Back in Maryland

Sunday, October 24, 2010

We spent an hour or so making our last round of the Log and Timber Home Show. We really enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot. We grabbed some lunch at a local restaurant, Two Amigos. The food was good and we enjoyed a sit down meal before hitting the road back to Maryland.

Sadie did really well the last couple of days, spending more time in her crate than ever before. She loved walking around the parking area, chasing the fall leaves though. LOL!

After a stop at Sam's Club in Annapolis, we made it back to Kent Island by late afternoon. We quickly got set up and put our feet up. Three days of walking on concrete floors really took it's toll on our feet, knees and backs.

Stu gets his last Ortho-Visc injection tomorrow. He'll run a few other errands, hopefully riding between the raindrops. I'll spend the morning doing laundry and playing with Sadie. LOL!

Wednesday night will be Stu's Killer Pizza Night...he makes pizza from scratch and all the family gathers and enjoys the feast. We're looking forward to it...both the pizza and the family!!

Thursday is our weekly dinner out with friends and Friday we load the bikes so we can head to TN on Saturday morning. Right now we plan to spend the month of November there before heading to Florida. But that all depends on the weather...if it gets too cold, we'll head south early.

One last side of our readers asked how I was liking my new motorcycle. I am happy to say I am THRILLED with it! I had hoped for maybe a 50% improvement in ride comfort but it turns out that it's closer to 100%. Wow!! Bumps that would have had me wincing in pain are barely blips now. Factor in the larger gas tank and call me one HAPPY girl!

Since buying the bike I have added saddle bags and removed (and sold) the detachable sissy bar. My windshield from the Nightster transferred with a little help from Stu and the new windshield bag I got at Sturgis is perfect. I still hope to add a few more things like an engine guard with Harley halogen fog lights, a stage one performance upgrade and maybe a Mustang seat. Then again, it may sit just the way it is...LOL!

Thanks to everyone for all the recent blog comments...we've covered some important topics and hopefully will again!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. We are sitting in Nashville tonight watching all the tornado warnings on the tv. We've been having the warnings south of us for the last couple of hours. Hope this mess is over with before you get here.

  2. Hi Froggie - I wasn't sure if there was another Froggie, but I'm glad to have you as a follower. Funny thing is, I've been following you since I started blogging, and I thought I already WAS a follower of yours.

    I'm glad your bike is working out so well. My son has a Harley, but I think a "motor bike" is more my speed. Wish I had your nerve!



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