Walt Disney World - Day #2 Animal Kingdom

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The day started off slow - the scooter we had ordered for me (which was supposed to be there yesterday at 5pm) was late arriving. It wouldn't have been a huge issue except we had a Fast Pass reservation for the Na'vi River Journey in the new Pandora area (from the movie Avatar). Once it arrived, I had to learn how to use it. Not much time since our bus was coming! Well, guess who learned how to parallel park a scooter. LOL! (Yes, it got easier each time I did it.)

We made it in time for the ride and really enjoyed ourselves. It was very reminiscent of the movie and I tried to take some photos. Some turned out good, some, not so well. Here's a couple...

The section of Animal Kingdom set aside for Pandora is quite an achievement. There were a couple other rides but they were either booked solid for Fast Pass or had a several hour wait.

It rained off and on, sometimes quite heavily. We just donned our raincoats and slogged it through. By the time our Fast Pass for the Kilimanjaro Safari Trek arrived, the rain had mostly stopped. We were lucky we could take the scooter all the way to the platform set aside for them. Saved me a lot of walking and standing.

We didn't anticipate seeing much in the way of animals with the cooler, wet weather. Boy, were we ever wrong! We saw more animals than on any other time on the ride (5-6 times at least). Unfortunately I wasn't on the outside so it was hard to get some of the pictures I would have liked. Then toss in bumps on a rough ride and there is more fuzz than I'd like.

We ate lunch at Tiffin's...it was delicious and I got to try some great cheeses that I'd never eaten. I forgot to get photos of the meal. Oops! We did a little more wandering but by 4pm, we were both beat and headed back to the room. We ate at the resort and crashed very early.

Tomorrow it's on to Epcot!

Ciao for now!

Walt Disney World - Day #1 Disney Springs

Monday, April 29, 2019

No April Fool's joke - it was the first day of our mini celebration in honor of our tenth anniversary. We had a pleasant drive down from Folkston, GA where we spent the winter and got checked into our room at All Star Movie Resort.

Who doesn't love a Minnie-van?

Our room was really nice, definitely renovated since we last stayed in one with granddaughter Jesse back in 2013.

Magic bands stickered and armed, we headed off to Disney Springs.

Over the years it has grown immensely and gone by many names.
  1. Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village (1975–1977)
  2. Walt Disney World Village (1977–1989)
  3. Disney Village Marketplace (1989–1997)
  4. Downtown Disney (1997-2015)
  5. Disney Springs (2015-present)
Our first priority was to get something to eat. We had a late breakfast and had skipped lunch on the drive down. We splurged for our anniversary and got the deluxe dining plan in our vacation package. That gave us three sit down meals a day. Linner ended up at Planet Hollywood where we had a little drinkiee and a lot of foodiee.

Stu's dinner...

My dinner... Can you believe this was a lasagna?

Then it was time to walk off some of what we ate (you note we aren't sticking closely to our new low carb way of eating...). The weather was good, a slight drizzle had passed through and left it a bit cooler. This was our first stop...I've wanted to do this since I first saw it offered but this was the first time it was running AND we had time.

We took a bunch of photos while up in the air, you can see them all and a short video HERE.

I also managed to get some good shots of Rainforest Cafe volcano erupting. Never realized it even did that!

A few parting photos as the sun was setting...

Tomorrow is Animal Kingdom!

Ciao for now!

Skin cancer and other medical stuff...

Sunday, April 28, 2019

We hear all the warnings. We try to get our yearly check-ups. But for me, too many years spent in the Florida sun back when sunscreen wasn't a big thing, means a lot of pre-cancerous spots to be frozen each year.

My check-up was generally good. One biopsy taken (results in 2-3 weeks) on my right shin and several pre-cancerour spots were frozen.

But this year the dermatologist decided it was time to try a different approach on my face. I've had several spots on my nose frozen and since I have had a lot of sunburns there, I knew it would continue to be an issue. She also found several pre-cancerous spots on my temples and cheeks.

I am now using Efudex (5% fluorouracil) on my face twice a day for two weeks. According to Google, it's actually considered chemotherapy.

"It can treat rough, raised areas of heavily sun-exposed skin (actinic or solar keratoses). It can also treat skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma)."

A good friend and fellow author, Nick Russell, went through this a few years back so I had a rough idea what I might look like. I then made the mistake of going through Google images....eeek!

I am currently on day six and see a few spots getting redder. There is a little itching in some spots and an irritation where my glasses sit seems to be sloughing off. When I can, I'm wearing readers that I can perch lower on my nose. So far the worse side effect is a strong metallic taste in my mouth a couple hours after the morning application.

I plan to take selfies to show how this progresses. My follow-up is in late July so that is how long it can take to complete the process. Oh, and did I mention, no sun if at all possible? That exacerbates the process. So broad-brimmed hats if I have to go out, but in general, I'm trying to avoid it completely.

Starting pic....the red you see is my natural complexion (and always shows in photos)
Before Efudex application

Wish me luck! I have to go out in public on May 1st (Stu's optical check to prepare for cataract surgery), May 3rd (Stu's carpel tunnel surgery on his right hand), May 7th (my mammogram), May 16th (Stu's follow-up for his hand surgery).... Growing old isn't for sissies!

Ciao for now!

Busy, busy....

Saturday, April 27, 2019

I know, I haven't blogged since we came back home other than to let everyone know we'd arrived. Actually, that's not true. I've been blogging over on my author blog, participating in the April A to Z Challenge by writing a microfiction tale in 300 words or less. Check them out - only two more to go! I hope you will take time to read and even maybe post a comment. Much appreciated!
So today I am going to start blogging about our Disney trip - hundreds of photos to go through but that will help my memory since that was SO a month ago. LOL! Thank you for your patience.

Ciao for now!

Home again, Home again!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Just a short update with a few pics. We had an uneventful trip home even with Stu temporarily losing the GPS for the RV routing. He used his phone and we took back roads all the way from Folkston to I-16 (to Macon, GA). It was a beautiful drive with no issues with the rig size.

It was a first for the #2doods, they got to sleep outside their crates and were quite good. Stu noticed they were less hyper in the morning when he got up so we will try it again when we get home, leaving their crate doors open.

Murphy on the hammock:

Cooper on the hammock:

Settled in for the night:

We spent the night in the Flying J parking lot, enjoying a Denny's breakfast, and I snapped a couple of cute pics.

Our coffee mugs had sayings:

A last thought of Disney:
Micky & Minnie at Flying J

What everyone needs? huh? Metal martini glass?
Stainless Steel Martini Glass? For sale at Flying J

We made it home in good time, got the rig parked, pulled Scooby out so the car could be parked, turned on the water (forgetting the outside faucets were turned on - something to add to next fall's list), turned on the breakers, and fired up the refrigerator. We brought in enough to make it till morning and crashed by 10pm (very early for us).

We were surprised at how green everything way and how much was already blooming/growing (including weeds and lawn). So on Friday Stu mowed the lawns and did some trimming while I moved the food (refrigerated & otherwise), did most of the laundry from the RV (still need to strip the bed but there is no rush), moved all the bathroom and most of the office items. There is still a lot to do but most of it can now be done as time allows. The power is on and the A/C is running so no rush.

Front yard:

Back yard:

A few flowers:

The #2doods settled back in, racing around the back yard to be sure nothing had changed, and standing guard at the front door.

As almost always at the front door, Cooper to the right and Murphy on the left:

Waiting for Dad to finish his peanut butter so they can lick the spoon:

Almost there:

Pretty please, Dad?

It will be at least a week before I can get to the blogging about our Disney visit, so please bear with me!

Ciao for now!

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