First Impressions

Friday, August 31, 2007

What a week....Tuesday I sold my car back to the Toyota dealership where I bought it. Wednesday I picked up the check, converted it to a cashiers check at their bank and deposited that in my bank. Thursday I loaded up what I thought I might need for 3-5 days in the motorhome and after stopping at the bank to pick up the cashiers check for the RV, BoBo and I headed out. While we did hit some bad weather, overall it was a good trip and I drove straight through, just under 600 miles.

Friday morning I headed to the local Hertz where I would plead my case for them to take me to the dealer's, 15 miles away (but more like 30-40 minutes depending on traffic) when their limit as 15 minutes. Luck was with me...the manager was in, had an extra driver and agreed to transport me.

Fast forward to Friday night where I am camping (sans Internet access) for the night. I have water & electric, brought enough food (although I've had three offers of a trip to the grocery store if needed as well as the loan of a car), get antenna reception of several stations and am quite comfortable.

Everyone here has been wonderful, making a stressful situation fairly painless. I videotaped my walk through, both inside and out. The motorhome is so much more than I is in great shape (not that there aren't some minor issues, after all, it is used) and has obviously been well cared for.

It has a Fan-tastic fan over the driver cab...something that everyone raves about (automatically controlled fan with rain cover). The bathroom exhaust fan and the bedroom vent both have rain covers as well. The thermostatically controlled ducted heat & air conditioning is a really nice add. The generator has a brand new carburetor, added this morning. The old one was gummed and and rather than hand over a rig with a poorly running generator, they repaired it.

The Pergo flooring is gorgeous and will be easier to clean now that I have BoBo in the house. Area rugs & runners will take the brunt of the foot wear. Many things have changed in the years between our old Allegro and this RV....all of them make things much easier for me as a non-mechanical solo RVer.

The mattress will eventually be replaced, it's an old inner-spring model, with a solid foam one which will be more comfortable as well as lighter. If I can't sleep on it tonight, there is the brand new jack-knife sofa bed to sleep on (already took an hour nap this afternoon on it).

During my first walk-through I really started to wonder where I was going to put everything I initially planned to bring. After sitting in it for several hours, I started to remember all those little hidden spots that can be utilized. Also, using organizer boxes and totes (underneath) help as well. Yes, I will be bringing less than originally planned...remember, I was looking at a 30' Class A. It also means more to sell or store.

The biggest change will be office longer can I consider keeping my color laser printer. It will be sold along with several other office items. By the time I have a place for another color laser, they'll be even cheaper. The little color inkjet that is also a copier/scanner will work just fine. Takes up very little room, lightweight and multi-purpose.

There is a little pull-out bed over the driver's cab (under the entertainment center) where I plan to store the mattress (for resale) and use the area for storage as well. Might see if my DVDs will fit in there. If not, since it is long, then it might store my Swiffer, broom, etc. as well as other miscellaneous stuff. Either way that makes more sense that leaving the mattress in it.

There are also two large storage cabinets on either side of the 19" TV. One already holds the the antenna/cable switch box as well as a VCR (got to replace that with a DVD player since I no longer have any VHS tapes). Not sure if mine with fit but since it was a cheapie, it can be replaced easily (players are cheap).

The one thing that is really noticeable...I am short...TOO short. LOL! I can barely reach the overhead light switches and can't reach the bedroom fan or TV antenna without standing on the bed/sofa. I can't reach the Fan-tastic fan at all - will need a step stool for that. Fortunately I have my nice folding two-step stool that I hope will work.

So, my work is cut out for me. I need to get home and get a lot done in a few days so I can attend the Escapade in Goshen, IN with most of my new home set up. I want to get the RV weighed while I am there and this will be my shake-down cruise. While I will have water & electric, it will still be the first time out with my stuff loaded. I'll better be able to see what is working and what isn't, then come home and make any changes as needed.

