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Saturday, November 20, 2010

We spent most of the morning getting the rig ready to roll. There was a fair amount of de-oozing to do, including loading the motorcycles. We finally hit the road shortly before noon. We knew we had a long day ahead of us but the weather was perfect!

I snapped a few shots out the windshield but none do justice to how nice the day way. Most of the color is gone but we did see a few trees with bright leaves. The prettiest part of the day was the sun glistening over the tops of the trees as it closer to setting.

Sadie, once again, was a trooper. Note the crossed paws...she does this a lot when she's relaxed. LOL!

It never fails...when we sit more than a week, SOMETHING will be forgotten when you pun intended...LOL!

We arrived in Campobello around 7pm and found the parking lot at Blue Ridge Log Cabins. We got parked and started setting up for the night. Oh oh, the inverter decided to not work. We researched the error code and found a restart procedure that is supposed to clear it. The downside is that everything...EVERYTHING...has to be turned off for 30 minutes. Well, it was late, dark and cold...we fired up the generator and Stu will try the restart in the morning.

You can see a few more photos here: Jamestown TN to Campobello SC

On a sidenote, here is one more game for your Kindle: EA Sudoku - $3.99  

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. We too have found our paper towel roll strung all over the floor more that once over the years.

  2. That's one thing about a motorhome, your riding along inside as stuff like the paper towel unroll is happening. So you just naturally go fix little things along the way. Good luck on the inverter restart!

  3. Scenic drive and the traffic looks light in the pictures. Not counting the paper towels, it was one of the good trips we all like.

  4. I guess the restart procedure worked. Inverter fans and on and off's still confuse me. Why is that fan running right now? Is it supposed to be running? Oh, it's off. Hmm, everything seems to be working. good.

  5. There is the rub with a fiver...You have NO idea what is falling, spilling and rolling around until you stop and peek in...Always a surprise!!

  6. I have a picture (somewhere) of my last dog lying at the end of a diving board with her paws crossed. I haven't found it yet in my scanning so I hope it's in the next box of pictures I go after.


  7. The paper towel picture made me laugh as it looked all too familiar. We now use a clip (like for a chip bag) and just clip one end to prevent it from rolling out. But you are so right, there is always a little surprise when you go to open that door after being on the road! lol



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