Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge - July 19 2018

Thursday, July 19, 2018

CB&W challenge runs weekly on Thursdays.
I won't do this challenge on a regular basis but thought it would be fun to jump in once in a while. This week's challenge is SIGNS and here are my photo picks...enjoy!

Shanksville, PA in June 2004
My late husband and I were on a motorcycle trip from FL to PA. It was a cold, rainy day and the road in was gravel, something I was never thrilled with while riding my motorcycle.
A wooden sign I hung off my motorhome when parked, widowed solo RVer circa 2007-2008
Beginning our Rt 66 trip motorcycle trip after traveling from TN to IL, Sep 2013.
I was lucky to actually turn 66 while riding Rt 66.
My husband rode his trike and pulled a small trailer and I rode my own bike.
Madrid, NM - Maggie's Cafe from the movie Wild Hogs - Oct 2013
A fun sign I had to snap a photo of for hubby (retired firefighter) while on our Rt 66 trip.
Gas prices in Cuenca, Ecuador 2013-2015
The prices never changed the entire two years we lived there.
KFC in Cuenca, Ecuador
Welcome to my home town!

Ciao for now!

A little iPhone/Siri humor....

I tend to use Siri for calculations (how many teaspoons in 1/4 of a tablespoon, what is 96 divided by 18 - that sort of thing). I usually keep my iPhone face down so Siri doesn't accidentally get activated.

Recently, after the latest iOS update, I've had to reboot both my iPhone and iPad frequently due to apps not responding. Today, I was struggling to reboot the phone and Siri popped open, asking me how she could help.

My response was after the third time the Siri window popped open was "I just want to start the damn thing." (or something similar to that).

This is what she responded with...had me laughing for several minutes.

Ciao for now!

No food aggression here!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

One thing we have always done, both with Sadie and now with the #2Doods, is be sure there is no food aggression. This means no growling or any kind of reaction if we take food/treats away. You've seen photos of them waiting for the OK to eat their treats, the same thing happens when we feed them. They sit and wait in front of their food bowls, waiting for the OK.

We also don't give them people food. Well, most of the time. I've been known to let them lick the empty yogurt container. It's really funny to see them both licking it clean - at the same time! But I've never been in a position to get a photo of this.

Today, once Stu finished up some tuna salad, he let them lick the bowl clean. I managed to snap a few photos. Both were happily licking away - at the same time. So funny!

Murphy asks, "Daddy, are you done yet?"

Ciao for now!