Painted, Surveyed and Numbered....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stu made it out to the property yesterday and got the outline of the driveway finished (marking with paint). He also laid out the outline of the required clearing for our rig....approx 25'x70'. In addition he marked a side spot off the driveway that will be a parking spot for the motorcycles. We plan to put up an inexpensive metal carport there to protect them a bit.

Today we got our street address from the 911 Communication Center. It's officially an address...not that we plan to use it for a while. We also got notice that the surveyors were done. We got all four corners marked as well as the sides. We opted out of getting the back lot line drops down into a deep bluff and barely a rabbit could make it through the brush. It would have doubled the price (we paid $800 for the survey) and we aren't really worried about someone building back there. The corners are marked, that works for us.

We also stopped at Tractor Supply to price 12' gates. Looks like under $200 for two gates and posts, with us supplying the labor. We may opt for just posts with a wire strung across, not sure. We want to discourage ATVs and other vehicles from using our driveway for access to the land.

Not much else new for now....

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna

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  1. Great progress! A word of caution with using wire or cable as a deterrent, be sure to string ribbons or surveying tape along the cable so it is visible to riders or you could be liable if an accident occurs. I look forward to the next update.


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