It will be September by the time I get this posted, hard to believe that fall is approaching. I guess we're all ready though after the high temperatures many of us have experienced this summer.

More to follow as I move stuff into The Lily Pad....getting even more excited now!

Till next time - keep on rollin',

One step closer.....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Photo courtesy Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village

It's almost a reality! Soon The Lily Pad will be in my driveway. Can you believe it? 18 longs months of preparation, delays, research, delays, investigation, delays, planning, delays....LOL!

Yesterday morning I stopped in at the Toyota dealer where I bought my Rav4 (last January). My salesman took me over to the used car manager and introduced me. They discussed my car and my situation. They looked it over, amazed at how clean it still was (what's to be amazed about - it's less than 9 months old). Even the mileage of 12k didn't bother then. They did the usual paperwork scramble, made some phone calls, asked me to come back in a couple of hours, called me less than 10 minutes later and asked me to come back at my earliest convenience.....well, they bought the car at a price I could live with (what I was willing to sell it for outright). They took me to Hertz and I picked up a rental car that will get dropped in FL.

Today I picked up the check, took it to their bank to convert it to a cashier's check and then deposited that in my bank. Tomorrow morning I pick up the cashier's check for the dealer and head south. I'm scheduled to take delivery on Friday morning.

So this afternoon I will start packing up the minimum I need to live in the RV for 5 days...started making my list this morning. I think this will help me pare things down in the long term...seeing how little I really DO need.

Once I get back (assuming all goes well), I will start moving things into the RV in preparation of living in it permanently. Not everything will get done next week...I have to be in Goshen, IN for the Fall Escapade on Saturday the 8th. That is going to be an awesome learning experience for me...I will have RVing friends all around me that can help me with the gazillion questions I know I will have.

There are still a lot of things that need to be done in preparation of moving into full-timing. I need to change to electronic statements for all my credit cards and bank accounts. I need to start changing addresses, especially those that can be done now online rather than waiting for a paper statement. I need to try to find a trailer for the BMW!! That is a biggie....I don't need the trailer until October so at least I have a little time to look around.

I still haven't managed to get doctor, dentist and eye doctor appointments squeezed in....I think those may be delayed a little. There is the utilities to take care of, mail forwarding to arrange. I've been advised to not use the USPS mail forwarding, it encourages spam mail (I did just register to opt-out of direct mail programs). My plan is to move everything to my new SD address, have my neighbors check my mailbox from time to time and leave them envelopes to forward first class mail to SD for me. Then I will get the mail forwarding service to send my mail every couple of weeks.

Well, enough rambling for one day....just wanted to keep everyone in the loop. Until after Labor Day my Internet access may be limited till I get home.

Till next time - keep on rollin',

Backing up is hard to do.....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No, not an RV....your blog! Today I was googling around and ran into a topic that I hadn't thought about. What happens if your blog provider LOSES your blog? Do you have a backup? I sure don't...I used to host the blog on my domain, then I had backup. Now that it's under Blogger's upgraded plan, they host the blog but display it under my name.

So, found what looks to be a possible solution (actually two) for those of us that blog and don't want to lose our content (words are precious....).

The first is easy but is only good as long as 1) it exists and 2) it's priced right. Presently it exists and being free, the price is right. It only backs up text so be sure to save any photos to your hard drive where you can easily find them.

Here is what PC World had to say about this solution:

You back up your PC (don't you?), so it's smart to do the same for your blog, using BlogBackupOnline.

"If you have a blog and you aren't sure that your blog provider will always have a backup in case of a crash, head over to BlogBackupOnline pronto. The site is straightforward: Log in, enter information about your blog, and the site diligently backs it up every day (provided that you use one of the 11 supported blogging services--Blogger, Friendster, LiveJournal, Movable Type, Multiply, Serendipity, Terapad, TypePad, Vox, Windows Live Space, or WordPress). The site is also a great tool if you ever decide to move your blog from one platform to another. After you've backed up your blog, BlogBackupOnline can bring all of your old entries into the new service."

