A terrific weekend....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just a quick update....yesterday we went on the Red Helmet Ride. We had made plans to meet Stu's daughter, Melissa, at the Park 'n Ride down the road a bit. Just before we were to head out Stu got a call...her bike wouldn't start. So we headed over to her house. After a little troubleshooting Stu jumped the bike and got it running. We were off...

The weather was perfect and we arrived at the local Anne Arundel County Fire Department headquarters where the bikes would stage for the ride to the Walkersville Fire Department. We grabbed a bite to eat (thanks to the Alarmers), chatted with friends and got our photo snapped with others from Anne Arundel County Fire Department.

Since I didn't take many photos here is the LINK to the ones on the National Fallen Firefighter website as well as a great VIDEO of all the bikes arriving (we are at about count 2:30).

We spent the night in Hagerstown, having a nice late dinner before going to sleep early. This morning we had a leisurely breakfast at the hotel before heading over to Frederick for lunch at Carraba's Italian Grill with a couple of old friends of mine as well as a grandson that I haven't seen in probably 12 years (he's now a wonderful young man). We chatted for hours before getting on the bikes and heading back home, after a quick stop at the local Harley dealer. LOL!

The skies darkened and we did hit rain but nothing overly severe. Melissa had a lot of riding firsts....longest ride, first overnight trip, first group ride, first twisties, first time over the Bay Bridge (and back through the toll booth) and maybe her first highway rain storm. LOL!

What a great weekend!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Melissa is a better woman than I.....sounds like you had a great time....I am a total geek....wish I could do a Harley...but I would kill myself...

  2. What a great project for you guys to be involved with. Jim was a volunteer fire fighter down in Dale City. Glad Melissa could join you. Is she ready to do it again?

  3. Sounds like a good ride for a good purpose. That's great!
    Your grandson must be bragging about his motorcycle-riding Grandma! :)

  4. My uncle and aunt live down to Rock Hall on the Eastern Shore. At this time of year, what a wonderful area to be biking in. I envy you the trip.


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