August 13 2018: Enjoy the Simple Things

Monday, August 13, 2018

Growth creates complexity, which requires simplicity.”
Andy Stanley

Till next month...

Busy, busy!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Busy Beaver clip art If you think we've been busy lately, we're about to get busier! While Stu is currently busy continuing to work on the French drain for the pasture behind the Backend of Nowhere Garage, I'm struggling to get my three former Kindle World books ready to republish.

At the same time, I/we are prepping for a week-long visit from Olivia & Jesse, our two Delaware grand-girls. Their parents are going to Maine to help out a friend and the girls asked if they could come see us. So, they are!

The biggest challenge is food - with our current way of eating (low carb), we need to go shopping for them. Milk, yogurt, cereal, bread, buns, strawberries, blueberries, apples, bananas and yes, snacks, are all on the list. All no-no's for us.

We plan to make a day trip to Dollywood while they are here as well as see a movie or two. Other than that, they will be kind of left to their own devices. Good thing Stu is great at entertaining them (LOL).

We are also working on future plans. Stu got a phone call from his older brother, Scott, who has been widowed for several years now. He's getting married! We're so happy for him. The wedding is the Saturday after Thanksgiving and we will spend an additional couple of days in the area before heading back home.

Before that trip, we need to get the RV ready to head south, hopefully heading to our winter campground for this year (southern Georgia) by the middle of November. It will add a day to our drive north for the wedding as well coming back, but it eliminates rushing to get the rig moved immediately after driving back from the wedding.

We have to be in Florida on December 8th to pick up our youngest grand-girl, Waverly, for her Disney trip. Because her parents are taking her to Disney for her first trip in October, we will be taking her on a four day Disney Cruise.
The #2Doods will be trying out a new boarding/doggy day care place in Georgia - we will squeeze in a meet and greet day before we commit.
Okay, time to get back to my C'Mon Inn mystery rewrites. Hoping to get them published by Monday. Woot!!

Ciao for now!

More fun with the #2Doods

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A few pictures from the last couple of days - hope you enjoy!

A little loving from Cooper...

You can't pet just one...

Cooper looking at a sky raisin aka a fly...

Waiting for the okay to eat their treat...

Another kind of treat - sharing licks in the yogurt cup...yes, both tongues in there at once...

Waiting for me to tell them they can come outside...

Ciao for now!

Around home....

Friday, August 3, 2018

I've been busy with "stuff" and haven't shared some of our more recent photos. First, things are still blooming. Our Crepe Myrtle still has some blooms and both the Japanese Beetles

and the bees are enjoying it.

The hummingbirds are enjoying life, too.

One of the biggest changes are the new awnings over our front windows. We are doing everything we can do cut the amount of hot afternoon sun that steam heats our office and master bedroom. We've already put film on both windows and added extra blinds/curtains inside. Hoping this makes a difference. That aside, I really like the way they look. The installation was a breeze since you put up the mounts first, then slide in the slats. We opted for open slats because in the winter months, we want to get some sunlight in for heat help.

This is how it looks from inside our bedroom.

Stu finally got around to hanging a few signs - this one is in the kitchen.

This one is on our back deck.

Our blackberries are gone...this was all our neighbor's son could gather.

Of course, I can't close without a couple pics of the #2Doods. Here's Murphy doing a, um, dance pose? He stood like this for a while and Stu managed to catch it in a photo.

Here's Cooper, guarding the yard...

..and relaxing on the deck.

They love getting petted....

Especially Cooper...

Ciao for now!

My Monthly Check-in: August 2018

Thursday, August 2, 2018

My second post for the #MonthlyCheckIn. There are twenty-five categories - I will write the first thing that comes to mind and in subsequent months, I promise to NOT look back to see what I wrote.

Of course, that means there may be duplicate entries - just warning you. LOL!

I hope more folks will give this a try - just post a comment here or in the original post with your blog name/URL and I will add you to the list in the side bar. C'mon in - the water's fine!
ENJOYING cooler afternoon temps and lower humidity so we can sit outside, at least until the bugs come out. We added a fourth hummingbird feeder and the activity is wonderful to watch.

MAKING red eyes from rubbing - still fighting allergies. The meds dry my eyes even more. Grrr....

COOKING, not so much. I may have to change this category...hubby does a lot of the cooking. Last night was burgers and skewered/marinated veggies. Yum!! I could eat that every night.

DRINKING my usual cup of coffee with a side of water. I am currently binging on Intelligent Blends 'Tall Dark & Handsome" made on the strong setting - once for 8oz, then same pod for another 4oz. Then I add 1 packet of sugar and 2 mini-moo creamers. Yummy!

READING Just finished Murder Most Thorny (Myrtle Grove Garden Club Mystery Book 2) by Loulou Harrington. It's been interesting but a bit odd. Not sure I would pay for another one. Not bad, just not exactly my cup of tea and really can't say why. Next up is...hmmm, still not sure!