Yes, I've signed up and will give it a try. But in addition I am also using the other approach. It means creating a page with all your blog entries on it. Some folks said it doesn't work over 1000 posts but since I don't have that many, I created it today and dated it. In a week I will do it again...if it starts dropping them off the end, they will still be there in my older saved pages.

This page explains how to display the entries. Then just do a FILE SAVE AS, give the page a name you will remember and voila....a simple backup!

Till next time - keep on rollin',

Special Days not always so special....

Today....August 27, 2007. A day like any other. The alarm goes off, I hit snooze...4 or 5 times, then I crawl out of bed and head to the bathroom. Splash some water on my face, brush my teeth and take my morning meds. Toss on some clothes and go get BoBo out of his crate and take him outdoors.

Every morning starts this way...then the variations start. Today's first variation was loading BoBo into the car. He needed to be dropped at the vet's office by 8:30 -- today was the appointment for his neutering. I chatted with the receptionist a bit, she printed out the papers I needed to sign and handed them to me. I looked it over, signed and asked her what the date was. "August 27th," she said, not realizing the significance to me. I wrote the date and quietly said, "My husband would have been 66 today."

How easily the days pass, rushing by like the waters in a stream. Then suddenly you find yourself free-falling down an unexpected waterfall. You hit bottom, shake your head, look back to see where you've been and then you see it.....the rainbow. You smile....they are watching over you.

I had many moments today, some sad, some nostalgic and some full of laughter. I bought groceries, got my driver's license renewed, mailed the paperwork to establish my new South Dakota residency, chatted with the bank about their new account and how it would work well for me, talked to my Toyota dealer about buying my car (didn't make it in to see them because of the amount of time it took to get my drivers license done), made several phone calls (something I tend to procrastinate), and watched an improv reality show that had my laughing so hard I was crying.

All in all, a special day for me.... Happy Birthday, Michael!

[left to right] Mike & his younger brother Dave in 1997

Till next time - keep on rollin',

Froggi's NEW Lily Pad

Friday, August 24, 2007

Originally uploaded by Froggi Donna
Yup, I put down a deposit on a motorhome today. I hope to be able to get it within the next week to 10 days. I'm so excited!!

It's a 1999 Fleetwood Tioga, 26', has the Ford V-10 Triton engine and is on the Ford F-450 chassis which gives me over 2800# of carry capacity and 5000# of tow capacity. It has new Pergo floors, new tires and batteries, hydraulic levelers, ducted air, generator, backup camera, two awnings, Banks exhaust system and about 57k miles on it.

Now I get to sell my car, call Enterprise and drive down to FL pick it up. I will spend a couple days in a neighboring campground and they will fix anything that comes up during that first outing.

If this link works, you should be able to see photos of it.

Till next time - keep on rollin',

Comfort Food

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Comfort food....everyone has something that they like to indulge in from time to time. Chicken noodle soup when you're sick, lasagna or meatloaf when you miss home or family, sweets when you're stressed. Different foods for different feelings and sometimes different foods for different times in your life.

Most people know I spend a lot of time in McDonalds and get a giggle out of that. Most of the staff are young enough to be my grandkids but they argue over who is going to wait on me and encourage the new workers to remember my "standard" orders.

I started coming here on a regular basis after Mike passed away. It was the only way I could force myself out of the house without a lot of social interaction. Remember, I was new to the town - we had moved here less than 2 months before he died. I'd head over most mornings for breakfast sometimes and coffee always, sitting there reading and enjoying free refills.

During my 2005 motorcycle trips, I continued to frequent McDonalds for all my mid-day stops, sometimes for breakfast, if the hotel didn't have a decent breakfast bar. I even tracked where I got the cheapest senior coffee (a price perk) as I traveled. When the trips were over, the morning visits resumed, changing to dinner breaks after I started working.

