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Thursday, October 7, 2010

We are settling into our new routine, albeit Sadie's new routine. The potty training is long as we take her out right after waking, eating, playing or at least every 2 hours. LOL! Nothing new there...

She is a climber and loves being on the sofa with us. She curls up in our laps or beside my computer lapdesk. Stu is working on clicker training and sit. We know she is young but being a boxer mix will require lots of patience and training.

No motorcycle ride yet...soon though. She still doesn't like her crate...wants to be with her "pack" (us). She is quite vocal...talking as well as barking and whining. We lay in bed laughing at her sounds when we all go to bed.

Okay, enough puppy is pretty quiet otherwise. Stu goes to his orthopedic surgeon on Monday and I see a retinal specialist on Tuesday. We'll report on those results because they impact when we will leave this area and head south.

After a couple of very rainy days, the weather has improved. Going to hit 70 today and sunny...actually have the front door and a few windows open. Love airing out the house/rig in fall weather.

Many of our RV friends are heading westerly for the winter, sure wish we were but this is our Florida year. Florida isn't all that bad but we prefer the west. So much beauty out there, even in the desert. Great boondocking spots where we can park for weeks without paying for hookups (using our solar setup) or sharing space with close neighbors. We will definitely head west for the winter of 2012.

Tonight we have dinner with our Thursday night dinner friends...always good food and a great conversation. A week from Friday we are attending a benefit for a fellow firefighter friend of Stu's. He got a very bad infection and has spent weeks in the hospital fighting for his life. He's on the mend but still has months of recovery ahead of him.

Stu still has to repair the shackles on our trailer as well as get the parts number to order a new brake rotor from Dexter Axles for that repair. I'm trying to get some reorganization done out stuff, simplifying but finding it hard to work around the puppy. LOL! It will get done though...

We still have several friends we haven't seen as well as see more of family. Never enough time and for whatever reason, our energy levels seem to need more time to refresh themselves. Aging isn't for sissies!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. When our Cosmo was just a pup he too was very vocal. Took him to the vet to be neutered, they called to let me know he was ready for pick up. I told them it would be an hour or so before I could come to get him. They said ok, but I could hear disappointment in their voice. I asked what was wrong and they said...oh, it is fine...but, he sure is vocal! We never did get him "crate trained"...but it all worked out in the end and he is a great dog!

  2. One last thought....teach the "quiet" command...comes in very handy with "talkers"...LOL!

  3. We had a beagle that was a "talker" and I loved it. She would talk to anybody who would take the time to listen. I can hardly wait to meet Sadie. Wish you guys were going to be in AZ this year but we'll definitely see you next year out there.


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