Helping a child discover her heritage...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

We have good friends here in Ecuador, retired teachers, that adopted two wonderful children years ago. As these children approach their teens, Mark and Sherry are trying to show them their heritage.

The first is Tali who is from China. Sherry and Tali want to participate in the Heritage Tour sponsored by the adoption agency that was used. This special opportunity came up sooner than anticipated and the costs were higher than expected.

We have donated and ask if you can find it in your heart and pocketbook to help this adorable little girl with her trip, even if only $5, please CLICK HERE, where you can contriburte and read the whole story.

We went to the Galapagos!!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Green Tortoise Cartoon clip art
We took a five day mini-vacation and went to the Galapagos with friends. I know some folks aren't reading our Retired in Cuenca blog, so thought I'd list the article links here for you.

Lots of photos, hope you enjoy the trip!

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