I sat there tonight, reading and enjoying my coffee, waiting for my salad to settle a bit before getting my nightly low-fat ice cream cone. I noticed a motorcycle pull in and thought about how hot he had to be, watching as he walked in slowly, obviously feeling the effects of the heat.

I was flooded with memories.....memories of learning to ride in Florida during the summer of 2002. Florida....home of hot and humid, being a late in life learning rider I went out as often as I could, trying to ride early mornings before it got too hot.

Weekends Mike and I would ride for hours, enjoying the sights while I continued to learn. To combat the heat we developed the habit of stopping mid-way at a McDonalds....for cofee and an ice cream cone.

Thus my comfort food....McDonalds Coffee and a low fact ice cream cone.

Till next time - keep on rollin',

Monday, Monday....can't trust that day

Monday, August 20, 2007

a property of matter by which it remains at rest

reduction in somebody's enthusiasm

to remain at a standstill

weariness or exhaustion from labor, exertion, or stress

lack of interest or concern

Until tomorrow - demain -mañana - domani - завтра - αύριο

*Thanks to The Mamas & Papas, Merriam-Webster & Bable Fish

Oops, I did it again.....

Friday, August 17, 2007

I got adopted this week by that little cuss you see in the photo (that was his application photo....who wouldn't want to be adopted by that face?).

Seriously, I saw this photo in a local trader ad and couldn't say no. He's about 8 months old, a Chihuahua-Schnauzer mix (Chi-zer? Schnau-hua?), housebroken, a real cuddler who is shy around everyone except for kids and other animals, and may have been abused by a male (he's gone to work with me all week and every time he hears a man's voice he growls.....).

We had our first vet visit today, passed all his blood tests, got his shots & meds and is scheduled for the BIG SNIP on the 27th.

His name is Bo but for the most part I call him BoBo.

You might notice that the blog page theme has changed. Hope everyone likes it...decided to lighten it up a little.

RV Search Update

Morning everyone....

Well, I went to look at the Holiday Rambler yesterday. After getting lost (Microsoft Streets & Trips missed a vital turn) and getting found (thank you Mr. Garmin), I finally arrived. Chatted with the owner for a bit, nice guy who races dirt bikes and now wants to move to a toy hauler.

Several things concerned me, some fixable (front A/C not cooling as well as it should), some offensive (really musty odor, might have to pull the carpet & recover windows/furniture), some uncomfortable (it was very close to the size of our old one which was comfortable for two without feeling crowded, realistically more than I need or want) and some potentially really bad (signs of possible delamination around a window with ceiling fabric sagging inside). So I'm going to pass on just doesn't feel right.

I really think my starter home needs to be a Class C to help me through the learning process. The house will eventually sell and I can upgrade then. This means no solar and I won't add it until I have an RV I plan on keeping, the expense is WAY to much for that.

So I'm still looking but won't be today since I have three appointments - one at the veterinarian's, two to pick up furniture I'm selling.

Till next time - keep on rollin',

Bittersweet Day...New Beginnings

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today was Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe went home with his new owner today. She is a lady rider friend and is already in love with him (although he may morph into a her, she says). I was fine until it came time for them to actually drive off....I had to turn away and walk into the house.

But this provides the money for the purchase of my starter RV. I have found one locally that I am quite interested in and have made an appointment to see it tomorrow after work. If I like what I see then it will go to a local outfit for a complete inspection (my expense - should run around $350, well worth it).

So, it's beginning to look like I'll have an RV by the end of this month. Talk about exhilarating, scary, exciting, terrifying.....LOL! What intimidates me the most is driving it...I know if I need help with hookups, backing up, etc., there will be folks to help when I am in a campground. Until I get solar added (probably at Quartzite this January), I won't be boondocking as much as I plan to eventually. I will have a generator but that adds to my gas expense.

