Ghost Towns & The Town Too Tough To Die

Monday, April 28, 2008

I woke up early, enjoyed a quiet breakfast while I watched the birds tackle the refilled bird feeder. Then I read a few blogs, answered a few emails and finally got out on the road around 10:00. Off to sightsee for the day....intentions were to visit Tombstone and Bisbee.

First stop ended up being a visit to my first ghost town, Fairbanks. My friends Gary & Judie had mentioned this when we met in town the other day. Gary said it had been let go quite a bit and the last time he was there most of the buildings were closed because they were unsafe. There was a hiking trail if I felt up to it. Well he was right...the little "barn" was the only building that you could enter and after a short hike I turned back before I found the river. Figured my time was better spent heading into Tombstone. But hey, it was my first ghost town....LOL!

First stop in Tombstone was the famous Boot Hill Graveyard...everyone posts the same photos so here is my composite of some of the more interesting signs.

After that I drove around the main part of Tombstone and finally parked in a public parking lot not too far from downtown. I really enjoyed myself. The weather was perfect, the crowds non-existent and the working folks great to chat with.

I ate lunch at Big Nose Kate's Saloon...felt a little strange ordering "Kate's Breasts" which was a delicious grilled chicken sandwich. The drawing was over the bar and I suspect it was supposed to be of Kate.

I ended up buying a small desert watercolor done by a local resident and a new felt hat...yes, something will go OUT since I am bringing something in....LOL!

On my way back to the RV park, I stopped to take some photos just above the San Pedro can see all the green trees (I think maybe Cottonwood?) lining the river.

Got home around 4:00 to find the bird feeder empty. I settled into my chair and watched them come and snatch up the bread crumbs I scattered (rather than filling the feeder so late in the day). I noticed that my neighbor to the east had a storage bin open and remembered the time I had opened one on the driver side, forgot it was open and had it pour that night. LOL!

Sometime after 6 I noticed a gorgeous sunset, something I hadn't seen here before. I grabbed my camera and took a few shots. As I came back to my site I noticed that my neighbor's storage bay was still open so I headed over to let them know. As I was telling the lady about it, I looked down at her little dog coming down the steps. In shock I had to ask if that was "Surely". It was...turns out that my blog friend Pepper, who is traveling with her mother as well as Surely, was my neighbor! They are here for a month. Small was so great to meet for the first time.

Oh, you're right - I never made Bisbee. Maybe I'll extend one more day and see it tomorrow!

Till next time - keep on rollin',

Sunday....a day for the birds

With windy conditions, a sinus headache & a good book to finish reading, I opted to sit back and enjoy the birds visiting my new birdfeeder. I barely caught a little hummingbird, I saw a ladderback woodpecker (I think), some finches, mourning doves, Gambel's quail, some type of sparrows maybe...not all are in photos (doves & Quail).

I hope some of your true birdwatchers can help identify them (if you do post a comment with the type of bird, please number them starting at the top left with number 1. Thank you and hope you enjoy. Oh, the first two you'll have to look close to see the little hummingbird across the street from my site.

Some shots are decent, some not so decent but wanted to show you the wide variety of birds that arrived within 15 minutes of my setting out the feeder. This morning they arrived even earlier...LOL! Going to get this posted and then will sit outside eating breakfast before heading out sightseeing.

Till next time - keep on rollin',

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