Puppy Ride Training

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sadie is now 9 weeks old and we've had her 6 days. She is training us well...LOL! She is sitting on command most of the time and we are working on stay. Potty training will take a while but she is doing better than we expected.

So today we loaded the crate onto the back of the motorcycle and took her for her first ride. We started out with a towel across the face of the crate to keep out the wind. She whined and cried most of the ride so we stopped and adjusted the coverage. We moved it so she could see us out the front yet had room to get behind it if the wind bothered her. Ahhhh....quiet!

We'll keep doing this for longer and longer periods to get her used to the wind, noise and vibration as well as the surrounding changes. Hopefully she will be looking forward to the ride by the time she outgrows the crate. At that point she will move to the Saddleman Back Seat bag and a harness. Stu will be adapting the back seat bag to work for her in various weather conditions.

Ride safe,
Stu and Donna

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  1. If Sadie were any cuter ... I might just explode. I think it's great that she'll be riding with you :)


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