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Friday, October 8, 2010

Life continues to prove that it's too short and we never know what tomorrow will bring. Before my late husband, Mike, died we bought a sign:

"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery,
Today is a Gift...That is why it's called The Present"

Death is a part of our life cycle but that never makes it any easier. I lost my spouse at age 58 as did Stu. My step-daughter, Stu's youngest, became a widow at 27. My good friend, Ara, lost his son when Lance was in his early 20's. Stu and I have both lost our parents. We understand the cycle...

Today it was reinforced even more. A fellow blogger, Tioga George, has been seeking his missing son for three weeks. Today he found out that his son is dead.

This afternoon I was updating my web site, I Ride My Own, and posted an article that once more reinforces that sometimes, tomorrow never comes. The article is aptly named, "Last Ride".

Please take time to tell those you love how much you care...every day.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Amen! It's happened to a lot of us. When my late husband passed, it had been a normal day. I kissed him goodbye and told him I loved him as I left for work. I talked with him by phone in the afternoon. He wasn't feeling well, which wasn't uncommon. When I got home, he was gone. Live each day to its fullest!

  2. Very true, Donna.

    Thank you for being such an inspirational Sister ... and thank you to Stu for taking such good care of our girl :)

  3. I think of this when I remember our good friend Dave Baleria, my high school buddy Dan Connell who died earlier this year, and many others who left us too soon.

  4. Bryna aka GratefulGrrlOctober 9, 2010 at 7:10 AM

    Thank you, Donna, for this. My brother and I lost our dad when he was 59, our step-mom at 57, but we got to enjoy our grandparents til their early 90s. All are missed, all encouraged us to live and love fully, and so we try to so do.

  5. My dad died when he was around 48 years old so I understand, too. I'm going to kiss my husband right now.


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