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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yesterday I blogged about What If preparedness and a couple of readers (thank you, Bryan and Janna) brought up the need for carrying emergency contact information. I have blogged about this before but it is always good to bring up the topic again.

Everyone is familiar with the Medic Alert type bracelets, pendants, etc but not all of us have special medical information needs. But we all should carry emergency contact information with us no matter where we are...out walking the dog, hiking in the desert, bike riding a new city.

If you're an RVer, picture this scenario....you're in a new campground and head out for a walk (with or without a dog), solo. Something happens and you end up unconscious, no wallet or ID on you. How does anyone know who you are, who to contact, etc? I'm sure from here you can see a number of ways this could happen. We often step outside our rigs without our wallets or any type of ID on us.

There are a multitude of solutions to this...from a high end of annual services where you can update your contact profile regularly to the mid-range of dog tags to the low end of a basic luggage tag where you can insert an updated card as often as you need. Here are some I found doing a Google search for emergency ID tags.
These last two are free places to use to print out your own emergency ID cards although many of us can do it ourselves with word processing software.
In addition, if you are an RVer or camper, consider carrying something that states WHERE you are camping....cell phones don't always work. Plus, if you have a pet at home (whether that home is a house/apt or an RV), that needs to be specified as well.

The key is to get/devise and USE something, anything, that is always with you...be safe, don't be sorry!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. How about tattooing your name and SSN somewhere inobvious but unavoidable if one is looking for id?

  2. We printed mailing labels with "Our Motorhome is parked at" and then we write where it's parked and attached it to a surface on the tow car. Will have to devise something for US now.

  3. Oh, you hit right on the head. I used to manage a large winter Texan RV resort down in the RGV. People who come there usually come year after year. There was one guy who everyone knew--he had lots of friends. After playing golf one day, he was walking back to this RV with 10 of his closest "friends". He fell and hit his head on the sidewalk and was unconcious. None of the people with him could think of his last name or what site he was parked on, even though he had been parked on the same site for 12 years!

    It was a very frightening situation, both for the people standing around on the sidewalk and for me as the manager. I had NO IDEA who to contact.

    So, get some sort of ID, and keep it with you at all times.


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