Made it to Rhode Island

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No cell and no Internet unless we are out riding. Will be here for a week.

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Another good day of riding....

Monday, July 25, 2011

Well, our time here in Maine is coming to a close. Today was our last day and we planned to visit L.L. Bean and two breweries in Portland. We also wanted to make a quick stop at Big Moose HD again to pick up something for my brother.

The weather was the coolest yet, perfect for riding. Big Moose wasn't busy so the stop there was quick...well, long enough for Stu to enjoy a cup of coffee. LOL! Then it was north to Freeport, ME and a visit to L.L. Bean. We found a nice bench in the shade and traded off sitting with Sadie while the other shopped.

Stu found a great pet tie-down for Sadie and some much needed slippers for himself. I got a diner's mug and three small decorative bottles (all to be saved for the eventual cabin). Of course, since we were sitting in front of Ben & Jerry's, we had to indulge....LOL! Sadie completely enjoyed all the attention she got while waiting.

Then it was back to Portland and the Shipyard Brewing. We did the swap-out with Sadie again. I went in first and as soon as I mentioned coming out for the dog, one of the gals had to come out and see her. Then three regular customers came by and really made of her. Stu bought a six-pack of beer and a pint glass for our collection.

It was getting late and the sky was getting cloudy as the temperatures dropped so we skipped the other brewery and headed back towards the campground. We stopped in Saco, ME at The Kerrymen Pub for dinner. Talk about LARGE servings...LOL! I got my fried clams (whole belly) and Stu got the Fisherman's Platter. Both were very good...and we took a large box of leftovers back home (including some delicious fresh bread).

The rain started about 20 minutes out but we got home and quickly loaded up the folding bicycles and folding chairs, putting my motorcycle under the awning. Tomorrow is moving day so the motorcycles will get loaded in the morning...hopefully NOT in the rain.

We've so enjoyed our time in New England, just wish we had more time to spend...we will be back! On to my last three states to be ridden....Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. That will make 48 states ridden for me...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

I got in trouble today....

Daddy says I have too much energy.
Daddy says I bark too much on the motorcycle.
Daddy says I'm stubborn.
Daddy says sometimes I drive him crazy.
Mommy says it's about time I drove daddy crazy instead of her. [snicker]

We went riding today and stopped at elly bean's. I got to see LOTS of people who LOVED ME (so there, daddy) and petted me. One man thought I was a miniature Boxer....he said I was gorgeous, perfect color and body. Sigh....I think I love him.

I got some ice cream today from benny jerry's. Daddy even let me have a little of his cone and mommy let me lick her cup. Two flavors and both were yummy. I love benny jerry's.

We stopped at a place called the shipyard and I got lots more loving. There was a lady who came out of the shipyard to see me and then three more folks came over from across the street. They loved Boxers, too!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,

Still having fun!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Friday was too hot to do anything but stay inside in the air conditioning...broke records with a high of 99 here. Overnight there was a small shower, then the sun came out. With the forecast high in the mid-80's, we loaded up Sadie and headed out.

Our first stop was at Big Moose Harley-Davidson where we arrived as a group charity ride was leaving. Needless to say, Sadie turned heads....LOL! Another nice store, one with some personality. We bought t-shirts for both of us!!

The temps were rising faster than anticipated so we headed back towards the campground, stopping at the Rock 'n Roll diner for lunch. They were busy, service was slow, the food was good and the waitress had the personality of a tree. LOL!

When we got back the campground was starting to rock 'n roll, too. It had pretty much filled up on Friday night and during the day Saturday, it continued to about capacity.

Today was even better than yesterday with perfect riding temps. Stu worked out a nice route up and around Sebago Lake, riding back roads in a multiple loop route, crossing each other but never repeating a road.

We got back around 6pm and headed up to Bentley's Saloon to see if the Lobster Fest was still going was. We got a lobster, cole slaw, baked beans and a big ear of corn for $10 each. Capped it off with a cold draft beer.

Here's Stu after the dinner was finished....LOL!

Here's an interesting car we saw pull in.

And here are a few more general photos of Bentley's Saloon.

Tomorrow we're planning on heading back towards Portland for two local breweries, another quick stop at Big Moose HD and a visit at L.L. Bean in Freeport. Then we come back to de-ooze the rig since we pull out on Tuesday morning, headed to Rhode Island for a week.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

PS> Check out Foto Footprints

I been ridin!!!!!

Mommy and daddy felt sorry for me cause I was they took me out ridin on the motorcycle....two days in a row!!! I'm so happy....

Yesterday we visited a motorcycle store where this lady came over and loved all over me. Then we went to a diner (it's shiny and silvery and they have food inside but I have to stay outside). Some folks came and parked beside me. I was so excited that I tried my new trick...they went inside and told on me!!!

