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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just a few rambling thoughts....

First, thank you to everyone on their comments about Mike and his battle with head/neck cancer. We had never heard of it either. Now I pay attention when I hear of a new diagnosis. In the past, there have been those in the news but it was a blip on my radar. Check it out here:

Also, please do all you can to educate yourself and your loved ones. This cancer is most often caused by smoking or chewing tobacco...and the chances of getting it are greatly increased by drinking.

Next, I had someone ask about sharing a link to my blog and specific posts. Yes, PLEASE share my blog or a specific post with anyone you feel might be interested. That is not a problem at all!

For those that like our "Grandfather Clock", here is the truth. That is actually the front to a little "hall" closet. The clock is real...a quartz battery clock. It comes standard on our rig. Sorry to disappoint anyone. LOL!

Thank you to everyone who has recommended an RV park or campground. Sometimes it works out for us, sometimes not. We have to watch size restrictions, pet restrictions, motorcycle restrictions. See why we like boondocking....NO restrictions. LOL! But don't stop sending them in...we check them all out.

I am still loving the plexiglas on my screen door. We put it on the inside so it does double duty, protecting the screen from Sadie's claws when she gets excited.

To learn more about us, how we travel and what we ride you can click on the page links above or here:
We're staying an extra day courtesy of the miserable weather that set in last night...rain, rain and more rain. Stu wants to get the last of the trash off the property and then we have our Carhartt jackets, a ladder and the handcart to put into storage. We have plenty of time to get to Atlanta so a one day delay is fine.

The movie TRON: Legacy will be out in a couple of weeks. Stu wanted to watch the original TRON again and I had never seen it. No problem...we'll get the DVD somewhere. Hmmm, all I can find are copies running close to $100. Not gonna do that! eBay, Amazon, Google searches...$60 is the cheapest. I did find it on NetFlix but really don't' want to start a membership just for that. So, anyone got a copy of TRON they'd be willing to loan out? LOL!

One last request, if you are a motorcyclist and have a blog, please either post a comment here with your blog address or email me (check my profile page). I'm trying to divide my blog reader a little further and want to move my motorcycle friends into their own group. Hoping this will make it easier to try to catch up with you on the road!!

In fact, I'd love to see updating a private map location so we could connect while traveling. If you want access to the map, let me know and I'll email you an invite (yes, that means I need your email address...LOL).

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. We do have a motorcycle and a fairly new blog. We're a little stationary right now as Johnny's working a longer than normal project, but we'll be on the move soon! Blog is
    I like the idea of the map, so here's our (my) email address:

  2. I like the idea of a map too...would also know how you set up.

    And what clock are you talking about...maybe I am just not looking in the right place.

    So like following along with you & Stu. Ron brought his carhart out of storage for our time selling Christmas trees - it has come in handy :)

  3. Another mc+rv'er: our blog is
    Fulltiming begins at the end of this month.
    our email =

    Bob and Paige Riewe

  4. Donna, I know you have my Blog addie...but here it is for other RV + Motorcycle 'ers. LOL

  5. here is ours

    we are not mobile yet, still trying to set that retirement date. We do a lot of riding and almost all of our friends are ones we met through biking.


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