My first road trip

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I don't understand why but we did something really strange yesterday. I knew something was up when the walls made a funny sound and started closing in on me! Next thing I know, I can't walk around and mommy is snatching me and my crate up and loading us into the big white truck.

I have only taken a couple of trips in the big white truck. The first couple weren't much fun. Daddy had me looking at the back door. What's up with that? Then he moved me around so I can see out the front windshield. Much more fun!

We usually go into town where they disappear for a couple of hours, then come get me, let me go potty and let me get petted by some friends. Not bad since it's dark and I sleep.

But this time was different. We left much earlier in the day and we rode all day. Good think I like to sleep! I got to play whenever we stopped for potty breaks but I was glad when we stopped for the night and the walls moved back out so I could walk around.

I don't understand where we spent the night. It was noisy and smelly. I heard mommy and daddy talking about a truck stop, whatever that is. I think the trucks must be those big smelly things that look like my big white truck but much bigger. I avoided them!

Today was much more fun. I got to meet some nice folks when we stopped early. Then later we stopped at a place with lots of grass and room for me to run around in...and chase a stick...and chase a big round thing (daddy called it a nut). I rolled in the grass and really had fun.

Later we stopped again and the walls moved back out in my house. I hope they are done moving for a while...I like it here. There is a lot of things to check out and smell and there is a little dog that I hope I get to play with!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


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