It was a little warm so I snuggled down for a nap till mommy and daddy came out...

Today we went ridin and ridin and ridin...I got to see some cows. I LOVE COWS, they're much better than horses. Then we stopped for a potty break. There were some boys on things with wheels that made lots of noise. I didn't like them and barked and barked and barked at them.

Mommy and daddy took me over closer to them...I liked the boys but not those things with wheels. Too noisy!

We went back ridin and ridin and ridin. I loved it, it wasn't too hot and we stopped for ICE CREAM. While mommy and daddy went to get it, I did my new trick again and a nice man came over and petted me. I think I'll do it more often!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,

I'm bored.....

Friday, July 22, 2011

When we first moved to this new campground I thought it was neat...LOTS of motorcycles coming and going. But when mommy and daddy finally went out the first time, they left me and took the bratty little trailer with them. Grrrr.....

Then the next day, they left me and took both their bikes. They said it was cause it was too hot. Grrrr.....

Today they didn't go anywhere but lots more people and motorcycles keep coming in and parking (and talking to me). I want to be outside but they keep making me come back in. Grrrr.....

Of course mommy hasn't taken any new cute pictures of me so I'm gonna use some old ones, just so you don't forget how cute I am (and was)....[snicker]

Mommy says she can't remember me being this tiny....

I still love other dogs....

I used to have to wear a coat to stay warm, and I still love cows....

I still love dog parks, too!!!

I really miss my BFF, Keta....

See my muscles? I love to RUN....

Sniffing and lickingly yours,

Moved, settled and having fun!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We spent Monday getting everything ready to move on Tuesday morning. The trip wasn't going to be a bad one, just under 200 miles and most of it on interstates. As expected, we passed miles of pretty scenery.

In addition, we had LOTS of wildlife warnings....

We stopped for lunch at a truck stop just off I-89, The Fort Bakery & Restaurant. Best food we've had in a LONG time!!! We highly recommend it if anyone is near exit 18, at the Citgo Truck Stop.

Saw an interesting car race past us....just to get stopped in front of us at the traffic light...

We arrived at Bentley's Saloon and Campground to find out that every Tuesday evening they have a classic car show. We got checked in, bikes unloaded and set up quickly so we could go up and see the cars....and have a beer....and eat. LOL! You can see all the car show photos HERE. Oh, and yes, the car that passed up...was at the show!

Wednesday was chore day...I did the umpteen loads of laundry in the rig while Stu took our mattress pad and quilt up to the campground laundromat (yeah, the one's Miss Sadie peed on...LOL!). Later he took Sadie for a run with the bicycle...only to have a dog charge out at them...full bore, no leash. He ended up running into the dog, getting knocked down and Sadie ran the other way. The owners were hollaring, "He won't bite.....". Stu rather matter of factly told them to GET A LEASH ON THE DOG (yes, it's campground rules). Nothing majorly hurt but definitely some bumps, bruises and strains. We just don't recover as quickly as we did 20 or 30 years ago.

He spent the afternoon getting the lights for BRAT2 rewired to his satisfaction as well as putting the hitch back on Big Red. We hooked up BRAT2 and headed out to Sam's, Wal-Mart and Tractor Supply (dog food). Got a new mattress pad, too...the old one died in the washer. We then went to see Cars 2....adorable movie. Lots of hidden things so we'll be getting the DVD when it comes out.

Today turned out to be hotter than originally forecast with highs into the mid 90's. We left Sadie in the garage with the A/C running and headed south on US 1 to Seacoast HD. Nice thing was a new selection of Firefighter items. Stu got two new t-shirts, a gorgeous pillow and a new patch. I'll post photos another time.

From there we continued over to Exeter, NH where I went to high school and on to Kensington where I used to live. In town not much had changed but once we got outside town you could see about 75% more homes than back in 1965 (when I left).

We stopped in Exeter at Steve's Diner for lunch. Looked to be inside an old Pizza Hut but the food was VERY good. I got a turkey BLT wrap and Stu got a Pastrami on rye. We ended up bringing half my sandwich home and skipping dessert.

We came home a different route, much faster pace than US 1 and more trees. We'd planned to stop for ice cream but the temperature was really getting to me. We'd been out over 5 hours and the temps ranged from 90-95...and lots of wind.

We got back home, showered and settled in for the evening....tomorrow, who knows? There looks to be a break in the temps on Sun/Mon when it should be back in the low 80's. Tomorrow and Sat are forecast for mid 90's again. Time will tell...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu

PS> Sorry this is so long...really am trying to write shorter entries. LOL!

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