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Monday, November 8, 2010

Things I hate about RVing...

Dust everywhere...it's not that I mind the dust so much, it's that it's inside everything and no matter how often you dust, it comes right back.

Campgrounds with too many rules...not that we break the rules (okay, so sometimes Stu parks the bikes on the grass) but it's the fact that they feel they have to have so many. A couple of campgrounds are off our list permanently due to inane rules and way too many of them.

Campgrounds with breed and weight specific rules for dogs....'nuff said - it's discrimination. I understand about the legal and insurance aspect, but I still don't like it!

Not being close to ALL our family...of course that's not an RVing thing since they are spread across the country. LOL!

Expensive campgrounds...we avoid them, they are mostly the upper end parks with amenities that we will never use. But there are some that aren't upper end and charge WAY too much for what you get. Sometimes you are forced into using them due to location, but we do try to avoid them as much as possible.

Things I love about RVing...

Doesn't take long to clean the rig...heck, I think we're about 200sf...LOL!

Don't like the weather? Move. Don't like your neighbors? Move. Bored with the area? Move.

The people...you meet the nicest people RVing. I have made so many friends over the past couple of years. Most were initially online friends and after meeting in person have become real life friends.

The ability to travel this gorgeous country of ours...there is none other like it! I never get tired sightseeing.

Have a husband who can do everyday repairs...this is not only handy but saves us money. I am so fortunate to have a hubby with such wonderful skills. I remember being solo and having to pay to get anything and everything done!
    What would I change? 

    The only thing that pops into my mind is wishing we had a car, something like a Jeep. If the weather is bad or if we just don't feel like riding the motorcycles, we have to take the Freightliner...at 9 mpg that's not real cost effective. A Jeep would be great for taking more dirt roads when we are sightseeing...something we avoid with the motorcycles.

    Just a few of the things off the top of my head...what are YOUR likes and dislikes? What would YOU change?

    Till next time - keep on rollin',
    Donna and Stu


    1. Actually I pretty much agree with you...We aren't full time, but I can imagine driving the freightliner around is not only expensive, but I wouldn't be allowed to drive it..(that goes for the motorcycle too)...We stay mostly at state parks and Army Corps campgrounds...we're cheap.

    2. Agree with most of your points. Two that hit home are large breed dogs and overpriced campgrounds. Heck I like my dogs better than I do most people, the dogs are at least dependable. Regarding the campgrounds, I guess its our choice, although sometimes you simply do not want to travel any further. This actually happened to us tonight, we are at Greensboro Campground here in NC. We did our homework, it should have been a Passport America site, but of course once we arrived, it was not. We did manage to get a slight Veterans discount. Okay, I am done complaining (for now).

    3. Donna,

      Ask Stu what engine and transmission are in his truck. How much HP and torque? I am researching Freightliners and would like his input.


    4. What we love...changing our backyard often, meeting new friends often, learning all sorts of new things, seeing this amazing country, living in a small-but-elegant space, saving money, and last but not least, being retired! Ok, so the last item is not specifically RV-related, but it's still an awesome advantage!

      What we don't like so much - stupid drivers (especially stupid truck drivers!) people who don't clean up after their dogs and thus create a need for stupid rules about pets, campgrounds who have stupid rules about pets, stupid mistakes we make (trying to tow a car in gear, for example), and cold weather!

    5. We dislike parks with lots of rules as well. Do not mind, too much, spending more money for better campgrounds, but hate paying a lot for poor campgrounds. In that regards, we avoid KOA's as much as possible.

      What drives us is this lifestyle is the ability to travel and see this great country both major attractions and also the real America, wherever we find it. Many times it is the small finds that make it so worthwhile. Then there is meeting so many great folks along the way.

    6. Don't have that kind of list yet ... All I can do is speculate. I wonder about bad odors in the RV. From cooking or otherwise. In a house you can go into another room.

    7. Over-priced campgrounds are my worst enemy, and I would rather park at Wal * Mart than give them that much.

      Another thing I don't like are pushy kids. Last year I had two little boys shooting a bb gun at the birds at my feeder. The parents acted like I was being a bitch when I complained to them about it, but they did stop. Other kids ride their bikes through your site, day and night. I guess my complaint would be, they just don't respect your space.

    8. What I would change at this point is the ability to get back onto the road much more often than we do right now. But that's coming! I can feel it in my bones!

    9. great post filled with good questions!!!..and some fantastic answers!..especially the ones about not liking your neighbours or the weather!

    10. Hate about full-timing. Miss my Dad. Have a close relationship and only see him twice a year. Wish I could get him talked into coming south to Arizona for the winter. Also HATE barking dogs. Seems to have gotten worse over the years. Screaming kids don't bother me but a barking dog. Grrr. Owners of barking dogs are to stupid to talk to. "Oh it isn't my dog barking has to be someones else's" "My dog doesn't bark" Whatever. Campfires. Hate the smell of smoke in my trailer. People who don't listen to the rules of quiet time. Have to put ear plugs in because going out and talking to them is worthless, they are brain dead to understand.

      Otherwise love everything else about full-timing. :o)

    11. So with you on the dust issue. . .
      Would love to see my grands more often, but even when we are "home" they are so busy. . .
      and the funniest thing to me. . .when we are moving often, everything stays in it's place. . .the minute we park for a few days. . .clutter everywhere!. . .what's the deal with that?

      Love, love, love fulltiming!

    12. Things I hate:
      1. As a campground host volunteer, I hate to see the weekenders who come to have a good time, but the leave trash all over the place. We must pick up two garbage bags every Monday here.

      2. I like dogs, but don't have one, and don't like stepping in their poo. I know that most dog owners pick it up, but the small percentage who don't, well, I always want to scrape off my shoes on their carpet.

      3.People who sneak in after dark and leave before daylight, use a camping spot and don't pay. Yes, they do. Just because the site is unoccupied doesn't mean you can have it for free.

      4. this one is not limited to campgrounds, it is everywhere you go: People who scream at their kids while setting a bad example for them. I want to tell them, "get off your butt, take the kid by the hand, and tell them what they ARE supposed to do instead of spending all day yelling at the top of your lungs for them to stop." If they don't behave in public, take the little brats home.
      Things I love:
      1. people who are happy and smiling because they are on vacation, or on the road

      2. The wonderful perks of being a volunteer: the maple syrup from a couple from Mass, free range eggs from another camper, venison for the freezer from the forest ranger.

      3. The only traffic we see is the small herd of deer crossing the road in front of campsite each morning.

      4. Generally less stress, more money in our pocket, more free time


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