More gear added to the list....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

After posting the first draft of our gear list, we've gotten some good feedback on things to add. We probably won't bring it all but here are the suggested additions.
  • Sheet set for air mattress
  • Wool or fleece blanket for between sheets & air mattress (keeps you warmer!)
  • We carry the sleeping bags...but find that we like sheets & a quilt much better. I use a sleeping bag on top if more warmth is needed.
  • A tarp has already been mentioned and I second that one! My recent experiences have shown that it can be used for A LOT of different things....right down to emergency shelter in a storm!
  • A small axe or saw or both
  • A Good Hunting type knife
  • A Good tarp can get the Brown and Siler type at Wal-Mart. I recommend a 6x8 or 8 X 10
  • Always carry water with you ! And Buy a water filter..that way you can always find clean water. They cost anywhere from $50.00 and on up to a hundred or more.
  • Bring Duck Tape, A few sizes of Hose Clamps, Tire repair kit.
  • Wind up Flashlights.. never need batteries
The only other update is the possibility of some company on the trip. On-line friends Bill & Robyn. They are coming over to the US from Australia next spring and plan to spend several months touring the country. If things (and timing) work out, they will be accompanying us on the ride from Chicago to Santa Monica.

The BRAT is now being prepped for the trip...fiberglass repair and painted to match Big Red. Will be done over the winter during Jeff's (step-daughter's boy friend) slow time. We will pick it up next spring before the trip.

We also have purchased a couple of books about traveling Route 66 and gotten another one from a friend who had previously done the trip.

More later!

Ride safe,
Stu and Donna


  1. So, you gonna change your picture to the bike you plan to ride? :)

  2. Linda, as soon as I can get one of my riding it. LOL! Not all that easy to do. We were lucky to have Al of the Bayfield Bunch take those two last winter in AZ.


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