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Friday, October 22, 2010

What if something were to happen to you tomorrow? Could your spouse, significant other, traveling partner:
  1. Contact the appropriate family members?
  2. Find the necessary financial/banking information?
  3. Know how to find your will?
  4. Know where to find all life insurance contracts?
  5. Have access to updating or closing out your blog(s)?
  6. Have access to social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and favorite forums?
If you are a solo traveler, do you carry emergency contact information for someone (family or not) who has the above information? In addition whether solo or not, do you carry emergency contact information? In these days of cell phones, you can add a contact for I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) and many smart phones have apps for storing all the needed information.

We tend to be somewhat blase' even though we know we aren't immortal. Several recent deaths pointed out the needs for numbers 5 and 6. One was an RVing couple, Margie and Bruce, who's daughter had to post the unfortunate news of their death on her parent's blog. Another was a popular RVer, Tioga George, who had to announce the death of his son on the son's blog.

I've also found out about the death of one friend and the hospitalization of another because the daughter of the first had access to her mother's Facebook account. A long-time online friend was fighting cancer and her husband and daughter both had access to her account to let us know of her death.

I recently added both my husband and my son (in case of a dual accident/death) as author's to all my blogs. In addition I am testing out a password keeper, LastPass. My son recommended KeePass, he uses it personally and all his clients do as well. This gives his company access to needed passwords for maintenance of the client accounts.

I opted to try LastPass because it has an app for my Palm Pre Plus. It costs $12 for that but the one for the computer is free. Previously I had been using Firefox password function through the add-on Sxipper as well as the Xmarks (formerly FoxMarks) add-on. LastPass will replace all of those, keeping things secured in one spot.

LastPass will let me store personal information, banking and credit card information and more. You can create multiple identities for automatic form fill-in and more. I still have a lot to learn about it. But once it's set up and working, all I have to do is give my husband and my son the email login and master password.

Whatever you use, think about what YOU would have to deal with if someone close to you died or were critically injured. How would you handle the day to day details of their life....

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Something we should all think about...McGuyver is the computer genius...I just use it to soothe my "writer's" soul....I'll make sure he reads this blog!! Thanks for slapping me up side the head...I need that every now and then!!!

  2. I have provided emergency info in both our cell phones (3 ICE's). We have an EMS red pocket attached to the stove hood for EMS personnel. Plus I have a thumb drive in our fire proof box with all our medical history. As far as FB and Blog, all then have to do is take my laptop open up the program and they are on. Hope it never has to be used.

  3. Margie was such an organized person that I was not surprised to find she had all this stuff done ahead of time. Their tragic lost is a good reminder to all of us to "get things in order."

  4. All good idea's that should be in place not only for RVer's but everyone.

  5. And, you and Stu while out on the bikes should carry something on your persons that states you are camped in what location and that you have Sadie who will need attention. When we are out away from the RV and leave Emmi behind I try to remember to carry that info with us--I was religious about it when out on the bike.

  6. Just today we learned of the death of an RVer acquaintence via her husband's posting on FaceBook. In August we also dealt with the sudden death of my BIL's 60 year old girlfriend. He lived with her for 6+ years in her house but was unaware of her financial accounts, wills, etc. Grown daughter was also unaware. They had to wait for a death certificate (2+ weeks) before they could access safe deposit boxes, have an attorney reveal there was a will, etc. During the emergency, he lost his cell phone which was in her name and could do nothing to replace it. You can believe we reviewed everything we had in place and once again reminded our only child where we keep all the critical info, keys, passwords, etc. she would need.

  7. Wonderful advice for everyone! I really hadn't thought about whether friends or family would be able to send out information and that someone would need access to my online accounts. Thanks!!

  8. Definitely important for non-RVers also as Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said. A little over two weeks ago a friend of ours passed away and his widow had no idea how to get into his FB account, much less what to do with it. She is still trying to figure out what to do with it, but between the tight knit group of friends (who are web savvy tech geeks, me included) we were able to figure out his password and get on.

    Be sure to let us know how that password keeper thingy works out and if it's Mac friendly. My web presence is only getting bigger and I will definitely have to find a way for someone to access and shut it down when I shut down. ;)


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