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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not much of significance to report, so I'll do it bullet style:

Stu won't be getting his knee scoped. Instead he's getting three weekly injections of ORTHOVISC® instead. If it works he should have relief for 6 months or so. Turns out that the arthritis is worse than the torn meniscus.

My retinal appointment went well. Although my floaters are significantly worse than a year ago, there is no retinal damage. I will continue to get my  eyes monitored every 6 months.

Sadie is doing very well. Still waking up at night (usually betwen 1:30-3 am) and then up around 7 am. She is socializing well but shows a preference to men (when it comes to strangers). She loves other dogs of all sizes, enjoys watching kittens play (at Petco), doesn't really know any strangers. LOL!

She sits on command, is doing well with "come" and hopefully "stay" will follow. She lets us know if she needs to poop...we just have to pay attention to the signs. Peeing is still a matter of our taking her out at the right times although she has used the puppy pee pad several times.

She isn't nuts about her crate, especially at night but we hope that will slowly improve. She did well on her first motorcycle ride.

We will be attending the Log and Timber Home Show in Chantilly, VA on the 22nd-24th. We had booked this for Tampa two years ago and are finally getting to attend.

We plan to head to TN no later then November 1st. Still hope to get a little done on the land...get it surveyed at a minimum, add a storage shed at the best.

Then it's on to Florida....where? Who knows...still working that out. We have family to see in Vero Beach and Ft Lauderdale areas, friends all over the state and Stu wants to visit the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola.

Lastly, thank you everyone for all the positive comments about our blog. We are always happy to hear from our friends and readers (which are truly one and the same).

Life is still good...we are doubly blessed!!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Donna, we haven't heard much about your new bike! Have you ridden it very much? Do you like the 883 or does it seem smaller than you are used to? Since I only ride a 650, it would be big to me.

  2. If you will be traveling on I 81 we could meet you somewhere around Abingdon VA to Bristol or Johnson City for a quick lunch or dinner-- You need to ride the Snake on your motorcycle 489 curves in 12 miles
    Jenny J


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