobipocket can convert epub books for Kindle use. That makes sites like Kobo's Free eBook list even more useful.

There are even games for the Kindle - I like the free word games. I've used them when I can't sleep. LOL!
I have the Kindle 2 and this is the cover I got. I had tried another and returned it, it covered up too much of the corners and I didn't like it. This one snaps the Kindle into place. If I ever upgrade, I'll get the same one. I love the fact that it can stand like an easel, too. I use that for reading in bed. LOL!

Don't forget that you can read PDF books as well on your Kindle....I downloaded all of Nick Russell's Books from his CD that I bought as well as my Wal-Mart Park and No Park lists.

So, what do I like to read? Mystery, fantasy, Sci-Fi and romance (contemporary, time travel, historical). I have bought a couple of non-fiction books like:

I suspect I will eventually upgrade to a newer Kindle and then Stu will take over mine. The good thing is that we can share one account and have the books on both devices. A lot of the mysteries I read are ones he enjoys as well. Of course in his mind, as soon as one of our laptops go, he's getting an iPad and I'll get the remaining laptop. Even if the iPad didn't require a computer for setup, I'd need one for the web site work that I do.

So hopefully I have answered a few questions and helped you on your way to more reading!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Very well done! Looks like you are getting your use out of your eReader too. I bought a Nook some months back. Since then, Kindle has come out with a newer and better model and Nook has within the last two weeks, announced a color version. At this point, I am not sure which one I would purchase. I also know people with the Kobo and the Sony and they love theirs too.

  2. Great post! We do not own a Kindle yet but I see one in our future and I am saving this post :) Lots of great info here. Thanks!

  3. Just bought a Kindle3 last week. Lots of good info for us Kindle Newbies in your post. Ha, ha, I bought the Kindle for my hubby so I can buy myself an iPad one of these days without feeling guilty.

  4. Thanks for all the info on the free e-books. I have had a Sony Reader before the Kindle was released. E-books are the perfect item for the fulltime RVer. We are also Harley riders and fulltime with a 40 ft 5th wheel.

  5. I like They review four books every week and you get a new spotlight everytime you reopen your browser. I had a Sony but dropped it which made the screen look like an Etch-a Sketch. Now I have a Nook and a warranty that will kick in if I drop this one. :)

  6. Thanks for all that great info....I'm holding out for an Ipad!

  7. Donna, I haven't followed every one of you links .... yet .... but here's another source. Almost everyone has an Amazon account, and in the "Kindle Books" section, you will find a list of 100 top free books, and it contains all kinds of books, not just the classics. There is also a section at that location for ALL free books, and it is so extensive that I haven't made it through the whole list.

    I've bought a few books because I specifically wanted those, but most of my eLibrary is from the free lists.

    I now carry around about 500 books everywhere I go. If what I was reading yesterday doesn't suit me, I just switch to another. For instance, when I'm waiting for my oil to be changed I read something light that can endure interruptions, saving the deeply thoughtful spiritual book for the quiet of home.

    Great post. Thanks for adding to my resources! I love my Kindle!

  8. Wow, Donna! what a boatload of information. Thank you! I, too, have saved this post for future reference

  9. Congratulations! I opted for the Nook, but find the Kindle and Nook pretty much on-par. I have had my Nook for only a few months, but now have over 100 books on-board. Most were free, the others were almost free. On the whole, a good value.

    The paper like screen is an important feature. I can read in full light, something a computer screen (even the iPad) does not allow. The comfortable size, weight and general convenience has made this a very important addition to my life.

    The readers will get better over time. They have been evolving for some time now, and will continue to do so.

    Enjoy your Kindle!

  10. Great post. At times I am tempted to purchase a Kindle. Space is tight in the van but I am old school. I like my books and I love my library that my daughter takes care of. I also love book stores and libraries. I am addicted to the printed word

  11. Got my Kindle for Mother's Day. Love it. Thanks for the links. I love finding new free books. I have 98 in my TBR collections. I will never get all of them read, but I sure enjoy trying!

    B. Hart

  12. I love my Kindle too. Purchased last Christmas with Amazon gift certificates from my kids. I often read the books on my Droid (Android) phone when I have a spare minute or two. Love the way you can sync between the Kindle and the other Kindle apps.

    Unfortunately, I got hooked on Lee Child's Jack Reacher series about a month ago and right now I've got all but one of his backlist on the Kindle. (and none of them were free!) LOL

    Bought Susan Boyle's autobio book for the wife and it arrived a couple of days ago and I've already finished that. Great read; fantastic lady; highly recommended.

  13. Wow. this is the greatest info!!! I have had a Kindle and did not know you could do all of this with it! Thank you so much!!!

  14. Why is it that I cannot let those paper books go?? I am sooooooo not with the program.

  15. You must be awake 24 hours looking for information to share. I was at the Apple store this morning and I forgot to look at the iPads. That's the one I'll go with if I decide to give up on "paper" books. I'm not ready for that yet, but I can't run out of reading material or I'll freak out so one of these days I'll probably break down and buy an iPad.


  16. That is great information, especially since I am thinking hard of getting and e-reader.


  17. Great, helpful blog, Froggy.. thank you.

  18. I've been trying to nudge my husband into buying a Kindle, but he's not to receptive.

    Right now I'm enjoying reading so many blogs from beginning to present that I am not reading many books.

    I do intend on getting the kindle application on my laptop to try it out.

  19. Great post, Donna, and thanks for the nice mention!

    Steve Windwalker
    Kindle Nation Daily

  20. Donna,
    I didn't know I could get the Kindle App on my iPhone even without owning a Kindle. Thanks for the heads up!

  21. Thanks so much for the great links. Just bought one for my 6 week surgery recovery and I will check them out.


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