WANTING to lose another ten pounds!!! It's really slow when you get to this point, but I need more belly loss and hope to find a little more waistline definition! Yes, I know exercise would help!

LOOKING forward to seeing the impact of our new window awnings on the west side facing bedrooms on our A/C bill (and comfort)!!! (photos coming soon)

PLAYING catch-up with all the things on my To Do list!

BUYING a side table for the office for hubby to put beside his desk. He misses the space he had with the HUGE metal desk (now slated for the pole barn/garage build). Looking to buy an end table and lamp for the RV (my side of the loveseat).

WISHING the pole barn/garage project was done!

FOLLOWING some of our favorite series like, Suits and Claws. The first episode of the new season of both was terrific! We are also looking forward to the return of Killjoys. We record most shows so often don't watch until we have a couple of episodes.

WAITING for the 127 Yard Sale to end, traffic is HORRIBLE!

LIKING the new (old) pearl necklace I got from a friend in a neighboring town.

WONDERING what's for dinner tonight...

LOVING that hubby's middle of the night trip to the ER turned out to be easily resolved and all his tests were negative. Double loving that he's off two BP meds and one diabetes med since losing weight.

CONSIDERING dropping the second week of our cruise. We booked two weeks back to back but beginning to think we might want to cancel the second week.

WATCHING the new series, Yellowstone. Oh my!!

HOPING for more motivation to get back into writing!

SMELLING the chocolate-peanut butter treat sitting beside me, half eaten. Yum!

WEARING a gray-fuschia-pink 3/4 sleeve shirt (seen below) and black capri leggings with flip-flops.

NEEDING to get up and move more!

HEARING the soft sounds of the #2Doods and hubby, all napping!

THINKING I need to reheat my coffee...still sipping on the first cup of the day.

NOTICING my office needs some tending...paperwork needs filing. Ugh!

KNOWING life is too short, take time to savor it!

Remember, comment here or on the original post (where you can copy the list of categories) with your name and blog URL if you want to be added to the monthly list. It's just one post a month. C'mon, you can do it...

C'ya next month!

Nice afternoons....

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The temperature has moderated a bit and we have been sitting out on the deck in the late afternoons. I love listening to the sounds - my chimes, the big bullfrog in our pond, the neighbor's mule, and the hummingbirds (both the beating of their wings and the chirping at each other as they try to guard 'their' territory).

We now have four feeders out and have seen at least 5-6 hummingbirds at one time. Because of the placement of both our chairs and the feeders as well as the green background of leaves, it's hard to get a decent photo. You'll need to click for a larger photo and zoom in on some of these, but it's what I could grab.

The #2Doods are loving the cooler temps - today's high was only around 82 degrees. They are staying outdoors, lazing in the shade of the big tree in our backyard, scratching up a cool spot in their "sand box" or racing around chasing each other.

Then it's time for this...

Then this...

And this...

Tell me, does this look comfortable to you? My head hurts just thinking about laying on that metal ring. LOL!

Ciao for now!

A little miscellany...

Monday, July 23, 2018

I know you've seen the "He went to Jared..." jewelry commercials, right? Well, right here in Cookeville, we have the OTHER Jared. Guess they have the beginning AND the end of the marriage  covered....
Yes, I already shared this on Facebook and Instagram....
A stop at Cracker Barrel and had to take a's not even August yet!

We have had some severe weather lately...and for the first time EVER found ourselves under a tornado warning (both phones screaming alarms) and were advised to take cover immediately. We determined the utility room would be the most protected from the incoming weather (typically moves west to east). The master bedroom (with windows) and master bath (no windows) face the west and the utility room is behind them facing the east (no windows), in addition the garage and the kitchen are on the north/south sides.

So we gathered up the dogs, our iPads and two chairs and settled in until the warning was lifted thirty minutes later.

You can see how concerned the #2Doods were. Here they are just afterwards...
Both pups have been great during storms, not even being bothered by the thunder and lightning. But the other night someone in the neighborhood decided to set off some fireworks. Cooper barked, his normal reaction, but Murphy started to get a bit agitated. We sent them to their crate and being their safe place, they both went right to sleep. Phew!

I had posted a question on Facebook about why people buy/collect coffee/tea cups/mugs. While some were for sayings and travel memories, the majority cared about how it felt in their hands as well as how much they held. What about you?

We have a HUGE collection of diner mugs that we picked up during our years of travel. I also have quite a few I bought for the sayings as well as my pottery ones that feel SO good. Here are three photos showing maybe a little over half of what we have. The rest are in the RV or in totes for Stu to use in the Back End of Nowhere Garage.
Diner mugs, Disney mugs, mugs with sayings
More Disney mugs and my favorite pottery mugs
I bought this set because I love the looks. Unfortunately they don't feel as good as they look
and will probably get sold at some point

Oh, and I almost forgot our new bean pot mugs!!

Ciao for now!