Ready to move out tomorrow....

Saturday, October 30, 2010

General cleaning is done, laundry is almost done, tanks are empty, bikes are loaded, folding chairs and bikes are packed in the truck, paperwork that has been accumulating for a month is taken care of and filed, magazines sorted through, knick-knacks packed in drawers...tomorrow is MOVING day!

We will head out towards our property in Tennessee. No particular route, no campgrounds reserved, no definite plans made...everything is set in Jell-O (as usual). We may stop at the Escapees park outside Knoxville, TN but even that isn't a positive. We have online friends further north off I-81 that we'd like to meet maybe for a meal but until we see our routing and how far we make it the first night, even that is up in the air.

Tomorrow, once we are rolling, I will call the campground where we would like to stay. Cell service at our step-daughter's house has been abysmal at best. I had emailed with the owners but they informed me that the campground had been sold and the new owners took over on 10/18. They were going to pass along our request to them but I never heard anything more...and the email on the website is now bouncing. If we can't find a spot in Jamestown, we'll book something in Crossville area. Puts us 30 minutes out from our land but we can deal with it if we need to.

We've had a great month+ here...seeing family and friends, getting repairs done to the RV (thank you, Stu), getting all our medical/dental checkups taken care of and getting in a little riding as well. Our time here is always too short but we plan to be back in April to pick up BRAT for our Route 66 ride in May. If the property in TN isn't ready, we may leave our rig in Maryland and start the ride from there. Time will tell...

Life is good...we will continue to try to live life to the fullest, each and every day!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. We spent some time in Crossville in 2008 and really enjoyed it. Found quite a few geocaches in the area. Stay safe.

  2. We're in Claremore right now almost on Rte 66. Drove up and down several times today.

  3. Donna if you are coming down I 81 we are 27 miles off I 81 at Abingdon VA -- we would be happy to meet you somewhere there (Cracker Barrel) if you have time for a cup of coffee or so--you can email me at love to meet you!!!
    Jenny J

  4. Have a safe trip...and we LOVE Tennessee...the US best kept secret!


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