My parents are SO mean!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

They make me go out in the cold and rain when it's potty time. I don't have any problem going inside...and they get's not fair!

I don't get to choose when I take a bath (uh, like NEVER). They just pick me up and stick me in the's not fair!

They give my paper towel and toilet paper rolls to play with and when I finally get them all soft and gudgy, they take them's not fair!

They get to go outside any time they want but they make me sit at the door when they go's not fair!

They take me outside for walks but all they want to do is WALK and all I want to do is's not fair!

But then again...they do keep me warm, feed me, play with me, cuddle with me and just generally spoil maybe it IS fair!

Sniffing and lickingly yours,


  1. Love it!!!!! I think Koko would totally agree with ALL of Sadie's thoughts.

  2. Sadie,
    Don't worry - when you get a little bigger you'll get to be the boss. They will love you soooo much they'll take you for walks and give you treats and let you sleep on the bed. Really, we've got it made!


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