Oh, I digressed....intimidated by driving.....fortunately I have a neighbor and my real estate agent's husband who both drive motorhomes as well as three truck driver friends (2 retired, 1 still working). I just have to find a safe place to practice.

So things are on track for my being in Goshen, IN at the Fall Escapade held by the Escapees. Several days of education, information, vendors, friends and more!

Watch for another update tomorrow after I look at the motorhome!

Till next time - keep on rollin',

A little motorcycle history.....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not everyone knows the history of my riding so I thought I would post a little about it. First, I come from a riding family....both my paternal grandfather AND grandmother rode their own Harley-Davidson in the late 1920's, early 1930's (cheaper than a car back then). The story goes that my grandfather arrived home with two bikes, one with a sidecar and one without. My grandmother asked which one was hers...he pointed to the one with the sidecar (for my dad and uncle to ride in). She shook her head and pointed to the one without. Guess which one she rode.....LOL!

My dad rode an Indian after the war and in later years Honda and eventually got his Harley, a Sportster. Both his brothers rode Harleys after the war. Currently both my brothers and both their wives, one female cousin, her husband and their son, one male cousin and his son, a step-nephew and his son, one step-son-in-law (bought hubby's bike) and my son & his wife (she's learning) all ride....and they are all Harleys except for my son and his wife.

I learned to ride when I was almost 55. My husband had been diagnosed with cancer (spring of 2001) and I told him it was a bike or a boat....we were going to start enjoying life. He chose the bike. On our way home from his checkups after his surgery, we stopped by the closest Harley-Davidson dealer. They had a gorgeous, used Electra-Glide.....we bought it.

We had several good local rides including our first ever EVENT. Every year Zippo, headquartered in Bradford down the hill from us, sponsors a dice run to benefit Kids with Cancer. We participated and had a great time....our first group ride, our first dice run, our first long ride.

Eventually Mike headed to the Cleveland Clinic for his radiation treatments. He spent the entire six weeks convincing me that I needed to learn to ride my own motorcycle. The more I considered it, the more it made sense. Once again, a trip home for the weekend and we stopped in at our Harley dealer. There sat my dream bike, a 2002 White Pearl Sportster Hugger (remember, I'm one of those in-seam impaired folks ).

Before we left we had not only contracted for the Sportster, but traded Mike's Electra-Glide for a 2002 Heritage Classic Softail.

Things continued to move and change in our lives, we moved to Florida (job transfer for Mike), took the MSF course together and I started riding. I rode the Sportster for 3 months, about 750 miles and HATED it. LOL! Top heavy and quite torquey on the throttle. When we were in Atlanta for the 100th Anniversary Open Road Show, I sat on a 2003 Low Rider and was SOLD! We came home, talked to our salesman, and soon traded in the Sporty and picked my new 2003 Anniversary model Low Rider.

That is the bike that I rode during the Pony Express Relay for Breast Cancer. I ended up with 24k miles on it at 20 months. As I said in an earlier blog, it was sold when I ordered the 2005 Softail Deluxe which I have had just short of three years now.

So, 5 years of riding, 57k miles and now 4 bikes (3 Harleys and one BMW). Wonder what will be next?

Till next time - keep on rollin',

Step by step, Closer and closer...

Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm inching forward....step by step, closer and closer to getting on the road. It looks like my Harley, Rex, will be leaving for his new home on Wednesday afternoon. It will be a bittersweet moment...I am very glad he's going to someone I know, a lady rider at that. But he will be tremendously missed.

So I spent the morning cleaning out all the bags on the bike, figuring out what stayed and what went with him. This meant I started looking at accessorizing Squirt, my new BMW. First thing I noticed was that where I am used to lots of metal and chrome, Squirt is plastic (often referred to as Tupperware ). This is one reason he's so lightweight as compared to the Harley.

