A few recent purchases....

Thursday, November 10, 2016

We've picked up a few new things in the last week or two and I thought I'd share a couple with you.

My favorite is my new mug. Traveling in warm weather and buying a lot of bananas, we get fruit flies. We also get gnats, those tiny swarming, annoying little flying insects. I keep a small bowl of apple cider vinegar with a tiny dash of Dawn dish detergent on the counter, but invariably, they still find time to swim in my coffee. Tired of setting a piece of paper or a coaster on top of my mug, I went in search of a mug with a lid. I saw this and loved it, and I love it more now that I've received it. The silicone lid is perfect, creates a nice seal, and the decorations are adorable!

The next was a must have replacement. Twice, after traveling all day, Stu's office chair was found pressing against the run button on our shredder. Well, twice was too much and it burned out the motor. We had talked about replacing it with a smaller one or maybe just one that sits on the of a wastebasket while using it. This is what we decided on...much smaller but does the same work.

The last item was a spur of the moment purchase. Stu has been talking about wanting a cast iron pan to make cornbread. The one's we have seen at places like Cracker Barrel have been pretty pricey. While at Tractor Supply yesterday, we found this three piece set for $30. He inspected it quite closely and like what we saw. We couldn't say no. Check it out at your local Tractor Supply or order online. Great holiday gift!

We are still in prep mode for our month's vacation...slowly getting things done. I still need a haircut, maybe tomorrow or this weekend. LOL! Mon/Tues we will be packing - oh yeah, we fly out at 6 am so we will be leaving the RV around 3 am. Eeep!

Ciao for now!

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