#2doods Camping Update

Sunday, December 30, 2018

It's been a fun couple of first days in a campground. As I posted earlier, Stu left for a funeral in Maryland the morning after we arrived, leaving me with the #2doods to deal with. Based upon how well they did during the trip down, I was pretty sure I could handle it.

Well, they have been SOOOOOO good! It's hard to believe they aren't even two years old and are still puppies. We've developed a routine. They're in their crates by 9 pm, up with me between 7:30-8:30, then our first walk (potty trip). Back to the rig and a little play, then nap time unless some type of noise wakes them up. Around 11-1 we take another walk, then more napping until 4pm when we walk again. Dinner at 6 pm, sometimes followed by a walk, sometimes not.

Biggest issue is Cooper barking at any car doors, dogs walking past, or people too close to our rig. I gave up trying to keep the doors open. Too many distractions, too much barking. BUT he no longer barks at people we walk past as we walk around the campground...yay! The little dogs he also ignores but there is one larger, older dog that he always barks at. When we go to the field next door, there are two dogs across the street that bark at us. The #2doods ignore them (and get lots of praise).

Watching the neighbors prep to leave
The weather has been interesting. Day one, we ran the heat. Day two, we ran the air conditioning. Day three, we needed a boat. Talk about rain! Water and mud everywhere....not that it bothered the pups at all.

The storm moving in Friday night!
The morning after...
There is actually less water than the night before...
I picked up two 20' tie-outs and on day four we sat outside a bit with them tethered to the door handles so they couldn't tangle. Murphy explored a bit while Cooper stuck close to me. When Murphy disappeared behind the car, then Cooper ranged out. Worked well until a car drove past and they both wanted to chase it, then panicked when they realized how close the car was to them. When Stu gets home, we can use the tie-down anchors and get them staked where they are safer from that.

And half an hour later, they assumed their favorite pose!

Glad they got to do this before the storm moved in...48 hours later and the ground is still too wet to do this. Ugh!

Ciao for now!

We've arrived!

Thursday, December 27, 2018

After weeks of maintenance/repairs of the Freightliner and RV plus all the prepping of inside, we finally left the house on Christmas Day. We spent Christmas Eve in the RV while it was parked in the driveway, letting the #2doods get used to new surroundings as well as allowing me to wash and wax all the floors in the house. Always nice to come home to a clean home (yes, we spent a major part of the day cleaning...lol).

The #2doods did pretty well adapting, we set up one crate in the living room area and extra bed pad beside it.

They made themselves at home quick easily...and the evening passed quickly.

Next morning we got up early and did all the last minute things, including pulling in all the slides so Stu could air up all the tires. Then the two crates were stored in the garage beside the motorcycle. Then it was time to load the #2doods. Initially we planned on Cooper riding in the Freightliner with Stu and Murphy riding in the Jeep with me. First snafu, Cooper wouldn't get into the Freightliner without a LOT of help in addition to the ramp. Phew, both in their respective spots, we were ready to go. We had hoped to be out by 9am and managed at around 10am (which was actually 11am Eastern Time). Just in time to see some snow flakes!

We took I-40 over to I-75 and the traffic was as light as expected. Our first rest stop and the dogs had to be rearranged with both of them in the back of the Jeep. Cooper slept and traveled just fine, but getting out was worst then getting him in. Oh my! Not an issue for them though, they were doing wonderfully on the leash, behaving much better than we anticipated.

Due to the late hour, we planned to stop at the Flying J south of Atlanta and decide if we would boondock there or try to make it south of Macon and stay in a campground that night. We stopped and I got fuel but two issues. Stu was having some electrical problems with low voltage in the Freightliner. He was concerned we might have to replace the alternator before continuing. Second problem, there was no parking available at the Flying J so we headed over to the TA. Nope, full there, too. Fortunately there are two more truck stops there - Love's & Pilot. We found a perfect spot right next to a curb with a good grass area to walk the dogs behind us. With the rig backed all the way in, there was room for the car in front of it. Then came our next surprise. We had to use the side back door to get the dogs out. Murphy jumped right out! Cooper took a little persuasion.

The next day went well. The Freightliner batteries were recharged (we ran the generator all night to help charge them) and although it was showing only 10 volts when we headed out, it soon was up to 12 volts where it belonged. He thinks there might be a loose cable and we made it to the RV park around 1pm without further incident. Phew!

The park has nice wide spots on grass with a small concrete patio. We got the RV lined up and settled in quickly. The #2doods have lots of walking space with a very quiet road behind us and a huge field beside us. Initially we planned to board Murphy (who adapts quickly to most anything and anyone) so I would only have Cooper to deal with while Stu flew to Maryland for the funeral of a former coworker. But dealing with walking them both at the same time was much easier than anticipated. Oh, and another HUGE surprise. After using the ramp to get the dogs in and out at the truck stop and the first couple of times, as soon as we used the back steps into the garage both dogs quickly adapted to using the steps. No ramp! Then they did the same with the front door. SOOOOO much easier. Yay for smart pups!