My little wristband frog rattle fit on my handlebars just fine. I found that the sides of the license plate holder were metal so I got to put my two small ribbons (USA Troops & Breast Cancer) on either side. I put my little biker frog on the very back of my luggage rack and fastened him down with two tie-wraps (zip-ties as some call them). Then I took my frog riding bell that was a gift and found a spot on the BMW for it.

I realized that I am going to need some type of tank or tail bag to carry the little things like sunglasses, lip balm, registration/insurance, wipes, sun screen, etc. On the Harley I had a good sized pocket on my tank panel as well as a windshield bag. Both were very convenient and easy to get into while riding. I spent a little time online looking at bags....boy, cheap isn't in THAT vocabulary! LOL!

Anyway, now that the bike is selling I will make an appointment to see the 33' Holiday Rambler here in town. If I like it, then will get professional inspection done and go from there. It is a bit larger than I want so I will still look for a Class C in the 25-30' far they have all been cheapies, only fit for a weekend trip for a bunch of guys on a binge (be it hunting, NASCAR or beer....LOL!)

So watch for more updates this week....things are moving quickly now! (OMG, I'm trying to NOT have a panic attack about everything that still needs to be done!).

Till next time - keep on rollin',


Thursday, August 9, 2007

POTGPOTT vs ATGATT - alphabet soup? Not for riders in the know (well, at least the ATGATT, I made up the other one...).

ATGATT = All The Gear, All The Time
POTGPOTT = Part Of The Gear, Part Of The Time

I started out riding five years ago as a POTGOTT rider. As a new rider in Florida, I wore full-finger gloves, jeans, over the ankle boots and a shorty helmet...all the time. Hmmm, guess that really made a POTGAOTT. In summer it was too hot to wear a jacket and what the heck, I got nicely tanned arms.

I'd been riding a year when I participated in the Pony Express Relay for Breast Cancer, sponsored by the Women's Motorcyclist Foundation (WMF). I decided to do the entire Eastern Trail which went from the opening ceremony in Orlando, FL to the closing ceremony in New York City....and we got there via Chicago (imagine a group of 100+ riders going through Chicago twice in one day!).

This experience was life changing in many ones, one of which was my introduction to first, the wonderful founders of the WMF, Gin & Sue, as well as all the staff riders and second,
The Motorcycle Tourer's Forum. Both were wonderful sources of education and information about motorcycling safely.

This meant learning how to ride safely in a group, doing day after day of riding, discovering protective riding gear and why it should be worn. My gear on the ride and then my solo return home, typically consisted of
my requisite jeans, shorty DOT helmet, full-finger gloves, over the ankle riding boots, combined with a lightweight mesh shirt (this was in August) and topped off with a Draggin' Jeans Kevlar shirt (my pre-ride concession to the "what ifs" of an accident). Once I returned home to FL, it was POTGPOTF, meaning the helmet might get shed at times. (Hey, accidents happen to OTHER people, right?)

Since then, four more years and 55,000 miles on the road have made me a bit wiser. Too many friends, friends of friends and relatives of friends have been in accidents...that hits close to home. When I toured the country in 2005 after my husband's death, I went ATTGATT (okay, we won't count that 1 mile jog from the hotel to the Harley dealer on a hot Arizona afternoon when I left the helmet in the room Joe Rocket Alter Ego. It was textile but panels zipped off to expose a mesh base....perfect for those hot temperatures. So that was added to the closet...and it worked out great. I bought it a size too large on purpose, that let me layer a good fleece jacket underneath.

I have also graduated to a 3/4 helmet (which was a full helmet back in the 60's & 70's before full-faced helmets). I have trouble with helmets...I wear an XS and most dealers don't carry that in stock because of the limited demand. Imagine my surprise (and glee) at finding a gorgeous 3/4 helmet in my size at 50% the Harley-Davidson dealer in Albuquerque. Normally I wouldn't have taken a second look, but in this case I had, just the day before, endured 3 hours in bone-chilling temperatures as I rode from Las Vegas, NM to Albuquerque where I had an appointment for my 1k service.

