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Sunday, October 17, 2010

We're still plugging along. Stu finished all the repairs to the rig - new shackles on both sides (heavy duty with grease inserts) as well as brake pads and new rotor on the damaged side. The jack stands we picked up at Northern Tools really helped.

Last night we were to a benefit for one of Stu's firefighter friend. He has been in the hospital for weeks, fighting for his life. We initially thought he had a virus infection but turns out that it was MRSA, also known as the flesh-eating bacteria. He hopes to be discharged soon but will still have months of therapy to go through. The benefit was a huge success, raising $17k dollars for the family.

Tonight we went to Stu's youngest daughter's annual Halloween party. Last year Stu went as a biker (what a stretch...LOL!) and I went as a frog (what a surprise...LOL!). This year we "cheaped" out and wore $5 orange t-shirts with a pumpkin face on the front. We had fun, got to see family and friends as well as two of Sadie's siblings.

I follow a lot of blogs but there are many more that I don't. Several folks have reported the death of two RVers, Bruce and Margie. They were killed while walking outside their RV park in Pismo Beach. Looking back over the blog, I think I would have been a follower. Such a heart goes out to their family and friends.

Tomorrow we hope to get in a nice bike ride. The weather is turning cooler and tomorrow is forecast for a high of 70. Perfect riding!! We'll try to meet up with friends for brunch.

This week will be busy as we start our "de-oozing" process...getting things back in order to move the rig. Friday we drive to Chantilly, VA for the Log and Timber Home Show. We'll move between WalMart and the parking lot before returning on Monday. We'll have one last week to see family and friends before heading south to Tennessee.

One last note, I've started a website and a blog. Not sure what we will end up doing with it. We have tossed around the idea of things we could sell at rallies and pet items always seem to come up. We're not selling anything yet but wanted to get an online base setup. So feel free to stop in and visit us at [blog link]. Nothing on the website now but will be trying to publish to the blog daily. Pass the word to anyone you think might enjoy it.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


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