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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today was cleaning and chore day. While I tore apart my computer and end table area, Stu busied himself putting Sadie's new dog crate together. We've had it for a while but haven't had time to get it set up.

He changed the orientation on the dining table (his computer area) and we moved the file cabinet and my computer desk over to make room. My current end table came out. It has a great storage area in the bottom...I had to find storage spots for everything.

So I concentrated on sorting through stuff. Some went into the tote headed to our storage area. Some went in the trash. Some got relocated. Some went into a box headed for the CARE table at the next Escapees park we stay at (people donate stuff, others put in a donation for CARE if they want it).

The crate fits perfectly and makes a nice roomy end table for me, albeit a bit taller than we thought. It will do Sadie very well for her permanent crate. We just have to wait till she's not peeing her bed at night. LOL!

In addition I did several loads of laundry in the rig and Stu took all our quilts over to the campground laundry. We cleaned out another dozen stink bugs - both dead and alive. LOL! The last thing left is Stu trying to figure out how to take the lamp off the old end table so he can use it on his. There isn't enough room to replace his little end table with my big one.

All in all, a good day's work....

One other thing happened today. I visit several motorcycle forums like Motorcycle Trailer Towing, RVing Riders ~ Riding RVers and Motorcycle Camping. In the Trailer Towing forum a reader put up his gorgeous, used once, diamond-plated motorcycle cargo trailer. The price was right, we have a friend interested in we are now the proud owners of BRAT2.

The trailer is in Dallas so we still have to figure out how to pick it up...might have to call on some friends. We're excited...we've looked at several websites and we got it for half price...and it's never been used.

Not major plans for tomorrow...supposed to be as cold as today. Sadie did a little "whining" about it. LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Thanks for the information about tow dollies you posted on my blog. I hadn't thought about maybe not being able to keep it at my site. That's what I'm loving about blogs...the experience out there and the willingness to share. Thanks again.

  2. That sounds like a lot of work on a holiday weekend. I hope that idea does not spread our way.

  3. The crate is beautiful, perfect for RVers. I am not a big fan of cleaning, but I sure love how it looks and "feels" (women "get this, men don't) when it's all done.
    I enjoy keeping up with the three of you, you certainly don't let the grass grow under your feet! Be safe.

  4. The crate is lovely! I wouldn't have known it was a crate until you said what it is. Beats the ugly wire things :-)

  5. Looks great Donna! Oh btw....I saw what appeared to be a grandmother....or grandfather clock near your entry door. Where did you get that? I'd love to get one.


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