When did I lose my technical edge?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm not sure when it happened. I used to be an early adopter. As soon as I read about a new gadget, I just had to have it. New software, new computers, new peripherals, new whatever. I reveled in the knowledge that I was "out there", staying on the technological edge.

I worked with computers when they took up a hole room and no one had a personal computer. I was in the field when few women were interested. Quick to adopt the "new", I learned to adapt quickly. I laughed at jokes about flashing numbers on video recorders. I snickered at those who sneered that they would never use an answering machine. I smiled when listening to gripes about how difficult it was to use their new device. I was the queen, I ruled.

Then one day I realized that I was losing the edge. Commercials left me wondering what they were selling. Why was that person wearing headphones and dancing? My Palm Pilot languished in a drawer while I noted events in my paper pocket calendar. GPS and geocaching were foreign terms. Why in the world would someone want satellite radio?

Determined to get my edge back, I started out with an MP3 player. Very proud that I got one with removable memory so I can store more songs, I brought it home and opened the package. I had no idea what to do next. Several readings of the documentation, I figured it out. Phew!

From there I moved to installing my own wireless network. Piece of cake...I'd worked in the computer industry for years. Yeah, right! After spending an hour on the phone with a 19 y/o son of a friend of a friend, it was up and running.

The purchases continued as did the confusion. New DVD players/recorders, GPS devices, satellite radio, programmable kitchen appliances....I read the instructions. I muddled my way through...sometimes it was like reading Greek. But in most cases I managed to get things set up.....finally.

Then I realize I need to change something....or the power flickered and I need to reset my options....or the government changes daylight savings time. And once again I realize that I can't make the change without digging out the instructions and starting all over again. Wondering if I will ever find the instructions for the neat atomic alarm clock and be able to finally set the alarms!

I've become one of those I used to smile at and snicker about.....I'm now technologically challenged and use my son and grandkids for help. Sigh....

Till next time - keep on rollin',

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