Happy Turkey Day!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seems like riding in the big white truck has been a big part of my last week. But that's okay...I get lots of treats when I'm good (and it's hard to NOT be good when I sleep most of the time).

I made some new friends named Arthur and Irene and I got to run around their yard without my leash! Wow...don't know how or why that happened but I sure hope we visit again. They have motorcycles, too. You know what that meant...

Yup, I got to go for a ride. It was fun to have THREE motorcycles running around. Daddy and I were the first in line and the others followed us. They stopped at some place called A&W. They took me out to pee and then they put me back in the carrier. They all went inside and left me in my carrier...but that was okay. I had fun watching all the people walking around.

One nice young man sat in the sidewalk and talked to me. When mommy and daddy and Arthur and Irene came out, he asked them about me and if he could pet me. I liked that! I hope we do it again...

Today I got to play with my friend, Keta, again. She is so much fun...but I think I let her rest too long before I came back to play. She out ran me, over and over and over again. But she's a wise friend...she let me catch her every time. I hope I can play with her again soon!

I heard mommy and daddy talking about something they called turkey day. I don't know what a turkey is or why he has his own day but we're going to visit a house with dogs!! I think turkey day is going to be fun for me!

I hope all my new friends have a HAPPY TURKEY DAY, too!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. We know what turkey day is. Mom put a picture of us waiting for turkey on the top of her blog. You are gonna love it. I sure hope your Mom and Dad share with you - at least a little bit.

    Scooter got to chase rabbits today but I'm kind of afraid of them so I just bark a lot.

    Hope you have a really fun day tomorrow.

    Skittlez and Scooter

  2. Hi, Sadie:
    Mommy and Daddy let us have a taste of turkey! It was SOOOOO good! Mommy said we were very good when everyone sat down to dinner....we didn't even beg one little bit! So Mommy said we could have a treat after she cleaned up the dishes (we would have helped there too, but she kept telling us "NO!" when we tried to clean the dishes in the dishwasher....) Glad you had a nice Turkey Day! Hope we can meet and play one day!

    Maddie and Molly


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