Their crates are now set up in the garage, side by side. Their wet weather towels are stored on top and their toy box is available, too. We have A/C back there when it gets warm but for now we are more apt to be running heat. If the weather is bad, we can take them in and out back there and use the towels to dry and de-mud them. (Ignore the flattened boxes and paper piled on top...LOL)

This morning we crated the #2doods and headed out for the 45 minute drive to the Jacksonville airport. You do go through some small towns but the drive was easy, most of it on US Rt1. Back home and I got to open several boxes that already arrived from Amazon.

We originally planned to carry our older B&W laser printer in the RV but it was just too big since we took out the old wooden file cabinet, my computer card and rearranged the dining table into it's original position. After a little research I found and All-in-One HP inkjet printer for $20 on Amazon. Yes, you read that right. $20!! And the print cartridges are $15. Much smaller footprint and we will just pull the cartridges when we park the RV for summer. Since we no longer have a WiFi router in the RV, we will use it with a USB connection. It's been tested and works fine as did the scan function. Happy camper here! I'm sure this is an older model but for the price, it's hard to go wrong.

So the #2doods and I are settled in for some alone time until Stu flies back on Sunday. He arrives so late, he booked a hotel room and I will pick him up on Monday morning. The weather forecast for next week is COOL but we have plenty to do. I still have a lot of computer/office stuff to get settled. Stu has a lot of repair/maintenance chores on his list. We also need to take the pups over to meet their eventual boarding spot where the will meet the lady who runs the facility and her Boxer. We also plan to have lunch with the sister of a fellow firefighter friend. Then there are several interesting sounding spots to try for breakfast &/or lunch. We will take the bike out and explore when the weather permits.

Ahhhh, life is good!

PS. Need a last minute gift? Book One in the Klondike Mystery series, Not a Whisper, is on sale for a limited time. Only $1.99 until 12/31. Grab your copy or share as a gift!

Ciao for now!

Heading out....

Monday, December 24, 2018

Just a quick note. We will be leaving at o-dark-thirty Christmas Day, moving the RV to southern GA and the Okeefenokee RV Park in Homeland, GA for the winter. We will be dependent upon the campground WiFi or using our phones as a hotspot so communications will slow a bit.

Hoping you have a wonderful holiday and we will check back in as we can.

Ciao for now!

Cruise on the Disney Dream - Part Four

Saturday, December 22, 2018

...continued from part three.

Today was another day spent at the pool for Stu and Wavy. The adult Cove area was fine for me in the morning but as the afternoon came around and parents sent their kids to the Oceaneer Club, they filled the adult pool area and it got LOUD! I headed to the room to read and relax for a bit.

Dinner was in the Enchanted Garden and once again, all the food was superb. Oh, did I mention the main diet for Wavy (her choice): mac 'n cheese! LOL!

Stu had a birthday surprise, too...yes, all three desserts were brought for him!

He tasted all three but finished none...LOL!

After dinner we went to the stage production of Beauty and the Beast. OH MY!!! We were already impressed with the talent in the shows but this was unbelievable. We would see it again if we had the chance.

But the evening wound down, and then it was time to pack...

Debarkation was surprising quick and ultra-organized. The lines moved quickly and soon we were on our way to the airport to meet Melissa. Our timing was perfect, she hit the ground as we parked the car.

We ate lunch and visited for a couple of hours before we headed out, leaving them to wait for their 7pm flight.

We hit rain...rain...and more rain...

Which led to eventual pretty sunset skies...

NOTE: Since I am writing this on the fly in parts, I missed sharing some of the posed photos, so here they are!

It felt good to get home and pick up the #2doods on Monday. Now we're prepping for our next adventure, moving the RV to southern Georgia campground!

{For anyone who is a glutton for punishment, you can see our entire album on SmugMug.)

Disney knows how to do it!
  • Expensive but well worth it
  • Embarkation & debarkation were well orchestrated and quick
  • Food was the best ever
  • Staff was amazing - no matter their job
  • Always something to see or do
  • The show productions are EXTRAORDINARY!
Downside was the noise, yes, we are old farts. LOL! Thank goodness for port days when the ship was a little quieter. The final day the noise was deafening, too much for me.

But all in all, we would recommend it to anyone with kids, especially those pre-teen or younger.

Ciao for now!

Cruise on the Disney Dream - Part Three

...continued from part two.

Day three took us to Disney's own port - Castaway Cay - and it brought warmth and sunshine. Wavy was all about the pool, her choice over the beach. So we stayed on board. I loaded up my iced cappuccino and headed for the adult area for some quiet while Stu and Wavy headed out to the pools.

Some towel animals in the adult pool area...

The Cove adult area...

The Cove Cafe...

Our custom cozies...

Last night's towel animal - elephant or dinosaur?

Swimming time: Riding the Aqua Duck - Nemo's Pool - Kiddie Waterslide...

I took a few photos, too...

Tonight was PIRATE NIGHT! Wavy got her pirate on in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. They go all out and stay in character when working with the kids. What a blast. Here are just a few pics from that night (we ate in the Animator's Palate again, this time with Pirates of the Caribbean motif.

Her pirate face...

Chatting with Peter Pan...

Captain Hook & Mr. Smee...

Dressed with pirate face on...

With her pirate duck...

Our wait staff...

Another Mickey bar bites the dust...

Towel animal for tonight...can you figure out what it is?

Continued in Part Four (last cruise day & trip home)

Ciao for now!

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