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Saturday, October 9, 2010

There has been much discussion lately in several of the blogs I follow regularly. I'm not sure why other than some folks just seem to have to take things too seriously at times. LOL!

They've discussed why they blog, why they should blog, what they write about, what they shouldn't write about, what others think they shouldn't blog, how long a blog should be, how often they should post, should photos be thumbnails or full-size, should they allow comments, should they moderate comments, etc, etc, etc....

My blogging attempts started at From the Lily Pad (a play on my nickname, Froggi as well as the name of my future - at that time - motorhome). I chronicled my decision process as I moved into the RVing life as well as my life in general. Sometimes I blogged silly stuff and other times more reflective items.

I had been a freelance writer, mostly non-fiction items, but after losing my husband in November 2004, I found I had lost my voice. The blog was my first attempt at getting it back. I felt no pressure to blog, I enjoyed the comments and I had fun writing...finally.

In the summer of 2008 I met Stu and by fall we were traveling together. It made sense to merge our two blogs into a new one. His previous blog was Stu's Adventures. Thus this blog was started.

Over the last two years the blog has grown in readership and I've been blessed with meeting many of the readers. Sometimes a little pressure is it was at Christmas dinner 2008 while at Sumter Oaks RV Park (Escapees) in Bushnell, FL. Just as we were sitting down to eat a gentleman walked up and chastised me for not blogging more often. It was said lightheartedly but it made me realize that there was a certain expectation from some of my readers.

So here are my thoughts about THIS blog... I won't post every day. I will try to not post too many photos and will always use thumbnails. While most of our blog is about our travels it will often be interspersed with topics about life in general. Our life involves not only traveling but motorcycling and now our little pup, Sadie. I'll try not to post too many family pics but sometimes ya just gotta! LOL! Comments are moderated not because of spammers (thank you to Blogger for fixing that issue) but because I love reading the comments while might be a day or more before I get on the computer but always get email on my phone. I love reading the comments and if a reply is required I will email back IF the comment is associated with an email address (otherwise I will post my own comment).

I am starting to want to write more...just general ramblings so I may start posting to my Hopping through Life blog again. I made it private for a while so will open it up. I had used it for a Write For Ten project and current posts are all tied to that.

So dear readers, these are my thoughts about blogs, blogging and writing in general. I write for me and am pleased that others seem to enjoy it...I know I enjoy the writing!

Keep blogging,


  1. I don't think people need to post every day unless that's what they really want to do. My problem is I end up with ten posts all at one time and then I'll go for a week without one. I haven't quite gotten the hang of evening those out. But since it's my blog, and that's me. And I happen to love the pictures - family, Sadie, Stu, Motorcycles, scenery, what have you. I just love to read what everybody is doing and thinking whenever they want to share.

  2. I remember well as you were getting ready to leave in Lilly Pad, and have enjoyed the blogs whether you wrote a lot or a little. Keep up the good work, and ride the bike a lot, so we get nice pictures as you tour!! Wish I could be riding along with you guys! But I need to get over a little surgery here first, LOL

  3. My blog is MY blog. I write what I feel like writing when I feel like writing it. I post pictures if they fit what I want to say. Some days lots of people read it and some days few people do. I like it when people read it but I write it because I want to do so. Still, I feel guilty if too much time goes by without writing.

  4. I agree-if I have something to say, I'll write, otherwise, I won't. Sometimes I have more to say than at other times. And I write about whatever comes to mind, because my blog is about my life--and I don't just do one or two things.

  5. i don't have a blog, i found your blog and really enjoy it. we just bought our first rv a class c. we are in our 50's and are looking to get out of the city on week ends, maybe some long trip's, don't change any thing you do a good job,,,thx,

  6. Whenever you post, however you post, whatever you post, I'll read and enjoy it. It helps us keep in touch and I love to see where you're at and what you're up to.

  7. Doesn't matter how often you post -- just keep doing it! You never get cease to get a smile out of us -- whether it's you or Stu writing that particular entry. We enjoy spending time with you guys so much, and since we go long periods without seeing you, we keep up this way. And yeah, I know, I need to get off my tush & start my own...

    Can't wait to meet the newest family member (Sadie) next time we meet up!

    Renee & Dave

  8. I'm with Nick on this one. Whenever you decide to post something, I will look forward to reading it. I always learn something and/or am entertained. Thanks for taking the time and effort to share your thoughts and pictures.

  9. We are not fulltimers part timers. I blog when we are on the road so friends and family know what we are doing. I follow about 6 blogs and when they post it comes up on my page. Love reading you blog Keep is up and show some pictures of Sadie

  10. Just an FYI...I do not have comment moderation turned on and I get an email every time someone leaves a comment.

    I enjoy your blog and photos, as well as everyone's individual writing styles. Maybe we are all just nosey...ah, curious, about how other RV'ers live their daily lives.

  11. Donna, I love your writing and have followed you since before you bought your Class C. I always look forward to seeing a blog post from you, but it is YOUR blog and you can post as often or as seldom as you like. I'll still follow.


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