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Monday, October 25, 2010

I often wonder how to define many people have told me I am adventurous and that is something I truly don't agree with.

When I think of adventurous, I think of mountain climbing - sky diving - backpacking foreign countries - white water rafting - bungee jumping - volunteering in third world countries - that kind of thing. Not traveling the USA via motorcycle or RV. 

Yes, doing things solo is more adventurous but still on a scale of 1 to 10, it's much more mundane to me. When I toured the country in 2005, the year after my husband passed, I had a lot of people asking me if I was scared. I told them no, I use common sense and if any area makes me nervous, I leave. Many said they wouldn't even cross the country in a car solo. To me that is be that fearful.

I often see posts from women thinking about RVing solo but they are afraid. Then they find out there are hundreds (maybe more) of solo women RVers ranging in age from 30-40 up into their 80's. Again, common sense, aided by the wonderfully friendly and caring RVing community.

On a lighter note, here is my adventurous tale of the day. While Stu was out running errands, I started a load of towels in the laundry and got on the computer. I heard the washer start to spin....and then it stopped. Hmmm, that's strange. I waited a few minutes and went over to take a look.

Oh-oh! The washer was so full of suds that I could only see a couple of inches of clear glass in the top. I knew that these front loading washers were prone to over-sudsing but I knew that I hadn't done anything differently than before. (My suspicion is that it was a combination over a freshly primed water softener at our step-daughters and towels with a leftover residue of soap that had built up over time.)

So I turned it off and flipped the breaker so the door would unlock (a safety setting) and waited till I heard the click. I got two other large bath towels and set them on the floor, pulling out the soapy load of heavy, wet towels. The water, suds and towels spilled everywhere. I felt like I was herding suds! Wish I had thought to take a photo but I was more interested in keeping Sadie from licking the suds off the floor.

I hand rinsed the towels, ran the washer empty, re-washed the towels without any additional soap and finally got the first load in the dryer almost 3 hours later. Now THAT is adventure.....LOL!

Hope everyone will post what their idea of adventurous, based upon their current lifestyle and experiences...and if they think that THEY are adventurous!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu



  1. I think we all have a sense of adventure tucked away in our minds somewhere & it's whenever, wherever & however we choose to stir that adventuresome spirit that another true adventure in our lives begins:))

  2. I think almost everyday can be an adventure. Of course, some of those adventures I wish I could avoid. :)

  3. Most people think all of us fulltime RVers are adventurous

  4. I do not consider myself adverturous. I, too, think of those who do dare devil types of things and I've never been that kind of person. But I do think those of us on the road are more adverturous than those who never leave home. I love experiencing and seeing new parts of our country and meeting so many new people. That for me is the best adventure ever.

  5. I think when someone describes me as adventurous its more about not fearing the unknown, and the ability to seek new adventures, and when no one else sees the opportunity for fun, I do. ;)

    I don't think we have to skydive to be adventurous, we just have to be open minded about life and live it with passion, zest and drive. I think it also has to do with the energy we give it.


  6. I agree with Judy, some adventures you just want to avoid, most of them however are exciting.

  7. Anytime we try something new it seems to become an adventure!..(and sometimes its adventurous just walking through WalMart...Like "Close Encounters of the 4th, 5th and 6th Kind")...

  8. So glad we had the washer/dryer removed and additonal storage space added.

  9. I haven't read your blog for a while. Good to see you are still doing well. I read that you are headed to TN. Wonder if coming to Raccoon Valley Escapees. We are leaving here on Saturday. If coming here, would have loved to have finally caught up with you.

    I always did think you were brave traveling alone for a while. But since then I have met several solo women travelers. They don't seem to think anything of it. I wonder if I found myself in such a circumstance if I would consider it. I really don't know.

  10. Phyllis, we aren't leaving MD until Saturday so we'll miss you! Darn...

  11. Being a full-time RV'er is adventurous. When we are on the road traveling, we never know what the day will bring - fun, excitement, sights not seen before, beautiful flowers, sunsets, sunrises, stuck on a dirt road, broken down on I-4, a flood of water leaking out from the motorhome, and on and on and on. I've gone sky-diving and been a part-time solo RVer, but I'm beginning to think being a full-time RVer is more adventurous....and exciting. Sorry to read about your washing machine adventure.

  12. To me it requires a sense of adventure to set out for any unknown territory. Under that definition, fulltime RVing qualifies. But, so does most of life since the part we are about to live we have not lived before. Life is an adventure! Pick your risk and take your chances.

  13. Sounds like a heck of an adventure to me....suds away! I have often thought, if something would happen to my darling husband, would I have the courage to "go it alone"...because of women like you and your blog..I think I most certainly would!

  14. My best/worst adventure was moving from San Diego to the forests of Georgetown, CA (where the Jeepers' Jamboree/Rubicon Trail, an adventure in itself, starts from). I was staying in a cabin for a friend, caretaking his property. The cabin had moldy sheets, a sunken couch, chipped dishes, and a small black and white TV with attached antenna that got only a PBS station. I was still fine until the friend told me 2 local brothers just got out of jail, the ones who had broken into his "big" house and stolen his guns. So I should be careful. I was outta there fast!


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