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Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm borrowing this from Margie and Roger's blog post today. Wondering who uses personal business cards to hand out to new friends, acquaintances and business contacts?

We do...Stu used to print his own (it's kind of how we met), I've sometimes printed my own but for the most part have used  They are reasonable and the quality is excellent.

Once we started traveling together we made new cards for us. We have our photo, names/cell numbers/email addresses for each of us plus our mailing address as well as our blog link. Next time we order we will be adding our fax number that we got at

We paid extra to get the back printed with an overlay watermark of our photo from the front plus the same saying you see at the top of our blog. No rules, No routes, No responsibilities, Retired. LOL!

They come in very handy even when chatting with non-RVers. It's a good way to pass out our blog address and it's an easy way to make sure a business has the correct address and phone numbers.

So here are the questions:
  • If you are a part-timer or full-timer RV'er do you carry cards with you? What do you do with the ones you receive in your travels?
  • If you are planning to hit the road, do you plan to make up cards?
  • What do you include on your cards?  Photo of you, photo of your rig, photo of your pets?  Blog address, e-mail address, cell phone number, home address?
  • Do you print your own cards or order them a local printer or an online printer?  Or do you purchase ready-made cards through a company like FMCA?
Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu 


  1. - full-timer and we carry cards with us
    --I keep the cards I get in a box
    - n/a
    - Our daughter who has a degree in graphic design made ours. We saved the template and get them done a Staples or Kinkos when we run out

  2. -part timers, always have our cards on hand
    -now this is a problem...I'm a poor organizer...some in wallet, some in Den's billfold...
    -No photos, don't want to scare them, names, address, cells, email...
    -Ours are pretty boring..Den printed them on the road...maybe we should include a pic of a cave????...or a neanderthal (that would be Dennis)

  3. Yep, we got cards:))
    -We are Snow Birds & we keep other people's cards on file.
    -We had a thousand printed up back in 09
    -I drew up the logo in Microsoft Paint & we have our Bayfield Bunch name plus the first names of all 5 of us. Email addy too.
    -Kelly's Son is in the graphics business so he looked after getting them printed up.....

  4. VistaPrint cards with name, address, phone, and blogsite. No picture. :( I keep others' cards in an envelope with where I met them written on the back. I only recently bought a printer, so if I ever run out, I may try doing my own, but probably not. :)

  5. Full timer - have cards. Keep the cards we receive in a business card holder. Best idea ever IMO.

    Messed up by not having our picture put on our cards. Names, phone numbers, e-mail address and blog info. Heading: Retired and Lovin Life

    Got ours from VistaPrint and will do that again (but this time with our picture)

  6. Extended timer, print own cards with 2 photos (us & rig), address, both cell #s, email address, and SKP & WIT #s. Collected cards: write note on back indicating where we met them or other details. I designed cards 10-up in Word and use clean edge business card stock and print w/ink jet portable printer on the road.

  7. I am a full-timer. I use Vista Print to have my business cards printed, because I wanted them to look professional. I use them when introducing myself to people I want to interview for an article. I write for a couple of places that pay me, a couple of places that pay me in products, and my own personal blog. I have an online store to sell things I make, too.

    On my business card, I include my name and address, telephone number, my blog website address, and my email address.

    Next time I order more cards, I am going to include the address of my etsy store on them. Lat time I ordered business cards, I got a decal for our truck that matches my business cards that says "Visit me on the web at"

    I give out my cards to people who want more info on fulltime Rv'ing, workamping, eating gluten free, my products, or just plain ask me for my email address.

    For the business and calling cards I collect along the way, I bought a cheap 5" X 7" photo album that has those plastic sleeves in it. Each page holds three cards. It is handy to just flip through when I am looking for a particular card.

  8. - full timer, don't yet but have thought about it; put their info in the computer and then toss them ~ may start keeping them because I am thinking of making picture books of different things we do like working for the carnival.
    - see above
    - I would put our contact info along with blog address, maybe a picture of us in front of the rig with our "The Wandering Workentin's sign.
    - would probably make our own; have made all Ron's business cards in the past.

  9. On our trip this past summer, I was asked by 5 different people for my card. All I had was my business card, so upon our return, I started to work on cards for travelling. I had a friend who is a graphic artist design my logo to my specifications, and put our names, address, phone number, email, and blog address on it. I had them made up by vista print. I've already given out 5. As for what I do with the ones I receive - I keep them in my planner in business card holder pages.

  10. Yes, we do have cards with all the pertinient data. We've made several versions over the years (using our own software), and we don't have a picture of us on the current version, but we will probably add that next time, to link names with faces. We have even made cards for others (at a small profit), including one small family owned business in Roseberry, Idaho. What do we do with the ones we receive? Record the data in a data base, then stash them somewhere so we can't find them later! Suzy says she knows where they are, so I'd better keep her for a few more years.

  11. Fulltimers. I carry cards--sometimes in my pocket but mostly in my bag. Dave doesn't carry them.

    Data from cards received goes into my Gmail contacts file then the card gets tossed. Started that when in a Class B that had no extra carrying capacity.

    I include no photo but do include the logo from my blog plus our addresses and phone numbers

    We print our own cards on business card stock on our portable ink jet printer.

  12. We use ID Cards giving out our cell #s, address, Email, & Blog link. We also show a picture of our 5ver. If you don't remember our faces maybe you will remember our RV. LOL
    It also states we are Workampers.
    Have not received any cards yet, but will put the info in Contacts on our computer for future reference.
    I print ours using precut cards and MS Word, very easy and inexpensive. I only have to print more when needed.


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