That helmet is now such a favorite that I ordered a replacement online way before I knew I would need fact, once I bought that I never used the shorty on the trip again. I've found that even a black 3/4 helmet (this one has a flip face shield) is cooler than a white shorty helmet...except if you are in city stop and go traffic.

When I decided to go RVing last year, I sold off a lot of motorcycle gear I didn't use. That meant the Joe Rocket Alter Ego went on the block along with several other items. I added some new gear, most in pink to be more visible. I wasn't planning on longer rides but just in case I kept the black textile jacket & both the mesh and textile over-pants.

Now that I'm evaluating everything once again....I've sold off several jackets and ordered a NEW JR Alter Ego. This one is red & black (rather than the almost all black of the old one) and in my normal size. I know that once you go ATGATT you never go back.

Till next time - keep on rollin',

First an apology for my OOPS.....

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I know I need to do I know? Because I keep doing dumb home, at work, driving the car, working on the computer, paying bills (actually NOT paying bills), etc. Yesterday was a big OOPS at work (my apologies to the lady I talked into letting her house be shown in 45 minutes after our phone call - she wanted 24 hr notice - turns out it was the wrong house - OOPS).

Tonight my OOPS was emailing a update to all my family & friends and NOT sending it BCC (meaning everyone's address is shown - something I detest doing). Guess I was subconsciously showing why I need to move my updates here. So I'm extending my abject apology to the masses who got blasted tonight...OOPS!

Okay, now for the life in general update for everyone else who bothers to read my blathering here (I promise it will get more interesting soon....).

The house is still getting shown but no offers...have another showing tomorrow afternoon. Keeping fingers crossed that something happens soon but know it will sell when the right person sees it. I've sold several furniture items, a bunch of motorcycle gear and am slowly sorting through things for eBay, keeping, storing, donating & trashing.

I think the Harley is sold....the good news is that he will go to a lady rider friend of mine. She relocated from GA to eastern TN last year. I'll know more next week.

I'm still looking at RVs for sale....vacillating between Class C (probably too small for me but great for boondocking) and Class A (more room but less built for back roads & out of the way boondocking). There is a nice Class A for sale here locally. Good news is that it's in my price range, appears to be in good shape AND already has a motorcycle carrier on the back. Bad news is that it's 3' longer than the maximum I had set for myself. I'll be looking at it next week, unless it's sold first.

I plan on doing a lot of boondocking (hopefully) both to save money on campsites (gotta love fixed incomes) and to be able to see more out of the way places. The photos and stories on several blogs I follow have made me realize that THIS is one of the main reasons I want to be on the road. Sort of a female Charles Kuralt...well, in my mind anyway.

My final day at work will be 8/30...then the serious fun (?) begins. I will be attending the Escapade in Goshen, IN from about Sept 7-14th. I may be in an RV (mine or rented) or a hotel...looks like it will be last minute planning on that.

My to do list is huge...all the little details that still have to be done. It's really hard to pin down everything, some days I feel like I have accomplished a lot, other days I feel like I've added three items to the list and only crossed off one. Part of the problem is every time I think of something, I jot it down. I now have a PILE of jotted down items....time to compile one list and set priorities and deadlines (hopefully the last deadlines I'll have to worry about ).

I know it will all fall together...eventually. I am really looking forward to simplifying things, getting on the road and taking things sunrise & sunset at a time.

Till next time - keep on rollin',

P.S. if you currently use a blog reader, I hope you'll add this blog to your list. If you haven't started using a blog reader I highly recommend the Google Reader. It's free and it's the easiest one I've found to use. You can toggle the display from ALL blogs to UPDATED blogs. You can also set up folder and sort them that way. I currently have 46 blogs marked and most days only a few have updates, this way it's not overwhelming PLUS I don't miss an update on a friend's blog.

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